This is an old post from March 2015 which I am sharing with you again, as its come round to that time of year! However now being almost 33 weeks pregnant I will be missing out on the lambing season this year. Hubby plans to take Monkey instead as we had such a great time when we visited the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre below:

On Sunday, looking for an outside Springtime activity we headed to the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre in East Dean. It was a really good morning out and I would highly recommend it. Monkey has been talking about it ever since to anyone who will listen, so I definitely feel its worth a mention here.


As you walk in you are greeted with sheep wanting to be hand fed with pellets (you can buy 3 bags for £1) this gave Monkey a great introduction to being up close to the sheep. We also enjoyed a tractor ride and playing in the little play area on a wooden train, tree swing and in a sandpit. Before going inside to pet the lambs, which I think was Monkeys highlight. At one end of the barn there were about half a dozen of them, the look of sheer delight on the boys faces was lovely to see. One of the lambs in particular was very friendly and kept jumping up, they spent quite some time with the lambs giggling and stroking them.


It worked out well as they also offer the opportunity for children to feed the lambs. When we went this was at 11.30am and 3.30pm. This is a very popular activity and there was a long queue, however the lambs and the other sheep with their young in the barn kept the boys interested. They obviously only have a limited number that require feeding and so a limited number of bottles. However what I liked was the farmer organising the feed, did try to make sure the milk lasted so that all the children could have ago. It was set up and managed really well.

We had lunch in the little cafe on site, which sells sandwiches and cakes. I can highly recommend the cheese scones that were delicious. Before leaving we looked at the pens with the pregnant ewes and were really lucky to see a lamb being born. What a lovely morning, you can find out more one their website here.


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  1. girlsgospel Reply

    Sooo cute! My son has Autism and his only word is “SHEEP”.
    This is his dream day out haha!

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