Monkey has taken to coming home from nursery and asking me what I have set up for him! The invitations to play are obviously going down well, but it does now mean I need to think of more! One which we did a couple of weeks ago is painting with cars and animals, quick and easy to set up and clear up its ideal for an after nursery or work activity.

You will need:

Painting with cars

  • An old shower curtain to protect the floor. I brought a value one for £2 and it has lasted about 4 months its on it last legs now but can be easily replaced
  • Pre mixed paint – we used some neon paints I had picked up in Tesco for a £1 each
  • Paper plates – for the paint to allow easy access
  • Various cars and animals
  • Paper, as we were using neon paints we also used black paper

Painting with cars and animals

I specifically chose vehicles which had different track marks so the majority of them were construction. We had two different size of dumper trucks, a roller, and a bulldozer with tracks as well as couple of normal cars.

Monkey had great fun dipping them in the paint – he was a little hesitant at first not quite believing that he was going to be allowed to do it!

Painting with cars and animals

But he soon got the hang of it and we started to compare the tracks on the paper. He also liked the way the paint looked different on the black and white paper. It probably kept him entertained for twenty minutes or so maybe a little longer so its an ideal fill in activity as well. The best part is to clear up all you really need to do is wash the vehicles and throw away the paper plates!

Painting with cars and animals

Here is some of Monkey’s final art work…

Painting with cars and animals   Painting with cars and animals

Mudpie xx

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  1. Great activity. My two always get excited when they’re allowed to bring other toys into their messy play. We have a messy mat, a large piece of oilcloth that I had off of a roll at The Range. It was about £2 per metre, I got a 2 metre piece which covers most of our living room space on the floor. It’s lasted us well over a year now and is still fine, it usually gets wiped down after use but if it’s particularly messy (think 5 children covered in paint rolling around on it and pouring leftover paint over themselves…) I dunk it in the bath after the children then hang on the line. It’s really durable. X

    • That’s a great idea, thank you will check it out as my shower curtain is definately on its last legs! Thank you for stopping by too, sorry for the delayed response we have just got back from our Summer break. Xx

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  3. Angela Milnes Reply

    Yet again another great and fabulous idea! Will be pinning this to my board. Angela xx

  4. Katy (What Katy Said) Reply

    You are seriously amazing you know? This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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