I love this idea, its so simple and made with things that you have lying around the house. I have used it a couple of times both inside and out. Mainly inside when monkey was much younger and would sit at the kitchen table with a bowl of water … and actually keep it in the bowl! I’ve also used it as a great distractor when you want to get some things done outside which aren’t quite up to ‘added help’.

When he appeared from nap-time he was presented with the below invitation to play, which included an elastic band ball, scissors, off cuts of foam sheets in various colours, cocktail sticks and of course our cork jar… IMG_7752

It was a good excuse to get some scissor practice in by cutting out triangles for the sails from the foam, it also allowed discussion about the size of the sail. Would the larger ones go quicker in the wind than the smaller ones? Previously I have also used paper for sails, but they tend to get a bit soggy and don’t last as long.


An elastic band was used to keep the corks together and a cocktail stick to secure the sail to the corks. IMG_7759


Below are some of the finished boats. Part of the reason I like this is because its a short enough activity to keep monkey’s interest and have a completed craft item at then end of it. Although I do agree with the theory its all in the process rather than the finished article sometimes on the odd occasion, it is nice to actually finish something. It fits with my perfectionist, control freak personality unlike many of our other craft projects! IMG_7758

It was windy on the day we created and played with these so we had races from one side of the water tray to the other.


Monkey wanted to extend the play by getting the paint brushes out and painting on the tiles and patio doors with the water from the tray. We used normal decorating brushes which I picked up from the £1 shop. The larger of the three was definitely his favourite as it spread the water the most. As we move more towards pre-school activities I think I will invest in a long handled artist brush to encourage sweeping movements and move more towards letter formation.


IMG_7767   IMG_7774

 Toddler Approved Tuesday


  1. Oh that looks very easy. We drink a lot of wine, so I’m sure we’d quickly have enough corks to be able to make a few boats.

  2. Coombe Mill Reply

    Oh these are adorable, one for Trash 2 Treasure too, finding bottles with corks is hard now though, they were great for crafts too!

  3. Michelle Murray Reply

    aww these are so cute. i can’t wait for little J to be old enough to do these type of crafts

  4. Oh my this is a fantastic idea. I know my son would love this. He isint two yet but I am sure with my help we could do this together. I think he would really enjoy this. Thank you so much for the idea x

  5. What a fantastic idea. I know my son would really enjoy this. He is not yet two but I am sure with my help he would love making them. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  6. Inspired_Momma Reply

    Well this is an interesting way for me to buy some more vino and benefit the kids too. Great idea though, simple and quick with little mess. They are the best craft ideas for toddlers.

  7. Classic. Looks so easy. Only thing is you will Have to drink a lot of wine to have that many. Lol

  8. Monkey looks like he is having fun with the cork boats what a fun idea. I wish I did something like this when I was younger!

  9. That’s a brilliant idea. I’ll have to try it with N (if I can find enough corks) because he loves water play.

  10. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    These cork boats are the best idea! They look so cute & I love that they are easy to make AND that they actually float! My kids would love to make these, thanks for sharing hun x

  11. These are fab! I love how simple it is for him to do and yet he’s created something he can actually play with. Will keep this in mind if I get some corks! 🙂 x

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