Below is my list of things I wanted to do when I reached 12 weeks. As it turned out when we had the 12 week scan we were actually 13+1, so some if these were done a little late and others are still on the to do list!
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  1. Tell work, friends and family – I had seen some wonderful pregnancy announcements on Pinterest so we decided to do our own version (above). Of course we told the majority of friends and family face to face but it was nice to have a photo to post on Facebook at well.
  2. Start a pregnancy diary – I had one of these with Monkey so I wanted to do one with this baby too. I brought ours from Amazon and after much deliberation I chose one published by Ryland Peters & Small. It has a spiral binding so allows some room for photos and adding memorabilia to the pockets, of which there are plenty. I also really like the fact that there is a page for each week.
  3. Register with Emma’s diary – for freebies, coupons and information. I did this first time round as well.
  4. Book NCT and/or hypnobirthing courses – with Monkey we did both. A friend told me the only two pieces of advice I needed to take notice of are to join a local NCT group and buy an ear thermometer. He was right my NCT girls have been life savers on more than one occasion and we have formed friendships which I suspect we will have for the rest of our lives. As NCT also run a refresher course I have signed up to hopefully form some more friendships. I also went on a course of hypnobirthing last time which was fantastic for helping me stay calm during the whole birthing process. I would highly recommend similar to everyone.
  5. Register with London trains – to get my bump on board pin for when I need to travel to London. It’s really easy to do you can find out more here on the transport for London website.
  6. Start using bio oil – I used this throughout with Monkey and managed to avoid stretch marks all together despite not delivering to 42+2. I love the smell of it, there’s something very comforting about it.
  7. Get maternity clothes out of loft,  wash and sort – I was surprised to find that many of my maternity clothes didn’t fit! Those that do I’m not that keen on now! It’s amazing how much fashion changes in four years. I will be selling and gifting the majority of it away over the coming months although I will try to limit any new bits since they don’t get a lot of wear. One thing I do need to buy is a Winter coat last time round I was small enough to get away with my normal one. Alas, this time that is not the case.
  8. Buy a big brother book – to read to Monkey to help him start to prepare for the new arrival. I will be writing more on this since we may have our work cut out, at the moment he doesn’t want a brother or sister . His first reaction when we told him was ‘I don’t want to share my toys’.
  9. Register the baby at nursery – sounds ridiculous but Monkeys nursery has a long, long waiting list and the baby room only takes 9, so it’s important we reserve our space as soon as possible. Monkey has really enjoyed his time there and I was Pip to experience the same.
  10. Start wearing my harmony bell necklace – my mum brought me this when I was about 20 weeks last time. They are also know as Mexican Bola Necklaces. The pendant chimes when you move, the idea is that the baby hears the chimes in the womb and is comforted by them. Once born, if the baby is restless, by hanging the pendant nearby or in the breeze the chimes will be recognised and help to restore calm to the baby. I’m not sure if it works or not but we had it with Monkey and he was pretty chilled as a baby so it’s worth ago.
  11. Have a laugh and do a gender test – as this is our second child we are going to find out this time round for practical reasons. Before we do I have a cheap gender test to try out for fun. I will be writing about nearer the time.
  12. Find a local prenatal yoga class – I wanted to do these with Monkey but couldn’t find one which worked time wise. Hoping that there may now be some evening classes available.
36 weeks pregnant photo taken by the amazing Kath at Maraschino Photography

What else is on your list at 12 weeks?



  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy and wishing you all the best, never been pregnant yet but love the list of things you want to do. I am intrigued about the weaning necklace that chimes

  2. I love the sound of the bell necklace. I hadn’t come across it before but such a lovely idea and I can imagine how calming it would be.

  3. Some nice ideas. I like the sound of the ‘Bump on Board’ pin – a good idea for earlier pregnancy in particular.

  4. Ellen O Keeffe Reply

    Oh I hadn’t heard of Emma’s diary before going to pop over now and register! I want one of those harmony necklaces – what a great idea!

  5. I always like doing the old wives tales to predict genders and the Chinese gender predictor. It’s funny to see which are actually correct as they always give different answers x

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  7. Congratulations on your pregency! Love the idea of the bell necklace! I will 100% be doing this with next bubba! Xxx

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