This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey. The below are extracts from  my journal which I have written each week (I am now 16 weeks). You can read about how I felt when we found out here. I will be posting other weeks extracts in the coming days.

5 Weeks

It’s our wedding anniversary today, 6 years and we are still in Toronto. Had a lovely day and feeling a lot more positive. Hubby and I got a few hours late afternoon to ourself to spending some time shopping before having a few drinks (non alcoholic for me) and food. It gave us a chance to talk about the pregnancy a little which has been impossible up to now as his parents are also on holiday with us and we want to keep it quiet due to our history. Although my early nights, no alcohol and constant water drinking I thought would give the game away.

5078856265305902dc447f14f75bfe0f2150032a9f8adb3dae747cd0524a076d5bb6d27dHe surprised me by insisting I tried on some eternity rings. My fingers were still swollen from the heat which even the sales lady remarked on. Charming! We didn’t get one, I had no idea what I wanted but it was nice to look.

I have accepted that there is nothing which I can do about the pregnancy it will either work or it won’t. Not worrying about it constantly will more likely lead to the positive outcome we both want. As soon as I had realised this point everything seemed a little better and I’m even able to revel in our secret a little bit.

6 Weeks

Nausea is setting in which I keep telling myself is a good thing! Especially after seeing the doctor yesterday and reading the note that aspirin only increases chances of holding to 50%. She is going to fax the obstetrician about taking Heprin – what happened to Clextaine? And why hadn’t I seen that letter that was dated 15th May?! I hope she comes back quicker this time! Panic is setting in and I need to get it back under control.

This pregnancy I do feel physically sick and it’s really put me off eating. Just as well as the scales are saying I have already put on 1.2kgs already! I’m not even sure I can blame the holiday! Although I have not been sick yet I suspect by the end of the week….

Hubby keeps saying we need to take each day at a time but is willing to discuss a game plan to get Monkey into our bedroom and for us to move into the spare room. The amount of decluttering we need to do this though us daunting! Regardless of what happens with this pregnancy he needs to be out of the nursery and into his own larger room either way so we can store some of his toys upstairs!

I have decided not to start the pregnancy journal until week 12 and after we have had a successful scan. I am going to book my midwife appointment next Friday as they wont see me until 8 weeks and previous times I have booked too in advance and ended up having to cancel it.

Lying in bed last night I am certain I can feel the pressure of the baby. I felt Monkey move at 10 weeks and often feel ovulation so it would make sense that I can feel something at least. Either way even if it’s just in my head it reassures me and to be honest I’ll take anything in that department at the moment!



  1. I didn’t realise from your last post that you are now 16 weeks! I’m so happy for you and I’m really enjoying your diary posts. 🙂

  2. Wow you have had an incredible journey so far. Pregnancy is not without its hardships but at the end of it you will have a beautiful baby to keep Monkey company x Hope you feel better soon x

  3. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    I didn’t have your history, but had unexplained infertility, so I understand the daily worry you are feeling. x

  4. I can not even imagine your feelings right now but I am glad that everything is working out and I pray it continues. Ease your worry with a prayer every night before bed

  5. Aw, it’s such a lovely time in a way but also worrying and a bit scary if things have gone wrong before. I do hope that all will go according to plan and that you will enjoy all the upcoming happy pregnancy moments. X

  6. Michelle Murray Reply

    congratulations on your pregnancy. I understand your worrying. I worried through all mine and even without history the worrying sometimes outweighs the excitement

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I am looking forward to following your pregnancy journey.x I hope all goes well for you and wish all the look in the world.x

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope everything goes well for you. I worried with my pregnancies without the added worry that you have, i can’t begin to imagine how you must be feeling. Wishing you lots of luck. X

  9. I’m glad things are going well so far, and best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy and 12 week scan x

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