Going on a Bear Hunt Birthday Party Invite

I can not believe that Monkey is now three, it only seems like yesterday that we brought this little screaming bundle home from hospital! This year he had asked for a Going on a Bear Hunt themed Birthday party. It is one of our favourite stories and we both know the words off by heart, unlike the previous parties we have held I wanted to keep it relatively simple, this is how we did it…

Invites & Thank You Cards – I opted to use Truprint to make our party invites using one their standard templates. Importing a picture of the front cover from the internet. We took Monkey to the beach today with some of his Birthday balloons and took a photo which we will be using to make a Thank You card.

Thank You Card Photo

Entertainment – Incase some of the children coming to the party had not heard the story before I thought it best that we started with the story so that they could better understand everything which had been set up in the garden.

Going on a Bear Hunt Party Initially I had intended in our conservatory and had set up a bed using our sofa so that they could duck under the covers at the end – just like the book. However because is was so hot even with the doors open it wasn’t really an option. Instead we opted to sit under the umbrellas on the rugs which had been set out for lunch. I had found a large copy of the book around 45cm square from Walker Books online which worked well with all the kids as it meant that they could see the pictures easily. It was really lovely as a number of the kids knew the book well and joined in.

Going on a Bear Hunt BinocularsI had anticipated needing something to keep them entertained when they first arrived, while we waited for anyone that was running late. I covered sixteen sets of toilet roll binoculars with patterned paper and brought some sticker sheets for the kids to embellish them. I was surprised by how much they enjoyed this activity! As far as party games are concerned we ran pass the parcel, as the decorations themselves were actually part of the entertainment as well..

Decorations – bear balloons greeted the kids, my initial intention was to use these as the ‘bear’ and hide one for each child in the ‘cave’, however we had issues with the helium canister and couldn’t manage one for each of them so they became welcoming decorations instead.

IMG_9915          Bear Prints for going on a bear hunt

We routed everyone straight round the back and I had set out 72 bear footprints, they ran down the side of the house and then between each ‘scene’. Once we had read the story I led the kids around the garden to each one, before letting them loose with bubbles..

Long Wavy Grass – I used crepe paper and attached it to the washing line using a stapler, to make it as straight forward as possible I pre cut the crepe paper. One word of warning if you do something similar be careful of the dew as it doesn’t mix well with crepe paper!

Going on a Bear Hunt Party - Long Wavy Grass

A Deep Cold River – We set up a paddling pool with a few inches of water in it, I completely underestimated the enjoyment this would bring to all the kids. They were jumping in and out having a whale of a time, just as well the weather was glorious. You can see in this photo that next to each scene I attached a picture from the book so that they could recognise how it all fitted in.

Going on Bear Hunt - Deep cold river

Thick Ozzy Mud – I can not take credit for this one as this was Hubby’s idea, we laid out a tarpaulin and put compost over it with some stepping stones in-between, we used some garden plants to separate the area from the rest of the garden

Going on a Bear Hunt - thick ozzy mud

A Big Dark Forest – Initially I had intended on making a forest from wrapping paper rolls and green corrugated card. However we were running out of time so Hubby went and found some branches and we placed them strategically in the ground to make a little tunnel.

Going on a Bear Hunt Party - Deep Dark Forest

A Swirling Whirling Snowstorm – Ping Pong balls in the trampoline.. 450 of them to be precise. I opted to use them instead of cotton wool

Going on a Bear Hunt Party - Swirling Whirling Snow Storm

A Narrow Gloomy Cave – I had covered a piece of fleece in fake leaves with a glue gun previously which I placed over his little tent. Inside was a large teddy bear.

Going on a Bear Hunt Party - Cave

Food & Cake – This was the first party Monkey had, had with friends from nursery and we had initially expected eighteen children which meant food needed to be reasonably simple. As we couldn’t accommodate so many kids with chairs and tables we set up blankets in the shade and they had ‘Bear Snacks’ sandwich bags.

Going on Bear Hunt Party Food

I decorated the paper bags with an ink stamp and sharpies. Inside included Pom Bears at Monkey’s request and a Barney Cake to keep to theme as well as a small pot of cucumber and tomato and grapes. There was also a table set up with ice water and squash to keep them hydrated through the couple of hours, some of the mums thankfully helped out making sure they all had drinks.

Going on Bear Hunt Cake

The cake was a simple chocolate cake covered in chocolate buttercream with some fondant icing and giant chocolate buttons for eyes. Compared to the cakes made for his first and second birthday it was quite simple but Monkey loved it which was the main thing.

Party Bags – I’m not a fan of party bags and would prefer to give something a like a book. Since the theme of the party was round a book it made sense to give each child a copy. Those we knew really well who already have a copy I submitted with something else. I appreciate to buy the book full price makes it an expensive exercise but we got lucky and found the books on offer in The Works. I also filled some plastic honey bear jars with gummy bears, as you can imagine  they were a hit with the kids, the books with the parents so everyone was happy.

Going on Bear Hunt Party Favours

This year compared to others it was definitely less involved from an organisation point of view, but the kids had a great time. We also a got a number of thank you texts and messages which was lovely.

You can read about Monkey’s other Birthday parties below:

I have also set up a Pinterest Board for Going on a Bear Hunt below, because it is one of our favourites, we have also made a small world scene here, and a story bag here.

Happy celebrating

Mudpie xx


  1. What a superstar Mama you are!?! That is an amazing party! I hope everyone had a great time!! Thanks for linking up to #imaginationmatters, I’m surprised that you had time! Hopefully we’ll see you from “Around the World” this week too.

  2. Wow, what a lucky little boy Monkey is! You really are amazingly creative, thank you for sharing all your fantastic ideas 🙂 x

  3. Katie (Growing Up KaterTot) Reply

    This is amazing. I’m telling you, Clare… you have a true gift for party throwing for kids! What fantastic ideas! I can’t decide which I like best, but the gummy bear favor and green crepe paper are so creative! Monkey is such a lucky little boy to have you as his mom. Xx

  4. Sara Handy Herbs Reply

    These are amazing ideas – so creative. Bet all the children had a fab time!! Going to check out the other two!

  5. travelingchristie Reply

    OMG these are incredible, what a lovely theme, i love the binoculars and the thank you cards are adorable x

  6. Claire Ridewood (@hscraftymama) Reply

    What a lovely idea, and so much fun! I have never done a book themed birthday party, but now I cant wait to try it!! Thankyou for the inspiration! #twinklytuesdays

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  8. Angela Milnes Reply

    What a brilliant idea. This must have been a fabulous third birthday for Monkey! Your posts are always so brilliant. I love it!

    Angela xx

    Angela recently posted “The Developmental Science behind playing Peek-a-boo” http://wp.me/p5XRN6-1OK

  9. I’m hanging my head in shame here. You did such a fantastic job of that party! All those ideas -wow. The cake is so so cute! Our birthdays parties are of very poor quality in comparison. Well done you!#TwinklyTuesday

  10. bettyandthebumps Reply

    I love a theme!! The amount of thought and effort that has gone into this is unbelievable!

    Gwenn is three next year and I think by then she might be “into” something enough to make a theme out of it. She really has no interests at the moment 😉 She has never fixated on anything enough, but then she has only just turned 2.

    I think the picnic style food you came up with is ideal for any party really. It looked great!



    • Ooo will look forward to reading 🙂 the picnic worked really well will definately be doing it next time round too 🙂 thanks for stopping by x

      • bettyandthebumps Reply

        At Gwenn’s last party there was only one other little one there, but I think next time we’ll have to cater for more so I love all of your ideas. x

  11. Wow!!! I am totally doing thick ozzy mud just for a summer activity! This is great and I love these type of parties! #twinklytuesday

    • Thank you 🙂 he does love them although a lot of work! At bedtime last night he was asking for a fire engine themed party… He’s not twigged you only get one party a year yet! Lol Cx

  12. so adorable! We are have the same themed requested for a party! Any chance you could share how you made the invite!!? It’s SO perfect & cute!

  13. This looks like a fantastic party. What a lucky boy! Some brilliant ideas. I’ll definitely be reading your other two party posts ?

  14. Aaaah you clever, clever thing!!!! I LOVE this idea!!!!!! And I *might* steal it for The Twinkles third birthday! 😉 They both LOVE ‘Bearhunt’ too — its still a firm favourite in our house! I think the long wavy grass is my favourite touch — genius 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  15. Oh my gosh, can you please be my party planner..and doer! For actual me. I want a harry potter birthday, it’s in october so plenty of time don’t panic 😉 Seriously though this looks amazing! You have one lucky boy! x #twinklytuesdays (have just followed on bloglovin) x

    • Lol – a Harry Potter Birthday sounds fab you could serve butterbeer and divide guests into the houses for games … So many options! Thank you xx

  16. Wow, this is absolutely unbelievable – what a creative person you are, I am in awe! Fantastic! I shall be sharing this in pinterest to share the joy.
    Kat x

  17. This is amazing! I want you to do my next birthday the detail you’ve gone to is fantastic lucky little boy sounds like it was an amazing party thanks for sharing on #kidscorner x

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