Bathtime Fun – Giant Rainbow Bath Cubes


I had completely forgotten about this until a friend reminded of me over the weekend. Apparently it is a firm favourite for bath time in their household, and since we have finally managed to clear some room in the freezer after the Easter break it have me chance to try out the new neon food colours I have recently purchased.

The container I use is known as a ‘super cubes’ ice cube tray and the sections are around 1.5 inches  square. I prefer the bigger option as it means they last for longer in the bath. However we have used some of the more unusual shapes you can pick up in Ikea, the long skinny ones also go down really well. Simply fill the tray with water and add food colour and mix. Not too much though otherwise the bath will end up mud coloured (and you will get leakage as above!) … not that Monkey minds this as it quickly turns into the swamp from Room on the Broom. Loving the imagination at the moment.


I love this as its a really simple, no prep…well a couple of minutes worth, fuss free idea and a number of the corporate mummies I work with have used it. So next time when you want to feel like you are doing something fun for your little one, yet they are in bed because its late and you are glued to the work email… try this and satisfy that craving.


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