Before having Monkey I would make a Christmas cake most years, but for some reason it’s something I’ve never found the time to do since! As we are having Christmas at home this year I thought it time that we restarted the tradition. Especially when I mentioned it to Monkey and he started to get excited about marzipan and icing!

Making Christmas CakeIMG_7375
For years I have used a Delia Smith recipe which you can find here. Because making Christmas Cake it’s not particularly labour intensive it’s a great one to make with children. Plus because it’s got so much weighing and measuring involved it’s also good for helping teach numbers.

Making Christmas CakeFirst we weighted out all of the dry fruit and placed it in a bowl with the brandy. Monkey did the majority of the weighing and was very careful not to put too much in. We also discovered that he likes glacé cherries! Of course I did the chopping of these as it involved a sharp knife. I also prefer more cherries and mixed peel in our cake so altered the weights a little. As long as the combined weight of the dry fruit is the same as the recipe it will work out just fine. We left the fruit to soak overnight.
Making Christmas Cake

The following afternoon we set about making the cake. It needs minimum 4 hours in the oven so best to do this when you don’t need to rush out any where! As it was the weekend Hubby also joined in. After more weighing we sieved the flour, salt and spices into the mixing bowl. Monkey needed a hand with the sieve, as he’s not quite got the coordination yet. He liked mixing it all in so the flour started to change colour with the spice.

Making Christmas CakeThen we added the sugar, treacle (melted a little so its easier to combine), eggs and butter. I needed to use an electric whisk so Monkey watched this bit. Although he doesn’t like the noise so it didn’t go down very well. While we were doing this Hubby added the zest and nuts to the fruit mixture which had been soaking. Monkey was then able to get involved again, as we gradually added the fruit to the mixture a little at a time. Towards the end it got a bit difficult to stir so he asked that I take over.

Making Christmas Cake

Hubby transferred it to the lined cake tin. Heres Monkey looking very proud before it went in the oven! He loved the whole experience and is looking forward to making the Christmas Puddings.

Making Christmas Cake

Please check back for updates for when we add the marzipan and icing.



  1. Michelle Murray Reply

    I love christmas cake but have to admit I usually just buy it. I’m not very good in the kitchen.

  2. Angela Milnes Reply

    baking with the kids is always fun! It looks like monkey had fun! I love the taste of cake mix…. i’m so naughty and have to try it- I’ve never made a christmas cake myself! Well done!

    Angela x

  3. I love your photos, it’s so cool to see kids getting involved in cooking. I only made Christmas cake once but I’m feeling inspired after reading this so might give it a go again!

  4. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    Oh you are good making your own. I love baking but for some reason I have never made a Christmas cake. He looks like he is having fun x

    • He loves it, with working so much it’s difficult to fit baking in, always feel skittle guilty we don’t do as much as he would like! Xx

  5. That is so nice that you’re making it with Monkey 🙂 I’ve never even attempted it as I have nooo patience – we normally leave it for my mother-in-law to make! xx

  6. Awwwww love this!
    Hayden is 3 and I can only see him making such a mess LOL
    You’re little man did so well, bless him <3

    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  7. My mum makes a fruit cake every year and is going to let my sons help out this year as they love baking. It’s so fun to do and you get to eat the results!

  8. Sara Handy Herbs Reply

    Mmm I can almost smell it baking! Well done Monkey! We always make our own and everyone stirs it and makes a wish. Love how proud Monkey looks 🙂 #KidsintheKitchen

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  10. Oh how lovely! I have such fond memories of making our christmas cake each year. By the time I was 11 I used to do it on my own and make my grandma’s and my Great aunt’s as well! My daughters have now taken on this tradition and make for the familiy!! Thankyou so much for sharing this with me for #kidsinthekitchen!!

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