Dinosaur Zoo Live – Brighton Theatre Royal

Last weekend we were lucky enough to see Dinosaur Zoo Live at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. I booked our tickets after reading about the show on Mummascribbles. I managed to get tickets in the second row,  which we were reliably informed when the show started is actually the ‘buffet’ section! I was a little worried how Monkey would fare with this as although its aimed at children ages 3+ he can be a little sensitive. So I did prepare him a little before hand – which must have worked because at one point when the T-Rex was having a melt down he turned to Hubby and said, ‘its okay daddy there are people in there’ – phew! Anyway back to the show….

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

Dinosaur Zoo Live was originally born in Australia and has been touring the UK with dates available into next year. The puppetry is amazing, it is truly the only word I can use to describe them. The detail that has gone into each puppet is outstanding and the cast are experts in their field all the way through keeping to character. The show starts sedately introducing three baby dinosaurs including a baby T-Rex.

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

There is lots of audience participation in the show and at this point the children are invited to go up on stage and meet the babies. Monkey wasn’t sure so remained seated.

Next they moved onto a slightly larger dinosaur whose name escapes me, but they even made noises and calling sounds which sounded really realistic. A child was invited up on stage to feed one of them and help with a conjunctivitis problem! These were my favourite as they were very pretty.


We then got to meet some giant flesh eating dragonflies called Insectasaurs. There were several that flew around the audience landing on unexpected individuals. Monkey wasn’t sure but wanted me to keep putting my hand up so they would land!

Everyone knew what was coming next, in fact the children were all asking to see the T-Rex. Before the big man made an appearance there was another equally fearsome dinosaur who was very hungry. An unexacting parent almost became lunch! From an adult perspective it was very entertaining with a lot of adult humour thrown in. The first time she roared across the stage it made me jump! Up close they look very realistic and you have to remind yourself they are not real. I was so impressed with Monkey. Even more so when the T-Rex came onto the stage and basically jumped into the audience! At one point its head was only about 1ft away from us reaching over the row in front!

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

The kids had got quite wise to the audience participation by now and sensibly many decided they did not want to go up on stage to visit the T-Rex. I don’t blame them! Although they did manage to convince one child to put his head inside its mouth!! Rather him than me!

To end everything on a quieter note the last dinosaur we saw was the biggest of all a Giganotosaurus which came out of the back of the theatre. You could only see its head and neck but it gave the impression that it took up the whole back of the building. It was all very cleverly done, one little girl was brave enough to offer it flowers since they were herbivores.

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

At the end of the show you got to line up along the front of the theatre to meet the T-Rex face to face, I was surprised that Monkey now felt brave enough to do this. You can see how close he got below! It was still behaving as it had through the whole show, roaring and sniffing at you all the way along the line! I used the excuse of needing to take photos to get out of it!

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

Unlike many of the other theatre shows which we have been to, we all came away feeling as though we had been entertained for the full 50 minutes. Its quite an achievement to entertain adults and a three year old at the same time. I would definitely recommend a visit to this show if you have dinosaur mad children. It is also very educational, which at three went a bit over Monkey’s head but for older kids learning about dinosaurs at school it would be a brilliant extra curricular activity.

On the way out we got to meet the babies up close again. They attracted a lot of attention from passers by as well. Monkey wanted to me the baby T-Rex below, you really got the impression that the cast wanted to make it a wonderful experience for the children.

Dinosaur Zoo Live Review

If you want to find out more or book tickets then their tour dates and venues are here. Dates are running up to April 2016. Monkey hasn’t stopped talking about it since.


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  1. .Sara. (@OoSerzoO)

    Dinosaur zoo?! Sounds AMAZING! It looks amazing, too! I’m glad you had a lovely time and your little one coped really well. How lovely that you got to meet T Rex, that’s awesome. It sounds like they put a lot of effort in! xx

  2. Angela Milnes

    This looks fun! It’s something my little brother would love! He is grown up but special needs and has the mind of a five year old! Very cool! I may look into this at a later date!

  3. Samantha Betteridge (@SamBetteridge)

    Wow, I’ve never heard of a dinosaur zoo before but I bet it was a great place to take your little one! It looks like he really enjoyed it (and to be honest, I bet I would too!) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Sara Handy Herbs

    This looks a really amazing event – I was not familiar with it before. Well done Monkey for being so brave! Thanks for sharing #FabFridayPost

  5. Sally@Toddlers on Tour

    We haven’t seen the show, but when we were in Sydney a few years ago we saw some of the dinosaurs along the Hrbourfront – they were advertising the show. My then Mr 2 was not impressed, but I was, they amazing.

  6. entertainingelliot

    We went to see this a few months ago and it was brilliant, my almost 3 yr old son loved it and I was entertainined too! He did get a bit scared at the end when all the kids were gathered around the front of the stage to meet the t-rex , it breathed right in his face and he ran a mile!! #busydoinglife

  7. nikkifrankhamilton

    This looks like a ton of fun! Monkey will remember this for a long time. I love Jurassic Park movies, and since one was just out I bet there are tons of great dinosaur toys out for the Christmas season. The show looks very entertaining and I love the way the dinosaurs look. I’m glad you had a fun time, thanks for taking us along.

  8. helen gandy

    Ahh wow, my son loves dinosaurs and I think he would love this! They look incredible, so realistic. I am going to see if there is any dates near us! Popping over from #justanotherlinky #fartglitter

  9. bekalynn02

    Oh my goodness! My kids would flip if they saw this. They are obsessed with dinosaurs! Thanks so much for sharing. Linking up with you at #busydoinglife 🙂

  10. Mama

    Wow- so cool! I love dinosaurs and have let to meet a little kid who wasn’t captured by a dinosaur topic at school. Hope this is still going when my tot is old enough to go.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter x

  11. pinkpearbear

    Wow! Looks so good Mudpie! I love things like this and your little man must be so brave as the dinos can be super scary up close. Sounds like a brilliant show. Thanks for sharing your experience. #BabyBrainMemoirs

  12. ethannevelyn.com

    This looks really awesome! Ethan would be head over hills about going to this! I think a half-term or a christmas or a birthday treat is definitely coming up. Looks like you all had a fabulous time, espcially Monkey. 🙂 x Thank you for linking up with me again! 🙂 #FabFridayPost

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