One of the items which Baker Ross sent us in our craft box was a set of Rugby Player Colour-in Finger Puppets. We decided that we would take them away on holiday with us as it was a compact kit which didn’t require anything in addition other than felt tip pens. I also thought it would give us an option to have our own little rugby game since there would be quite a few of us. When we arrived I laid out one set of the puppets for Monkey to colour.

Rugby Colour-in finger puppets

The kit contains 24 thick, glossy cardboard finger puppets, there are three of each design measuring around 10cm high. They are substantial and not easily bent. However because they have a glossy finish the felt tips can come across a little muted in colour. I have not tried them with colouring pencils which may be a better option.

Rugby Colour-in finger puppetsMonkey set about colouring in the puppets. As he has just turned three colouring in is pretty hard work for him. Still I was impressed with his attempt. Between us we managed to colour in four different puppets in about 15 minutes which is about Monkey’s threshold when it comes to this sort of activity. I can imagine if you had a slightly older child then the colouring part may suit them better.

What I really like about these is their purpose once finished. The holes we discovered are a little small for adult fingers but if you had multiple children then you could host your very own rugby match with either a paper ball or a small bouncy ball as a rugby ball substitute. This would help the children’s fine motor development as their fingers become the puppets legs and the could pass the ball to each other. Rugby Colour-in finger puppets

Fine motor skills involve the strengthening of the small muscles in the body – primarily the hands. It is really important for young children to spend time developing these ideally by the age of six so that they can complete functions such as writing, dressing and feeding themselves. Not developing fine motor skills can lead to a child getting frustrated once they are involved in more formalised activities in an educational setting.

The reason that this kit fulfils this function is because using them as puppets means that the child has to carry out precise actions with their fingers. Initially Monkey did become a little frustrated but tried again once he saw me and started to copy. I let him dip in and out as he pleased throughout our holiday, not putting any pressure on him. Otherwise that initial frustration would quickly turn to anger and ultimately he would not pick them up again. Fine motor activities including craft kits such as this helps him develop and learn these skills through play.

Development of fine motor skills will;

  • Help the child manipulate their toys
  • Help the child get ready for writing, dressing and feeding themselves
  • Help to develop bi-lateral coordination – to use both sides of the body
  • There have been studies which suggest that it also linked to cognitive development and ultimately academic success. You can read one such article here.
  • Fine motor skills are assessed when determining a child’s level of development

Rugby Colour-in finger puppets

If you would like to try this kit out for yourself you can purchase it from the Baker Ross website here. The 24 piece kits RRP is £2.49, there is a larger kit of 72 pieces available for £6.48 ideal for classrooms and craft groups.

Mudpie xx

I was sent the Rugby Player Colour-in Finger Puppets Kit for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. mudpiefridays

    Thank you for hosting 🙂 xx

  2. Colette B

    They’re ace! I’ve not seen puppets like that for time! Definitely going to look at getting some of those!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Kim Carberry

    Aww! They are so cute! What a great idea x

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