This afternoon we headed over towards Lewes to visit the ducks at the Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum. I don’t know about you but we really struggle with duck ponds in the local area. We have been on numerous outings to ponds and streams to find ducks to feed and have ended up empty handed. Which normally means Monkey ends up in tears… So this morning when Monkey said he wanted to feed the ducks after Music Bus I decided to make sure we actually found some! And we found hundreds….


As Monkey is under three he was free, for me it was £8 and you can buy bags of food for the birds at 50p each. We brought two which was plenty. Its a short walk from the entrance into the enclosure, for those with buggies there are hard paths to follow. Some of the ducks are in enclosures which have chicken wire round them, this is ideal for throwing the corn through. I really liked the fact that the ducks wanted to be fed and were not full up. The pond in our local park does have a few ducks but they are never interested as they constantly fed. Theres not much fun in trying to feed a duck thats full up!  There are lots of different breeds of duck and goose at Bentley, some are walking free and will follow you around wanting the corn. They are only small breeds of goose so non threatening for little ones.


We also came across some swans which were very territorial because of the time of the year but they were enclosed so although they may not have liked seeing us, but we were perfectly safe. They also have some storks, flamingos (my favourite) and peacocks.

There are three walks which you can follow – different distances, depending on the length of your little ones legs! Monkey opted for the red path and had fun looking for the arrows for the last part of our walk. During the weekends and School holidays they also run a little steam train which is an additional £1 a ride. It wasn’t running today, but we have been on it before. It can drop you off at the woods where there are various sculptures and huts to explore. This time of year it would look lovely with all the blue bells out. However Monkey was already starting to run out of steam so we didn’t make it today.


There is a little team room selling sandwiches and snacks as well as drinks and ice cream! On a good day there is a large field in front of the house ideal for picnics and ball games. You really could spend all day if you wanted to. There is a small play area with live willow tunnels and a pirate boat. For the older children there are a couple of tree house’s (minus the roofs).  The facilities are very well looked after and very clean – huge plus point in my book. The motor museum is reasonable small, but since we went for the ducks that didn’t bother us. Monkey is a bit young to find any fun in old cars, but I am sure the dads and grandparents will find it interesting.

It was a lovely afternoon if you want to find out more before you visit they have an informative website here.


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