The Baby Show & The British Red Cross

The season for Baby Shows is in full swing. I am an absolute lover of baby shows purely because it combines my biggest passions of my children and shopping, after all who doesn’t go ga ga for the latest time saving device or cute baby grow? But there is a more serious side which I wanted to bring to your attention. At each Baby Show venue The British Red Cross hold a series of sessions providing invaluable first aid advice & tips for all new and expectant parents. We were lucky enough to be invited along to one.


The sessions are free and will run through out the day, but they are popular so I would suggest making a bee line for their stand as soon as you arrive to book up for your preferred time.

British Red Cross will be raising awareness of how important it is for parents and parents to be to learn first aid skills as for babies and children. They will be talking to parents about the first aid emergencies parents are most worried about and how to make sure parents have the confidence and skills to act.

Learning first aid skills are important preparation for looking after children and knowing what to do for possible situations such as choking, burns and bumps will give parents confidence and the potential to be able to save lives.

Our introduction covered three areas: 

  • Choking – the lady demonstrating used a doll to explain how to deal with choking, there were dolls placed around the theatre so that everyone could have a try. With the recent Facebook threads hitting the mummy groups about grapes it is a skill worth learning.
  • Burns – she dispelled the myths around burns and what to do should your child be one of the 123 kids taken to A&E a week with significant burns. It was a valuable reminder – what burns a child may not necessarily burn you as an adult. Again she used cling film to demonstrate how to deal with it in a simple and calm manner
  • Seizures– caused by over heating is a very common occurrence. As soon as you manage to cool the baby down then it will stop, we discussed ways to do this and what to do once the seizure has stopped.

The session lasted around half an hour and left me thinking that I should really look into attending the full course. You can find out more about these courses here they are run at 50 venues throughout the UK and would definitely be a worth while investment of time based on my experience at The Baby Show.


In July 2015 the British Read Cross launched its ‘First Aid Rapped Up’ campaign aimed specifically at parents and carers. As part of the campaign they developed a free baby and child first aid app.  Which you can download from their website here and you will be pleased to know is available on both Apple and Android. It includes a series of videos showing you how to deal with certain situations as they arise. If you do nothing else today I would encourage you to down load it. I have included a You Tube video below about the app which also demonstrates how it works.


So if you are attending a baby show in the coming months then I would highly recommend a visit to the British Red Cross stand before you get too carried away with the gorgeous clothes and accessories on offer and run out of time. The advice you receive may just save your babies life, lets support them in the amazing work that they do.


Quick & Easy Cork Boats

Quick & easy cork boats/craft that can be made by toddlers or pre schoolers. Great fund inside and outside/water play

I love this idea, its so simple and made with things that you have lying around the house. I have used it a couple of times both inside and out. Mainly inside when monkey was much younger and would sit at the kitchen table with a bowl of water … and actually keep it in the bowl! I’ve also used it as a great distractor when you want to get some things done outside which aren’t quite up to ‘added help’.

When he appeared from nap-time he was presented with the below invitation to play, which included an elastic band ball, scissors, off cuts of foam sheets in various colours, cocktail sticks and of course our cork jar… IMG_7752

It was a good excuse to get some scissor practice in by cutting out triangles for the sails from the foam, it also allowed discussion about the size of the sail. Would the larger ones go quicker in the wind than the smaller ones? Previously I have also used paper for sails, but they tend to get a bit soggy and don’t last as long.


An elastic band was used to keep the corks together and a cocktail stick to secure the sail to the corks. IMG_7759


Below are some of the finished boats. Part of the reason I like this is because its a short enough activity to keep monkey’s interest and have a completed craft item at then end of it. Although I do agree with the theory its all in the process rather than the finished article sometimes on the odd occasion, it is nice to actually finish something. It fits with my perfectionist, control freak personality unlike many of our other craft projects! IMG_7758

It was windy on the day we created and played with these so we had races from one side of the water tray to the other.


Monkey wanted to extend the play by getting the paint brushes out and painting on the tiles and patio doors with the water from the tray. We used normal decorating brushes which I picked up from the £1 shop. The larger of the three was definitely his favourite as it spread the water the most. As we move more towards pre-school activities I think I will invest in a long handled artist brush to encourage sweeping movements and move more towards letter formation.


IMG_7767   IMG_7774

 Toddler Approved Tuesday

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Kids Parcel Review & Giveaway

Its coming to that time of year again … I am not going to tell you how many sleeps there are till Christmas but theres not as many as I would like! I don’t know about you but sometimes I really struggle with kids toys. I know I have two of my own (kids that is), but since they are both boys I have no idea what is on trend for little girls. I also struggle with slightly older children as we haven’t reached those ages yet. So when we were approached by Kids Parcel to try out one of their boxes I of course said yes. The concept really appealed for this reason – a handpicked box of toys specific to a child’s age and gender, no more last minute panics, asking mum and dad who inevitably say I don’t know as they want to appear polite and no more gift vouchers from a very well known online retailer…


The toys arrive is a sturdy box with a logo on the top addressed the child, inside there is a personalised message. For Monkey they were asking what his favourite toy was…

So how did we get on? Well I made our second little video to show Monkey unboxing the mystery parcel, he’s still new to the video thing (what do they say never work with children?) so bare with us. Also he refers to me as daddy at one point, not sure what that was all about! lol.


As you can see he was very pleased by the contents of the box (sorry about all the wows!). I must admit I was excited as he was to see whats inside… I may even have had a sneak peak before hand. Each box will have a minimum of five toys meaning that children should always find something interesting inside and that it will encourages different types of play.

Kids parcel review

If I am honest one of the things I was a little wary of was how much do you actually get for £29.99 the answer is a lot. In Monkey’s box he received:

  • Orchard Toys Rockets and Comets Game – RRP £9.50
  • Disney Wikkeez Tin- RRP £11.99
  • Star Wars Rebels Figure – RRP £16.95
  • Scooby Doo Scooby Figure – RRP £4.99
  • Justice League DVD – RRP £4.99
  • Star Wars Pencil Case and Stationary Set – RRP £3.99
  • New Burago Die Cast Model Car Lamborghini – RRP £3.99
  • Blue Scentos Dough – only comes in a pack of four so nominal £1.

Kids parcel review

Monkey of course loved it all but since the message asked what his favourite was, I thought we would share. Any guesses? ….. it was the scented dough, which will dry hard if left out for a couple of days. He made a bird …. I struggled to see it too but he was very proud of it:

Kids parcel review

We also have a new collectable obsession in the form of Wikkeez:


Things we loved:

  • Offer 100% money back guarantee
  • Makes present opening a surprise to both the adult and the child… unless you peek of course
  • The value of the contents in our case far outweighs the vale of the box
  • The brands included are high street names such as Orchard Toys, Play-Doh, Lego, Hot Wheels and Disney
  • Delivery is free
  • There is no need to sign up for a subscription
  • They even have a team of toy testers to make sure the best possible toys are selected
  • Boxes are available from the ages of 3-10 years old, you select the age bracket on the website when you order. The also provide a unisex box if preferred

I think this is a great idea, ideal for loved ones who live far away or close to home. I know it will take some of the headache out of buying presents for the older children in our lives and who doesn’t like a surprise? The lovely people over at Kids Parcel have also given me an extra box for a giveaway tailored for your child on age and gender. To enter please use the Gleam application below and please note the T&Cs below.

Kids Parcel – Mystery toy box worth £29.99

  • Please enter using the link above which will take you to the Gleam application
  • Competition is open to residents of UK aged 18 or over
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries and will receive a Kids Parcel Box
  • The competition will close on 21st November 2016 at 11.59pm, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

If you would like an extra chance of winning Kids Parcel also give away a box each month to Facebook, Twitter or newsletter followers, please use the links to subscribe/follow to be in for a chance. If you want to see if I have any other giveaways running then please use this link to GIVEAWAYS

Good Luck! xx


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We were given a Kids Parcel Box for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own.

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Dinosaur Small World Play

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So I am actually going to do this… My first post! To be honest this is something I have been toying with doing for the last 18 months, however something more pressing always seems to crop up… We’ve all been there – right?

Going forward I am determined to stop putting this off otherwise I know I will look back and regret not sharing my experiences. After all we all know little ones grow up so quickly not that long ago it was first smiles, words, steps (or was it the other way round?) and now in 18 months time my little monkey will be starting school.

Since the whole theme of this blog is around simple ideas which are quick to execute I wanted to share with you my first foray into small world play. I am happy to say it was a great hit so watch this space as I am sure there will be more variations to follow.

On a rather wet afternoon a couple of weeks ago I needed a quick impromptu activity, it took me around 10 minutes to set up (not including preparing the jelly which I had done the night before) and about 20 minutes to clear up after! I placed the tray on a cheap shower curtain I had picked up from the local supermarket for £2, to limit the mess as much as possible. The added bonus was that I could place the whole thing in the washing machine after a quick shake outside.

Dinosaur Small World Sensory Play - jelly, shreddies, glass stones, bark and rice. Ideal for toddlers and pre schoolers

The the main area of the tray was taken up with  cheap ‘value’ cereal with a couple of biodegrade seed trays thrown in for a bit of height and some bark I had picked up on our travels. I used glass beads in the shape of fish for a pretend river, which also acted as barrier between the cereal and the jelly, as I wanted to keep as much of the cereal as possible for future scenes. Towards the back there was black coloured rice which I had stashed from a previous activity that looked a bit like ash, and I used a couple of toilet roll holders as volcanoes with some scrunched up orange tissue paper in.

Add in some dinosaurs – monkey’s favourite at the moment, a couple of plastic aquarium pants, a few fake leaves and a train tunnel and we we away.

The cereal proved a great hit, espically dipping it in the jelly to eat…not really the intention! Although as I had used the sugar free version he quickly decided that it tasted better on its own. It wasn’t long before he began to fill up the volcanos with the rice, using the scrunched up tissue paper as a stopper. He particularly enjoyed removing the paper and watching it all cascade down. The seed trays became vessels for the cereal to move around the kitchen with, filling, stacking and emptying. But his fascination for the jelly lasted the longest, I have not used it before in any sort of play but it was such a hit. A couple of weeks on he still asks for it.

Dinosaur Small World Sensory Play - jelly, shreddies, glass stones, bark and rice. Ideal for toddlers and pre schoolers

Half way through he requested to get some frogs out to play in the jelly and then chose the BBQ tongs out of the draw himself. Note to self I must try and pick a more suitable sized version. For the next 15 minutes or so the frogs were moved in and out of the jelly by the use of the tongs, an unintended consequence of the set up and a great way to develop fine motor skills.

Dinosaur Small World Sensory Play - jelly, shreddies, glass stones, bark and rice. Ideal for toddlers and pre schoolers        Dinosaur Small World Sensory Play - jelly, shreddies, glass stones, bark and rice. Ideal for toddlers and pre schoolers

If you do try this, or a version of it I hope you have as much fun with your little monkey as I did with ours.


badge-imageThe Resourceful Mama

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Bonfire Night Collage & Hanging Rockets

This is the first month we have been involved with the Bostik Blogger Challenge. What a great month to start, October’s inspiration is Bonfire Night. Which meant our craft box contained a whole host of sparkly goodies. I had planned to make some rockets which we could attach cotton to and use as room decorations. However as soon as Monkey saw the contents I knew I would struggle to make my vision!


So I set Monkey a task first …. a Bonfire Night Collage and then promptly lost half of my materials! Here is what you would need to make something similar.

  • Bostick White Glue
  • Black Paper or Card we used A3
  • Lolly pop sticks and tan or brown coloured felt
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Yellow, Orange or Red tissue paper
  • Foam stars or similar
  • Glitter glue


Step One – Monkey used the white Bostik glue to make the bonfire with carefully selected yellow and orange lollypop sticks and the cut tan felt. The textures worked well together.


Step Two – I cut up the gold fleck material into strips to form the basis of the fire. Because we were using the white glue it dries clear so ideal for this fabric which is see through in nature. Monkey created a fan with the strips.


Step Three – Add texture, initially I gave him a pipe cleaner which he cut down into little strips and some yellow tissue paper to scrunch into balls. However he also had his eyes on my red sparkly pom poms which soon also became part of the fire along with a couple of orange feathers.


Step Four – The night sky, Monkey wanted to add a few foam stars before going mad with the glitter glue. Squeezing on the glitter glue randomly he then used a lolly pop stick to spray it out and make it look more like fireworks in the night sky.

Once dry it I think it looked pretty effective:


Now while he was busy doing his craft I managed to at least get one rocket made. I do have every intention of making some more. To make your own you will need:

  • Cardboard roll
  • Coloured thick paper or card
  • Pipecleaners
  • Bostik White Glue
  • Alternative coloured card/patterned or sparkly
  • Stickers or glitter glue to decorate


Step One – cover the toilet roll with your selected coloured paper. Thin card or thick paper works best as it will need to be able to support the cone part of the rocket. I chose black so that the decorations stand out more. May sure that it is longer at one end than the other.

craft-ideas-bonfire-nightStep Two – on the end where the paper overlaps the end of the roll, cut slits around the top and fold down the extra tabs an add glue. To make the cone, I drew a circle and then cut into the middle of it before folding the ends round. Once secured place the cone on top of the tabs and apply reasonable pressure holding together until the glue has dried

Step Three – decorate the cone – we chose star stickers


craft-ideas-bonfire-nightStep Four – Add in some pipe cleaners for the fire element. I twisted these around a pencil to make them look a little curly. Then we added in a little bit of lamenta … not just for Christmas after all.

Both crafts are reasonably quick so ideal if you have a spare half an hour or so during the half term break. Monkey needed very little input in the collage and in the end we did go on to make more rockets. Once the cone was secured he enjoyed decorating them on his own.

Have you any crafts planned for the Bonfire season? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.



Halloween Craft Projects with Baker Ross

Its that time of year again when I dig around in my craft box to try and find something to make to decorate the house for Halloween. Especially as we have a little get together planned with both our new and old NCT groups. However with a new baby and a blog sometimes I lack a little bit of inspiration which is why the craft kits from Baker Ross are so good as you have everything you need in the kit. Plus for older kids they are ideal entertainment during a get together. Baker Ross sent us three kits to try out.


The first was Halloween Dotty Art, I knew this would be a hit as soon as I saw it. Plus it ticks that fine motor skill box for me, something which I am trying to work on whenever possible. The fact that the finished projects ended up on our tapestry system – which is a communication app between the school and the parents covering off what the children are learning, is testament to the skills that the kit can help Monkey develop.


The kit contains the eight dot pictures above and sixteen sets of dots. I like how they have included an extra sheet of orange and green ideal Halloween colours! The dots are in three sizes, so not only does it help with hand eye coordination but also teaches the difference between small, medium and large. The pictures are A4 in size so we are intending to use them to decorate the doors for our Halloween get together.

img_4562Monkey opted to start with the spider which is probably the one with the most dots. I did wonder if he may loose interest, yet he did manage to do the whole picture in one sitting and it took just under an hour. Probably because we were joking and laughing around as we did our pictures. I found that if you take the outline of the stickers off so its just the dots it made it easier for him to take off the dots which sped the process up. The level of concentration was immense. I love how he pokes his tongue out while he is focusing on something. However he did really enjoy the activity and from a value for money perspective its a great as we have eight sittings in one kit. A single kit costs £3.99. If you were looking at this for a classroom you can buy a larger pack of 32 for £14.72.

Baker Ross also have a number of these kits outside of the Halloween theme. I am definitely considering getting some of the Christmas ones, but they have more general ones as well.

Our second kit was the Haunted House Photo Frame Magnet Kit I was hoping we could use these as little gifts for the grandparents. There are five in a kit. As you can see from the photo below you get a lot of foam pieces included in the kit, all with sticky backing apart from the house part itself. As I have come to expect from the Baker Ross kits the instructions are clear and easy to follow.


Once I showed Monkey how to compile the first one he happily did the others himself all in one go. Although initially he did try to put all of the Halloween figures on his first house, so there was a little bit of direction needed. The kit is the same good quality which I have come to expect from Baker Ross. The foam is thick with strong colours, there is quite a bit of detail in the figures and the sticky element secures well. But there is also room for movement if it ended up in the wrong place initially. The magnets are strong enough to hold the frames to the fridge even with all the foam. Each measures 12cm wide.

I like the fact that you don’t need anything in addition to make the frames other than a photo. Which means they are ideal for a Halloween party activity as there is no messy glue fingers in sight. The kit retails at £3.49 for a set of five or £19.80 for a set of 30, however they do not come in the separate cellophane packets like some of the other put together crafts that Baker Ross supply.


Baker Ross also sent us some Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags, there are six in a kit (RRP £2.50), two each of three designs. The bags measure 12cm x 8.5cm. I decided to keep these as a mummy craft, colouring them in with some fibre tip pens. The pens are lovely bright colours and are a complete bargain at £1.98 for three packets, an ideal party bag filler/gift.


We had great fun with these craft kits and I would happily recommend them to friends, you can find their full range in the Baker Ross Halloween Shop. Have you got any craft activities planned on the run up to Halloween? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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We were given these craft kits by Baker Ross for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

Blogger Club UK #39

Welcome back to #BloggerClubUK

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m struggling with the juggling act this week. I have loads of things rushing around in my head that I want to do and don’t seem to be accomplishing any of it! Both with the blog and outside of the blog. I have decided to take the leap though and will be going self hosted as soon as they can fit me in. So just a little word of warning as I may not be here next week if they are still moving me. I am sure it will all be fine and everything will go swimmingly, but just incase. And with regards to all you lovely self hosted bloggers, any words of advice will be gratefully received.

#BloggerClubUK feature image copy

My favourite photo this week has got to be this one of the boys from our weekend visit to Scotney Castle which we all really enjoyed. Unfortunately I only had one pumpkin outfit and I am now regretting not getting one for Monkey. The bond between these two is really starting to grow, Monkey now holds Kippers hand on car journeys. The cuddles have now become cuddles and not the over zealous squeezes they were initially. Saying that its still difficult to get a picture of both of them looking at the camera!

Version 2

Back to the linky…

Last week we had 88 posts link up, thank you everyone that continues to join us week after week. The linky runs from 6am Wednesday – 12pm Friday GMT where all bloggers are welcome to add any type of post they like. The Blogger Club UK community & linky are not limited to the UK – we’d love to have bloggers from all over the world join us read more about it on my Blogger Club UK Page.

#BloggerClubUK is back after the Summer break…

We have been adjusting our priorities over the last few weeks and I for one have realised that my maternity leave will soon be coming to an end and so I need to enjoy Kipper as much as possible during this precious time. The linky is still continuing as we have built such a great community thanks to you our readers and linkers. These are our new rules I hope you all understand. I will be commenting on posts as I can, as I love reading them all.

  • Add our badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post you can find the badge in my sidebar opposite. Or, add a back link to this post using #bloggerclubuk. If you need any help linking up, read Becky’s Linky Guide or tweet us, we are happy to help!
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Have a great week everyone, hopefully I will be here next week all going well xx


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Kippers Five Month Update

Oh my baby is almost at his half Birthday! He’s coming on leaps and bounds and I think he must have hit a developmental milestone this month, as just looking back on his Four Month Update the difference in a month is huge.


Weight – 17lbs exactly he is now just above 50% line in the red book. Monkey was the same dropping from the 90th percentile to around 50th and then tracking so I was expecting Kipper to do the same.

Height – 26.5 inches

Clothing Size – as I write this he is laying next to me dozing and is wearing a t-shirt which is 6-9 months. A number of his 3-6 months bits are getting too small, mainly the all-in-ones. Separates seem to be doing better and anything without feet work well, although that means I then have to deal with socks (sigh). For some reason I think Monkey must have fitted into 3-6 months for longer as we have a bit of a glut of clothes for this age group. But not much in the 6-9 month mark. I have discovered things such as the pram suit which I was hoping to reuse will not last through the Winter, but then its nice to buy the new odd bit. I’ve finally manned up and divided the smaller clothes into throw, keep and gift. I probably kept more than Hubby would like but since he doesn’t read my blog he has no idea! The other bits are going to my step sister who is due with her first little boy in December. As for not having another… well theres probably a post coming on that at some-point (sob).

Teeth – no update, he’s starting to suffer though, but still with a smile bless him. Everything goes in his mouth and he likes nothing more than a knuckle to chew on!


Health – he’s had his last set of jabs last week, poor mite. He really was grumpy the following day but at least they are done now. I’m keeping his dry skin under control with Child’s Farm cream which seems to be doing the trick and he’s much better with wind and hardly bringing up any milk at all now. Although I have removed diet fizzy soft drinks from my diet while I am breast feeding and I am wondering if this may have an effect

Loves – playtime we have been visiting the local sensory room and he is fascinated by light movement. Kipper loves rolling over and holding himself up to see whats going on, he’s never still. He’s enjoying Nursery rhymes more and more one of his firm favourites is The Grand Old Duke of York with actions! Kipper loves to interact and talk, gurgle and answer your words with his. He’s still fond of mummy time and would much prefer to come into our bed in the early hours.

Hates – being hungry and teething which sometimes wakes him in pain. He’s such a happy baby we are truly blessed with him. He wasn’t too keen on the door bouncer which he went in for the first time the other day, but I am hoping as he gets bigger he will change his mind!

Habits – everything goes into the mouth partly because of teeth and partly because he is looking to explore. He will no longer stay on his back rolling all over the place and then getting grumpy as he hasn’t figured out how to roll back again. He’s found his thumb! But thankfully the dummy is still his pacifier of choice which I am hoping to continue with.  Muslins are still used to play peekaboo with and he has started to make a very specific sound when he wants food, its hard to explain but it almost sounds like ‘hungry’ to me!

Milestones & Firsts – we are not weaning yet wanting to wait until the six month mark, yet he did steal a bit of cucumber off of my plate the other day! Kipper often watches us as we eat with great interest.

Still in his moses basket in our bedroom he will be moving into his own room and cot in the next couple of weeks, as he has almost out grown his basket. He’s had his first swimming lesson and I am planning an under water photo shoot with him and Monkey during the half term holidays. Kipper has also enjoyed his first baby sensory class and is growing very fond of our sensory room outings.

Development – he’s rolling around all over the place and tonight as I write this he found his feet, taking great delight is sucking on the feet of his babygrow. He has started to raise his bottom and attempt to crawl but thankfully at the moment is no where near close. Kipper can sit up straight against me and is starting to show signs of sitting unaided although this is a little way off. He’s tried out Monkey’s highchair for size as well.

He likes to put his hands in my mouth and my hands in his mouth, he’s also partial to the odd sucking of the nose. Kipper has also started to study items closely including toys and his hands. Not only is does he know his name but he will often respond with a gurgle when we speak it.  His personality is starting to shine through and although he appears to be placid I get the impression that he will have a feisty streak.

Eating – to think on the next update we will have likely started weaning! Its coming round so quickly. He is still predominately breastfed although I have been guilty of the odd bottle to see if we can get him to go through the night, with no success I hasten to add!


Sleeping – during the day he is now in definite morning and afternoon naps but sleeping at night is all over the place and he often wakes in the early hours. For some reason nearly always around 3am, although he has woken at 2am and 4am! Its a little bit a shock since Monkey was such a good sleeper, but I think it could be partly because he loves to come into our bed. I do love our snuggles (an realise they will be over before I know it) but I am keen to break the habit once he moves into his own room. Sigh.

Toys – mainly anything he can chew. Lamaze toys continue to be a big hit. I have written about our play habits in 10 play ideas for your 4 month old and I have also been making our own sensory toys at home, Black & White Sensory Toys & Box. He’s also enjoying a starry nightlight which we received from Wicked Uncle. Not to mention our trips to the local sensory rooms.

Favourite Outfit – too many again! Although I am rather partial to his ghostbusters t-shirt from Next. I’ve also got some lovely new outfits from Jojos which are adorable, more on these to come soon.

Things I don’t want to forget – the way he looks at me sometimes, when he’s in my arms and we are having a quiet moment. I keep trying to catch it on film but it distracts him and I loose the picture. Its true unconditional love. The way that Monkey holds his hand in the car. The smiles, oh the smiles especially in the morning when he wakes up.

Looking forward to … starting our weaning journey and not going back to work as planned in November. Instead I have three more months to spend with this lovely little man.


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Wicked Uncle Review

We’ve all been there, its present time be it a Birthday or Christmas and despite having children of our own we have no idea what to buy… If you are anything like me I am constantly asking friends what their little ones would like and quite often the answer I get back is ‘I don’t know!‘ So when I heard about Wicked Uncle I was interested to try it out and see if it lives up to its claims of providing an easy to navigate website. Focused around fun, unusual and different presents for children. So how did we get on?


I have not seen another website which is so easy to navigate. Instead of just pages and pages of toys you can search by gender and age. Its easy to switch between ages too as the previous and next age bracket link is at the top of the page. Failing that you can search via category such as Adventurer, Outdoorsy or Role Play

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-22-32-34Each age range or category is has the most popular toys at the top, which are based on the toys people are buying through the website. Ideal if you are actually a ‘wicked uncle’ and have no idea where to start. I really struggled to choose a toy for Monkey and Kipper purely because there is so much choice. There was genuinely toys which I had not seen before, something that surprised me as I like to think I have a pretty good handle on the toys available in the market place!

The whole check out process is very straight forward. You even have the opportunity to wrap your present for an additional £2.95 for the first present and £1.50 for each additional present. Unlike another well known online retailer there’s lots of different designs to choose from. You can also add a gift message for free or a card (handwritten) for £1.95.

Standard delivery is £2.95 and I was super impressed with it. I could leave a comment on the website where I wanted my parcel to be left should I be out. I received a confirmation email immediately and the following day a link to how I can track my parcel. I also received text messages on the day of the delivery to tell me they were going to attempt delivery. I placed the order on Wednesday before 4pm and I had the parcel by Friday lunchtime. I’m really not surprised that at the time of writing this they are rated 99 out of 100 for Customer Service based on 9344 reviews, pretty impressive figures.

Things I loved (besides the toys):

  • The delivery process was well oiled, I like websites that make it easy for me.
  • There is a phone number on their website so if you need to pick up the phone and speak to them you can and its not hidden away. Failing that they have an online chat facility
  • They are part of the goggle certified shops programme designed to give you more confidence about buying online.
  • The range of toys is great with some really different things that I have not seen elsewhere
  • You can set up reminders for Birthdays
  • There is a good range of toys in each price bracket, up to £10, up to £20 and then over £20, so you should find something that fits your budget.

The only thing I would like to see is a price match promise or simialr

So what did I choose?


Since Monkey has just started school the questions are coming thick and fast. So when I saw a range of different science kits I opted for The Human Body Science Kit – Little Labs. Monkey was very excited as soon as we opened it and wanted to start the experiments straight away. In the booklet there are 26 different experiments around the five senses. We started with the first which was all about looking at fingerprints:

He was fascinated with the different patterns and we compared both mine and his which lead to a conversation about catching robbers!! The contents are reasonably basic but the booklet which comes with it brings it all to live. Other experiments include making  a stethoscope, testing lung capacity and constructing a magic telescope. I am sure we will have hours of fun with it.


img_4696Wanting to treat the boys the same I wanted to find something for Kipper too. However being our second child he doesn’t really need anything. So far all his toys to date are hand me downs or DIY Sensory Boxes. So I was sceptical about finding anything ‘new’, yet  to my surprise there was loads of choice for baby boys. As Kipper is in the process of moving into his own room (sob!) I opted for the Twilight Turtle Starry Nightlight and he’s been quite taken with it. So am I which is just as well as it  is temporally in our room while he gets use to it before moving. There are three different light colour options blue, amber or green and turns off automatically after 45 minutes. There are actual star consolations within them too which we have been pointing out to Monkey. We are all really taken with it and the fact it came with batteries is a real positive too!

Both boys are really happy with their toys and I am extremely impressed with the whole process. The website is easy to navigate and I am going to definitely point people in their direction if we get asked for Christmas presents.


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Wicked Uncle gave us these toys for the basis of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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#RememberingTheseDays Week 13

Welcome back to week thirteenth of #RememberingTheseDays Instagram community. The place to share your precious family memories. I host this community with the lovely Laura over at Life with Baby Kicks.


Whatever the memory, or life event you want to record, joining in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #RememberingTheseDays over on Instagram. Each Sunday Laura and I will choose our four favourites. Please follow Mudpie Fridays here and Life with Baby Kicks here on Instagram to see if you have been featured.

Each Saturday when I go in to choose my favourites and make sure I have liked every photo with the tag, I always try to guess how many we will be up to. I was excited this week to see that we are now over 5300! In thirteen short weeks which is fantastic. When we started we had no idea if people would use it and it was a little nerve racking! I saw other hashtags announcing they had reached over 10,000 and couldn’t see how we would ever reach it. Now I know we are still a way off but since we have had over 600 tags this week alone it doesn’t seem entirely impossible any more. So a big thank you to all of you who continue to use #RememberingTheseDays.

On to this weeks favourites, its great to see the Autumnal theme starting to appear in people’s feeds. I am very jealous of the pumpkin pictures and wondering when we can fit in a trip to a picking field soon! I wanted to reflect this theme in my favourites this week.


From top left to bottom right:

  • Love these shinny conkers, Monkey is completely obsessed by them requesting that we go via a tree every day on the way to school. This great capture was taken by @becomingasahm
  • This is such a happy mural that @oneyummymummy1 walks past every day and makes a great back drop
  • Hee hee the cat does not look impressed and it really made me chuckle, a great pumpkin photo with a slightly different take by @playathometeacher
  • Leaves!! What little person doesn’t like leaves? From @thismumslife feed.

Please pop over and visit their feeds by clicking on the names above.

My favourite from my feed is this one of Kipper dressed up as a pumpkin. What you don’t know is that this is not done up at the back, it turns out he is quite a bit bigger than Monkey was at the same age and so we will need to get a new outfit for the end of the month. Looking forward to celebrating Halloween with this little one and Monkey!

My favourite from Laura’s feed this week is this lovely one of the three  of them Summer holidaying. Holidays are a great place to make memories which stay with you all for a lifetime.

Come and join in by using the hashtag #RememberingTheseDays, and please pass this tag to your Instagram buddies. I would be over the moon if we reached 6,000 by this time next week!! Please share the tag with your buddies, they do not need to be bloggers to join in, everyone is welcome.

Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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