Yey its Friday… which means, as monkey has taken to calling it over the last month or so ‘Fun Friday’. I had already mentioned earlier in the week about going to the beach and completely underestimated the excitement this idea would cause.


So even though the weather wasn’t fantastic we ventured out heading to West Wittering beach with some friends.  We braved the wind and had fun with diggers, filling them up with pebbles, shells, sand and sea. It always amazes me how they love to repeat the same actions over and over again!


They also liked to follow each other around and West Wittering was ideal for this due to the large expanse of flat sand… There were no rock pools where we were today but, we did find washed up seaweed and a crab. They boys weren’t really sure what to make of the latter! However the seaweed proved valuable cargo for the dumper truck.


It was hilarious watching them run away from the sea. Monkey learnt a valuable lesson when he got stuck in the sand. A hole had been dug by his little friend (his best friend – new concept!) and it filled with water as the tide came in. Insisting on jumping in and out of the hole monkey suddenly found his wellies stuck fast! After a quick unsticking (and a few panicked tears), quick sand entered into their imaginative play.

Needless to say by the time we got home monkey (and mummy) were completely worn out!! Mission accomplished. How I love my Fridays  xxx


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  2. kidGLloves (@kidGLloves) Reply

    Lucas says – What an awesome idea to take your Dumper trucks to the beach. I reckon all that seaweed kept you very busy. I love the beach and don’t care whether it’s sunny or a bit windy. It’s just always so much fun. High-5’s!!! #MondayEscapades

  3. mytravelmonkey Reply

    Oh I LOVE West Wittering, although the last time we visited it was bright sunshine. Although I love getting wrapped up and walking along the beach whatever the weather. Fun Friday sounds awesome and my monkey would have joined in with this, diggers are so his thing! Thanks so much with linking up with #MondayEscapes

  4. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) Reply

    Aww what a wonderful day! Love the idea of trucks on the beach whatever the weather, sounds so much fun! Xx #mondayescapes

  5. I never would have thought to take trucks and cars to the beach when my 2 were little. Sounds as if you all had a great day despite the lack of sun #MondayEscapes x

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