As part of preparing for a long flight with Monkey I updated some of the apps on his tablet and on my phone and I thought I would share with you the ones he enjoys the most. The apps below are on both android and apple unless otherwise stated.

1. Gruffalo Games– Magic Light Pictures Ltd – £2.99. We really enjoy this game, essentially there are six games in one – noughts and crosses, snap, matching game, jigsaw, sequencing and nut catching. Some of the sequencing is a little difficult as it can sometimes include the alphabet in order. Monkey is only starting to learn his letters so this is a bit advanced for him but when it is just shapes and colours he can do it easily. Monkey will happily play this on his own without any intervention. It is definitely worth the £2.99.


2. Snail Bob – Chillingo Ltd -79p. I downloaded the free version on Monkey’s android tablet but it is 79p on apple. The android version gives you 20 levels for free. He can do the first couple of levels himself but after that he needs you to do it for him. It reminds me a bit of lemmings where you need to do things to help Bob move from one drain pipe to the next, hopefully meaning he will not end up in snail heaven. For older kids I can see how it helps develop logic etc. But its too advanced for a 3 year old. However Monkey does love it!


3. ABC Alphabet Puzzles – Kizzu – £2.29. You can try puzzles A-I for free there is a charge for the remaining letters. For each letter of the alphabet there is an animal puzzle which is the shape of the actual animal. They are reasonable straightforward although I was impressed that Monkey could do them on his own. He loved it so much I ended up buying the other letters, as he often choses this game over the others.


4. Room on the Broom Games – Magic Light Pictures Ltd – £2.99. I brought this after we had tried out the Gruffalo. If you are going to buy one or the other I would probably opt for the Gruffalo. However this is along a similar vein with eight games in one – join the stars with the witch, find the hat, find the broom, find the bow, find the wand, join up the stars, catch chips for the dragon and fly the broomstick. The graphics are very good although he does need hip with joining the stars and flying the broomstick.


5. Chuggington – Budge Studios – free. Monkey is a Chuggington fan so when we found this app he was very excited to try it out. You get to move all of the well know characters around the tracks picking up items and rewards as you go. Be warned a lot of the game is locked down and you need to purchase additional characters (you only start with Brewster) and items. We have yet to do this so still only have the build and play part. Monkey enjoys it none the less, we may look to buy the other items at a point in time, although it is £7.99 for a set of three.


IMG_37236. Pet Doctor – Toca Boca AB – free. This is a great game and the first one we came across by Toca Boca. Pretending to be a vet you need to mend fifteen animals before feeding them each in turn. It varies depending on the animal as to what they need help with, for example you have a worm with a knot in his tail, a pigeon’s with a broken wing, a turtle that needs righting and an egg which needs help cracking to name a few. Monkey can play without any intervention and it is a good game to help develop touch screen skills.

IMG_37247. Science Museum Splash! – GR/DD Ltd – free. Fill the bath with cold or hot water (the screen will mist) and add items to the bath to see if they float or sink. It is also possible to change the colour of the water by adding different coloured soap bars to the water. Its a simple game and Monkey enjoys adding items to the bath, emptying it and re-filling it.

IMG_37308. Toca Lab – Toca Boca AB – 79p – Loving the pet doctor so much we downloaded the lab version. You start with a little blob that looks like a squashy potato and by placing it in various scientific apparatus it changes colours, grows fur and even multiples. Monkey doesn’t really understand what he is doing but enjoys it none the less, playing it without intervention.

9. Lego Duplo Train – Lego Systems Inc – free – we have had this one for a while but he still enjoys it. Building a train of different types of carriages and filling it with various cargos such as mud, bananas and fish before delivering them to their destinations. Sometimes he needs a hand to get the train up and running, but you can control speed, move passengers on and off and sound the whistle quite easily.


10. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – THUP Games – free. Various mini games which are designed to teach colour, number, shape, size, fruits and letters. After every couple of games the child can choose a sticker to add to the board. I particularly like the memory game. It also has find the X coloured fruit, the fruit beginning with X letter, which fruit is the largest, which is the odd one out and also some small puzzles. When we first downloaded this he did need a bit more help with some of the games but he has since got use to it. Its probably more of a favourite of mine than Monkey’s because I really like the educational content, however he will play it when prompted and now without help.


I would love to hear about any apps which your little ones love, please leave details in the comments if we are missing some gems.

Mudpie xx

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what katy said


  1. We have the Gruffalo game, and my daughter loves it. The games are a little beyond her as yet, but she has been getting used to the Tic Tac Toe. I was wondering about Room on the Broom as yet, but wasn’t sure if the games would basically be the same. It sounds like they aren’t, so that’s great. The Duplo train game looks brilliant as well. We’ll give that a go, espeically as it’s free.

  2. I’ve managed to avoid BB using tablets/phones up until now but she’s just started school and absolutely loves playing games on the computer so I’d like to continue at home – this is so useful, I’ll definitely take your advice! #TriedTested

    • Great I am glad 🙂 I like the educational ones but we limit his time too, I am sure a time will come when he’s older but thankfully he would much prefer to be outdoors, playing, painting or helping cooking etc at the moment (fingers crossed he stays that way) xx

  3. Adventures Of Adam Reply

    My three year old loves most of these apps = especially The Gruffalo, Room and a Broom and Duplo. He loves the idea of Chuggington but it is a little tricky for him. Will be searching out the other ideas. Thank you

    • That’s great 🙂 be interested to know if you have any other favourites we’ve not come across yet? Thank you for stopping by x

  4. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) Reply

    Great selection, we sre off on holiday soon and think some of these may come in very handy! #triedtested

  5. This is such a useful post – my daughter doesn’t get to play with apps often but I do bring them out for flights and emergencies. She loves Monkey’s lunchbox and Little Clever animal puzzles, but I will definitely check out the others. #triedtested

  6. mummydaddymia Reply

    These look great! iam always looking for things to occupy my daughter with on journeys, she loves playing games and things on the ipad even though shes only just over 2yrs old! Its amazing how quickly they pick things up!


    • I know it’s scary!! Monkey will know more about its functionally than I do soon I’m sure!! Lol. Thanks for stopping by x

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  8. We love all those games, monkey lunchbox was a big favorite. When he is a little older the bugs & buttons, bugs & numbers etc are fab too. ?

  9. This is a great list and it will come in handy next year when we’re flying back to Europe to visit grandparents. It will be our kids’ first flight and we’re pretty nervous about it. I’ve pinned it and will use it.

    • I hope you have a great time I am sure you will and it was no where as bad as I thought it was going to be! 🙂 thanks for stopping by

  10. Thank you so much for this list! I was itching my head the other night when my Ethan asked my to put more games on his tab. errrr… now I know! Great list! 🙂 #KidsCorner

  11. Katy (What Katy Said) Reply

    Oh I have just read Room on the Broom to G for bedtime- will have to look that one up! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

  12. leslierickerby Reply

    Dexter is only 2 but he has recently discovered that thre are things he can do no mummys phone so I’ve down loaded the cbeebies app. He loves it but some of the games are a bit advanced. will be trying some of these for sure

  13. What an amazing selection! My daughter would love the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom games. I will be saving this post! Thank you 🙂

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