How may times until something becomes a habit…is it six? Posting to the Happy Days linky on a Sunday evening for me is definitely something I want to turn into a habit! If this is the first time you have come across the Happy Days Linky it’s hosted by WhatKatySaid and Jenna at TinyFootSteps, please check out their blogs when you get a minute for some inspiration. And if you want to join in then please do, you can find more details here.

A extra big thank you to Katy this week for choosing me as her featured blogger, as someone who has only been doing this for two months its a very special feeling. As I am sure all new bloggers go through that ‘is there anyone out there’ moment! Mentions such as these help so much to alleviate that insecurity!

So over to my week…

Out & About

As the weather has not been as nice this week we haven’t been out as much in the evenings after nursery pick up like we did last week. Although we did manage to get out once on the bike for a short ride, hopefully next week we will get more opportunities.

Charlie on bike

On Friday (my day off) we headed to Music Bus as normal, Monkey got really involved this week claiming that the five green bottles on the board where actually his daddy’s beer.. queue disapproving looks.. oooppps. I normally ask Monkey what he would like to get up to in the afternoon, where possible I try to accommodate his requests. Friday he wanted to feed the ducks. If your local pond is anything like ours then its probably home to a few overfed ducks that don’t want to eat anymore bread. Thats if they can even be bothered to get off the grass and into the water. I always feel bad when his excited expectation of feeding ducks turns into disappointment. So this afternoon we headed to Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum near Lewes. There were so many ducks and small geese that wanted feeding all at once he didn’t know which way to go first and we went through two bags of grain while walking around. Its definitely worth a look if you are based in Sussex, you can read more about our visit here.


On Saturday afternoon we were really spoilt going to see ‘Stickman’ at the Connaught Theatre in Worthing. We are huge fans of the Julia Donaldson books and have seen a couple of the other shows. This one was as brilliant as the others and had loads of audience participation. Monkeys smiling face will be imprinted into my mind for a long time to come as they used ‘Stickman’ to bat out a large beach ball into the audience, he thought it was fantastic. After we went for a meal in a local pub, he will be three in June and we are just getting to that age where we can have a meal out relatively stress free. It was such a nice feeling…As long as we have a ready supply of busy bags, or in this instance the beginnings of a Stickman story bag, including a homemade Stickman Family from pipe cleaners…


Fun at Home

We’ve not be great with craft bits this week other than the Stickman Family, partly because I have been manic at work and had to fly to Edinburgh for the day on Thursday.  But this afternoon we had friends over for a Sunday dinner of roast lamb, so I took the opportunity to set up a ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ small world play for the kids to play with. When I get a moment I will be writing up how I put it together on the blog so please feel free to drop by.


Time for me

I managed to read my book on mindfulness for children while on the plane.. not that flying is really time for me and it has resulted in more lists of things to do… Saturday morning I helped a friend out with her business, she hosted a coffee morning for mums to be so I helped set up and make tea & coffee etc. She sells second hand maternity clothes and had some lovely bits on offer. You can find out more on her blog Scrummy Mummy Maternity.

So all in all I have been a bit rubbish at ‘me time’, this week. But I think thats allowed as I won’t be writing next week..well its unlikely as my hubby and I are off to Rome for a long weekend … kid free. He probably wouldn’t be impressed if I disappeared online while sitting in a romantic restaurant just down from the Pantheon or something similar….But it does mean I will have plenty of time for me while we are away. We went to Rome on our honeymoon and are both really looking forward to the break and the reminiscing, not to mention the food and wine…

My Happiest Moment

Monkey sitting on my lap during the show grinning a way. I am sure some of these memories will stay with him forever. There is something about his laughter  its so contagious and makes us both smile. Pure enjoyment.

Next Week I would like to..

Spend some time planning our trip to Rome and also read Molly Makes special edition on Social Media cover to cover … as I need all the tips I can get and can probably get away with that while away, Blogging for Dummies less likely.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead xxx



  1. littleoandme Reply

    Ah some lovely moments this week. That small world looks amazing, I’m looking forward to reading how you did it. Your happiest is just lovely, I love it when Oliver is smiling and laughing.
    Have a great week
    Becky Xx

  2. Angela Milnes Reply

    Loving the Stickmen : They are very cool. We love doing crafty activities too! Angela xx

    Angela recently posted #MySundayPhoto

  3. I’ve been blogging a year and I still have those ‘Is there anyone out there’ moments from time to time! 😉

    Those stickmen are so cute. 🙂

    I’m currently waiting for issue of the mollie makes social media magazine to pop through my door. Can’t wait to read it. Hope you find the time to read yours. 🙂

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. That makes me feel better 🙂 – Im having to leave the country to get some free time!! LOL. Hope yours makes an appearance soon x

  5. Katy (What Katy Said) Reply

    Do you know, as I read through people’s posts I always make a mental note of what I am going to comment on etc.. however, all thoughts went out the window as soon as I saw that tuff spot. OH MY WORD!!!! Can you tweet me when you have posted about it? I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!! Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x

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