SummerBucket List

I met with some friends last week to try and plan our long weekends over the Summer period. Needless to say we ended up chatting all night and nothing concrete was decided. So I have been thinking and this is our bucket list for the coming weeks.

  1. Stay in a tent over night
  2. Have a water ballon fight
  3. Go fishing in a stream with little nets
  4. Make a travel journal of our Summer holiday
  5. Make & fly a kite
  6. Visit the fountains at the Level in Brighton
  7. Go fruit picking
  8. Visit a sandy beach and build sand castles
  9. Have a treasure hunt
  10. Go on a boat ride
  11. Spray painting (poster paint!)
  12. Visit an aquarium
  13. Visit a zoo
  14. Visit a farm
  15. Visit Daddy’s work and have lunch
  16. Go to Eastbourne airshow
  17. Watch a Joust
  18. Roast marshmallows on the fire pit
  19. Make sun catchers
  20. Go on an elephant hunt for charity
  21. Have a water pistol fight
  22. Make homemade ice lollies
  23. Watch go-karts
  24. Try Geo-catching
  25. Roll down a hill
  26. Paint with cars
  27. Visit a lavender farm
  28. Make homemade fruit jam
  29. Visit a theme park
  30. Grow our own butterflies
  31. Have glow stick paddling pool fun
  32. Make mud pies… (of course)

I would love to hear whats on your bucket list this Summer – enjoy

Mudpie xx

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  7. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Lovely list – so many great ideas for the summer! #BabyBrainMonday x

  8. I don’t! This is the first year we have done it .. And it’s amazing how quickly life moves on and you forget – so glad I write everything down – but will have a think 🙂 xx

  9. I absolutely love your blog! Full of such fantastic ideas. This post is so inspirational to me – we end up spending all our time attending social events (parties weddings etc) that I feel like we don’t get to enjoy the simple things in life! Do you by any chance have a similar list for a 1 year old!;) thank you for linking up to #babybrainmonday x

  10. Ah that’s sad 🙁 I hope you manage to squash in loads the things you have planned sound great 🙂 xx

  11. I love this list. If this could be squeezed into a kiddies summer it sure would be a great one for them. My 11 month old probably wouldn’t appreciate some of these. My aim with is to take her swimming as much as possible and take her to places she can see and touch sand K x

  12. What a great list! This is one of the hardest parts for me about being divorced. For the last two summers, my ex-husband has chosen to exercise his visitation rights (or outsource them to his parents), which means that my girls and I don’t get to spend summer together. I have so many ideas, but can only do the ones I can squash into the weeks on either end of the holidays. We’re going to own town’s outdoor summer musical (Hairspray), hosting a sleepover for my daughters’ best friends, and going to an ice cream festival.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  13. Fingers crossed! It’s not looking that way at the moment but tomorrow is another day! Thanks for hosting xx

  14. Ah bless, this is the first year we have done one, but will be doing others! Great way to focus the mind – plus I love ticking off a list! 🙂

  15. What a fab list! Hope you have a brilliant and fun summer holiday lovely, crossed fingers the weather decides to behave! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  16. Such a great list with awesome ideas!! Zach’s only 6 months so we’re still very far off doing a lot of things on the list, but I can’t wait until we can do them! xx

  17. Nick away 🙂 thinking of doing one for each season… As this is our first and really helps the stress levels! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  18. I would love to glamp – hubby not keen! Hence the tent in the garden … Was hoping he may feel left out and come and join Monkey and me, but I just got that knowing look when I suggested it. He did agree to get the tent out of the loft though! Small victory!! 🙂 xx

  19. Be my guest 🙂 thinking of doing one for each season – bit like a to do list. As Monkey gets older he can have more input too. Thank you for stopping by x

  20. Please do, its the first time we have written one, but thinking of doing it for each season now, as it helps focus the mind! 🙂 x

  21. Lovely list! I might have nicked some of this as I dont have any at the moment and needs to create a list as my son is now starting to yell ‘Im bored’ =P


  22. travelingchristie

    ooh great list I love it, I want to camp, or glamp at least, great list have fun ticking it off x

  23. What a great list, we’re actually in the middle of ours too! My mummy would love to pass down some of her summer memories to me x #TwinklyTuesday x

  24. Mama Owl | Jooleroo

    A great list, we have a Summer Bucket List too and are looking forward to getting stuck in as soon as term finishes… One more day to go! #twinklyTuesday

  25. natasham

    Great post…I might steal a few 🙂 I love the idea of doing a little treasure hunt for S, he’d just love it! #twinklytuesday

  26. mackenzieglanville

    I love number 14, I used to love visiting my dad at work! #TwinklyTuesday linked up 1 before you

  27. Love this, the simple things are the best, like going to the beach or roasting marshmallows. Summer is awesome, might have to steal your list for ourselves! #twinklytuesday

  28. memybooksandi

    Maybe I’ll have to blog about it too! x

  29. memybooksandi

    Another great idea! We always write a list of things the kids want to do in the school holidays – we haven’t managed to write it yet but with only 3 days left of school I’m sure it’ll happen soon 🙂

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