I can’t believe it, my twentieth post! When I started this I was hoping I would be able to give it the time it deserves. I also had twenty posts as a target number in my head…. When I reached it I felt as though this would signify that I am actually doing this, sharing the activities I put together for Monkey with the world and starting on the road to being a ‘proper’ blogger… And I’m here!! So for my twentieth post I wanted to share with you one of the simplest things we have done. 

Ever since Monkey was a baby his Daddy has needed to travel for work. Thankfully all of my work requirements are in the UK otherwise it would be a logistical nightmare! However as he has got older he misses his father terribly when he’s away from home even when it’s only a couple of nights at a time.  I wanted to find a way to explain where Daddy was in relation to us, hoping if he could understand this it might make it easier for him. 

He’s too young for a child’s atlas and ideally I wanted him to be able to visualise distance as well. So I brought a cheap cork board, a world map poster and some coloured pins. The next time Daddy travelled we sat down together and put the pins in. Different colours corresponded to different journeys with the green pin being home.

  • Blue pins – trips we have all gone on together (including this years summer holiday)
  • Yellow pins – Daddy’s work trips
  • Red pins – Mummy’s work trips
  • White pins – trips Mummy and Daddy have taken without monkey

The finished map:  

Enjoy xxx 




  1. mudpiefridays

    And was really cheap! They even altered the size for me to fit the board!

  2. larabeeuk

    such a lovely idea! I love the poster, really fun!


  3. mamavsteacher

    I love this, such a great way to help him understand and visualise where everyone has been! Thanks for linking up to #imaginationmatters, next week’s theme is “Shopping”!

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