I’m a bit fanatical about record keeping not the paperwork kind …alas that is still in a pile to file, more the journaling kind. Before I created this blog I would write a diary each night. Although I still manage most days some entires are only a few lines, I’ve learnt though not to stress about it. The more I stress the less likely I am to do it in the first place!  However I still hoard memorabilia, for example see my post on what to include in a first birthday time capsule. With all this in mind I should not have been surprised when Monkey announced quite unexpectedly a couple of months ago that he wanted to write a diary. Still confused as to where it came from, I decided that it would be a good habit to start. IMG_8380 So now mainly at the weekends or on a Friday Monkey spends a couple of minutes drawing an element of the day which has resonated with him, he’s only coming up to three so is really a series of lines (but pictures to him). I will then add the words at the bottom of the page that he asks me to. If he’s not sure what he wants me to write, we normally settle on writing what the best bit of the day has been for him.  I apply the same principals to my own journaling to his. If he doesn’t want to it that day then I don’t make a big deal out of it, but it’s always around to spark some interest so sometimes he will ask to do it himself without me suggesting it. IMG_8381 I took this a step further, after we were very lucky a few weeks ago to go to Whipsnade Zoo with family. Like most young children he’s animal mad. Wanting to encourage his interest I decided to expand on the journaling idea by including photos this time round. I use to be quite an avid scrapbooker when I had spare time! So I checked out my stash and came across an old animal album which had never been used. We are about half way through putting the photos in  adding a few stickers here and there as we go. It’s a good lesson for me too, learning not to jump in and takeover, rather than letting him decide where the photos and stickers should go.

IMG_8375   IMG_8376

Once it’s finished we will sit together and decide what to write under each photo. The the book will be his to look at when he wants to. I am sure it will have pride of place on his little bookshelf. IMG_8382 As well as adding to my desire to hoard stuff (I’m sure I never use to be this bad before having Monkey) it also helps in other ways. I read a fantastic book called ‘Supporting Boys Writing in the Early Years’ by Julie Cigman (link below, please note this is an affiliate link to amazon). Although to be honest it relates to both boys and girls, I would highly recommend it  as I have a huge number of notes I need to go through about involving writing in small world and role play. One key point that Julie keeps coming back to is about helping boys to understand the importance of writing …what it can help them to obtain.

Through me writing his words down for him in the diary he can start to see the benefit and how words help him to communicate, if he can understand why then when he does eventually start to learn to write his motivation to learn how will be stronger. Either way its a good habit to get into he will have a lovely keepsake when he’s older. Mudpie xx


  1. katybyrd32 Reply

    I like this idea so much! Especially the pictures and stickers.

  2. Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows Reply

    I love this idea. Harrison is almost 4 and Alex is 2, and they love having notebooks and pens, and ‘writing’ down their masterplans! Anything that encourages writing and mark making like this is fab!

  3. my lil boy is making a summer holiday scrapbook so we are keeping things like leaflets of places we’ve been to and taking lots of photos to stick into his book. he is absolutely loving it and its going to be great to look back on our memories.

    • Aww that’s sounds lovely 🙂 we are planning on doing similar when we go away for our summer holiday. Thank you for stopping by xx

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