Kipper’s Nine Month Update

I am very late with this months update! Kipper turned nine months the day I went back to work and although I had every intention on writing this post on the way to Manchester. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do it when I knew I was going to be away from him for two nights. It was the first time I had been away from him for any period of time and although it was fine I discovered that I could no longer express! Which was mildly interesting…

Clothing Size – He is still in 6-9 clothes, although he will fit into 9-12 months without them looking huge, the majority of the clothes are in the loft waiting to come down.. And with the fact that I am now back at work the extra washing loads are very unwelcome. I also think he’s lost a little bit of weight so the 6-9 months are not longer pulling around the middle. The weight loss is down to the fact he’s not been very well since starting nursery.

Baby nine month update

Teeth – He finally has his bottom two teeth! The second one came through a couple of days after the first. I think the top ones are also on their way as we have days when he is just miserable and cries out in pain. I am wondering if they are a lot to blame for him being of his food too. Especially as he has always loved eating.

Health – We are waiting on some results from the doctors as he has not been well since starting nursery. I think his nappies are not just teething and he could be carrying a bug or have a lactose intolerance. Its starting to take its toll with him loosing weight and just not wanting to eat anything. However as ever we have to go through the process and we are currently waiting on results on the contents of his nappies to make sure it is not a bug. I am not sure to a baby who doesn’t want to eat. Last month I was writing about how food was one of his great loves!

Loves – Now Kipper is crawling! He loves to follow me around the house and gets very frustrated if I do not pick him up or walk in the other direction. He’s getting pretty quick. The bath and moving around in it which is slightly off putting as I always worry that he is going to hit his head.

Baby nine month update

Thankfully nursery, he seems to really enjoy his time there. There is always something new for him to explore. Which is great as he particularly enjoys banging two items together at the moment. We had a trip over one weekend to a local sensory room and it was lovely to see first hand his interaction with his carers. He’s so cheeky flirting with everyone!

Monkey! who always gets the biggest smile. Its rather infuriating when Kippers been in our room since the early hours and as soon a Monkey comes bounding into the bedroom he suddenly cheers up no end… I am seriously considering getting bunkbeds as they get older.

Food use to feature prominently in Kipper’s loves and although he’s off it at the moment he does like to bang it on the table when he gets a chance and flatten it. The more mess he can make the better. I just wish some of it would go in his mouth!

Hates – At the moment its not being picked up. His clinginess has got worse as he tends to follow me around the house from room to room, he can be pretty speedy when he wants to be. Still on the subject of food he doesn’t like being fed especially by spoon. It does seem that its all related to his front teeth. He also is not keen on the bottle when I am in the vicinity. I suppose its a pretty big ask to expect him just to move to the bottle during the day. He’s fine when he’s at nursery but if we are at home at the weekends he much prefers to be attached to me.

Hes not a fan of sleeping alone either, this month has been pretty hard work. However because he’s ill I’ve been letting it slip as I would rather is was in with us. Although I have lost count of the number of times we have changed nappies and got clean clothes at 3am in the morning. Poor mite.

Baby nine month update

Habits – Not eating, not sleeping and being fussy on milk! Initially when he started to crawl he would only move a couple of stretches before looking to be picked up and the tears of frustration would come. Being a reasonably big baby I am not surprised it took a of effort.

Milestones & Firsts – Well nine months has been a big one for Kipper, he started crawling! The first time he did it was to Daddy when he picked up from nursery. To think that is usually my job and I happened to get caught up that day…sob. He made up for it when I got home though crawling to me on the sofa to be picked up and cuddled. Unlike Monkey who needed the motivation of something shiny (aka a mobile phone). He also now has two bottom teeth (more below) and has started clapping. Kipper has been knocking two things together for some time, normally building blocks. But he has now started to clap on a regular basis, he likes to clap himself when he’s had his bum done.

Kipper had his first go in a ball pit the other weekend at a local sensory room. I got in with him and he loved it. I am sure there will be many more times to come.

Development – Other than the above! he has started to utter mama although everyone is still dada. He likes to throw it at you when he is looking for something. Nursery is convinced he also says hiya. To be honest I can hear where they are coming from but at nine months I don’t really expect anything more than a few noises so I am having a hard time believing it. Saying that it was one of Monkey’s first words so maybe I say it a lot and I don’t realise.

Eating – Urgh! After going really well with food for the last month he’s been completely off it. This seems to have coincided with him getting his teeth and having what can only be described as diarrhoea for the best part of four weeks. My gut is telling me that its more than teething but the results so far have come back clear. The only thing he tucks into is yoghurt and plan brioche. Although I am not one for giving the kids sweet things at the moment I am a little if he will eat it then he can have it.

Initially moving Kipper onto the bottle for nursery we left a little late …like two weeks before I went back to work. The good news is that during the day he’s fine and at the moment a month in I am still able to keep the morning and evening feed. We haven’t changed the teets on the bottles though and he is still on the slow flow ones. I am sure this makes a difference. He often comes looking for boob during the day when I am not at work. I do give in because I like feeding him, but I have no idea if he is actually getting much.

Baby nine month update

Sleeping – This has gone out the window with the food. He will go down to sleep in the evening in his cot and settle himself most of the time quite happily. His dream sheep is invaluable in this. But he very rarely stays there waking during the night with a dirty nappy or he’s hungry or thirsty. I am not surprised with the little food he is actually eating. I am yet to offer water instead of milk, other than when he had a bad cold and an obvious sore throat. My attitude is a bit I need to get food into him so if thats 2.30am, 3.30am and 4.30am, then thats when it is. It will not be forever and soon enough he will be all grown up.

Toys – Since being at nursery he is happier to explore and play alone.The treasure basket is still a hit with his favourite items being the metal whisk and a little wooden hammer, perfect for hitting everything. Kipper is really liking his activity cube and some DIY  sensory pat bags. Already true to form if Monkey is playing with something then that will be much more interesting than anything he has got. I feel like I have developed hawk vision as Monkey is not great with leaving small pieces of lego everywhere.

Favourite Outfit – Having not been in clothing for more than about an hour or two at any one time many of his outfits are in the wash most of the time! He has a little elephant dungaree outfit I love and I bought him a couple of new wool jumpers in the sale. Even though they are 12-18 months they fit really well apart from the arms being too long. Generally he lives in baby grows so I like that the jumpers look smart, although he looks much older in them…sob.

Things I don’t want to forget – he’s cheeky smile when he wants something and the belly laugh when he knows he’s is doing something he shouldn’t. That he is still feeding. the smile I get when I collect him from nursery.

Looking forward to … As works settles down a bit I am going to start planning some play sessions on our Fridays or little craft projects that he will benefit from. I have been meaning to make him a taggie blanket for about a month and half now! I am also really looking forward to Easter as I have an adorable bunny outfit from when monkey was small…


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