Kipper’s Seven Month Update

I am a little late with this months update, the blog has been crazy busy and I am trying to squeeze too much into each day I think! This time round I am so much more worried about am I giving him enough attention? Enough stimulation? With Monkey all I had to worry about was him and maybe trying to keep the house clean. I am really feeling the pressure of having two children. If you are reading this as a first time mum, enjoy your first born and try to ignore that Mummy Guilt (I feel a post coming soon on this!). Never the less each month its amazing how much he changes, you can read all about in in last update.

Weight – Kipper is now a staggering 20Ibs and 11oz! No wonder I’m starting to struggle with the carrier! 


Clothing Size – I have started putting Kipper into some 9-12 things although he majority of his 6-9 month clothes do still fit. Which is just as well since all his Christmas outfits are actually 6-9 months. I am trying not to buy any more clothes now as I will be returning to work in just under two months and he is off to nursery. I love the nursery he is attention but they take messy play to a whole new level, which means its old clothes all they way. Least it means I may have a few pennies to update my own wardrobe for my return to work?

Teeth – Argh! Still nothing, we go through probably five or six dribble bibs a day and thats with me putting them on the radiator to dry off. Although they are obviously moving around in his mouth there is still no sign of them. Which then leads me into that song… ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth….’

Health – I was feeling pretty smug at the last update as we had seemly managed to avoid the majority of the colds which have been passed around among friend’s and their children. Well that stopped when Kipper started to develop bronchitis. I think we managed to catch it before it developed further, not that you can medicate for it but we have been careful with the wet and the cold, keeping him warm, changing wet bibs, vapour etc. The doctor suggested that he sleep in our room until he’s over it so a friend has leant us their close to me cot. I am really quite taken with it, he has about another three inches before he’s too big. Although Hubby says he has to move before Christmas now that he’s much better. Sob…

Loves – Food, generally he’s a happy baby as long as he has a full tummy. He’e very inquisitive and loves to try and get hold of all the things that he shouldn’t. I have noticed that he is starting to try and move to things such as my mobile phone. He saves his best smiles for Monkey and generally finds him extremely funny regardless of what he is doing. He stares at him hoping for interaction (which he normally gets depending on whether the TV is on or not) with his big blue eyes full of hope. Its so cute to watch. He’s getting better at being put down for naps or bedtime although he still really wants to be close to us. Generally he wants more cuddles than Monkey ever did and of course I oblige!

Laughing, he loves to laugh and its such a blessing hearing the belly laugh. A recently new development is that if you catch him unawares and shout boo. He physically jumps and then bursts out in laughter. Its hilarious, although I am slightly worried by it!

Hates – Pretty much the same as last month, although we have a new carseat which he seems to be a lot better in. I think its a bit roomier as it goes from 0-4 years. He had a mini meltdown the other day when I took something off of him which he shouldn’t have. I remember doing something similar with Monkey when he was nine months and he bit me. Although we are not at that stage yet I am wondering if he’s going to be more like his brother than I thought. He hates the rain cover on the buggy, anything which he perceives comes between you and him. Because of the bronchitis we have been using it a fair bit to keep the dampness away from him, so as you can imagine thats gone down well. If I walk away from him he screams the house down and he’s also gone off his Jumperoo which is a huge disappointment as it makes getting anything done in the kitchen impossible. Fingers crossed this is just a phase which he will grow out of.

Habits – I have noticed that he much prefers to have a poo in a clean nappy! I don’t know if this is intentional at the age of seven months but its definitely a habit that seems to be forming. Kicking his socks off and eating his feet, or even eating his feet with a baby grow on. Its funny seeing how different the boys are as I think Monkey only ate his feet a handful of times.

Milestones & Firsts – This sounds awful but we have been so busy this month that I genuinely can not think of any new firsts. Its all about weaning at the moment and with Christmas coming I am sure we will have loads next update. During his swimming lessons Kipper is now starting to splash and paddle. Being submerged this week he actually kicked and swam towards me. He is also starting to hold onto the side now and is really eager to get into the water.

Development – He can sit on his own now for quite some time and he’s started to try to move from sitting to lying on his tummy. He tends to get his legs stuck though. He’s also finally rolled both ways, so he will move onto his tummy and then back onto his back. He hasn’t twigged about being able to pull himself up yet although he has the strength and enjoys holding onto your fingers while he balances himself.

Eating – Kipper is now on three full meals a day! His favourite has got to be yogurt and he gets quite put out when he only gets the option of one of the small baby ones. And yes there have been times when I relent and he gets two. He has pretty much dropped his milk feed at lunchtime although is still having four breast feeds a day and a bottle for a dream feed. I do sometimes worry about overfeeding!

Sleeping – I know as soon as I write this I will regret it! But it seems that we have managed to crack it. Although he’s still not in his own room. I am really struggling moving him, like all significant milestones I am holding them back for as long as I can. He has a dream feed around 11pm only he tends to wake up and goes back into the baby bay awake. Although he settles himself pretty quickly. He then generally wakes around 6am although at the weekends sometimes he sleeps till 7am. Generally he goes down between 7pm and 7.30pm. Being a second child he is pretty flexible in the day normally having a nap around 9.30/10am and then again around 2.30pm. Although with the school run that nap never seems to last very long poor mite.

Toys – The baby nest is no longer fun for more than a couple of minutes. I really can not leave him contained anywhere despite the fact he’s not really moving. He seems to have got bored of his little collection of toys so I am going to dig out a new treasure basket and some small musical instruments for Christmas. The play mat has been put away (sob) ready to sell in the new year. I think he enjoys going to the sensory room the most at the moment and I am going to try and increase this to every other week for the remaining of my maternity leave. He would much rather have interaction than explore on his own, this is almost the complete opposite from Monkey.

Favourite Outfit – oh there are so many! I have a Stay Puff outfit ready for a mini photo shoot soon which is adorable especially because of his size! I have a couple of special Christmas outfits. Monkey is pretty much past the dressing up stage although he will still oblige on occasion. I had some Christmas photos taken of the two of them in matching navy cords and stripy tops. Generally due to the age difference I do not dress them alike. However when I was unpacking the 6-9 month clothes I realised I had brought the same top for each size because I love it so and thought why not! I am sure they will be appearing on Instagram soon.

Things I don’t want to forget – Laying in bed the other night, I had just fed him and the lamp was on while I finished up writing my journal. He was in a playful mood at 11pm and kept trying to catch my eye. Every time he did he gave me this huge smile as if to say get me out and give me a cuddle. Kipper does give the best cuddles he has already started to hug you back putting his arms around your next and grabbing your arm if he’s laying next to you. Melts my hear every time.

Looking forward to … First Christmas and all that brings and spending some much needed time together as a four.

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