This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey which I will be writing on a weekly basis (I am currently 16 weeks). The below are extracts  are taken from my journal. You can read about how I felt when we found out here and weeks 5 & 6 here.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down since returning to work at the beginning of the week after our trip to Bluestones. With several early morning jaunts into the city it’s wiped me out, I would get home at 7 and fall asleep on the sofa missing bedtime and story time with Monkey. No wonder Daddy is his go to parent at the moment! Still avoiding social events that require me to drink. It’s not that I really care who knows I’m pregnant it’s more the explanation if it doesn’t go to plan. And the blog … Well that’s being neglected … I have zero motivation for any crafting, sewing or writing activity and as for the cleaning well I’ll let you know when I have the energy to pick the hoover up!


I am feeling really quite rough like I drunk 2 bottles of champagne the night before and never loose that hangover feeling. I’ve started throwing up. Hubby laughed and said he doesn’t understand why I do it standing up – the heightened pregnancy nose is not good at being shoved down the loo. In fact it makes the whole experience worse than it needs to be. I always feel remarkably better once I’ve thrown up. Still carrying ginger nuts around and forcing myself to eat them – serepticiously at work! My appetite has gone out the window, eating is a chore. Inevitably followed by mild heartburn which hangs around for hours but isn’t actually bad enough to medicate. But I will take it, all of it and more for the whole 40 weeks if it means this little one sticks. I should just mention Hubby at this point who has due diligently been making me home cooked healthy meals each night full of green veg. Regardless of the fact I take a few mouthfuls and leave the rest, then feel bad and try to cox a little more down. I probably don’t say it enough – thank you for being my rock.

I can see me being in maternity clothes by 10 weeks. When I went to bed last night the leggings I had been wearing had left a red line all around my middle. They are normally a tad on the large side and super stretchy. I was shocked. I definitely seem more bloated by the end of the day. I decided it was time to start the bio oil. The smell instantly reminded me of last time round and I found it comforting. It might be a bit early but I survived 42+2 last time with no stretch marks it would be good if I can do the same this time. Not that I ever foresee a point in my life when I will want to wear a bikini again – but it’s nice to have the option!

The only other thing I have noticed is my heightened emotional state. We had a family DVD afternoon on Saturday and watched Big Hero Six. Towards the end of the film I had to make my excuses and spend a few moments in the kitchen sobbing my heart out so that Monkey wouldn’t see! It’s not a particularly bad ending and I’m sure for most normal people wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. However for some reason it really got to me.


I made my midwife appointment but since they won’t see me until after 8 weeks the only appointment I can get is when I am 9+4. I did try to explain to the superficious receptionist that I am considered high risk but since in her own words ‘I’ve not had that experience’ she refused to move me to tomorrow when they had a space. Unfortunately on Friday my attempts to contact the midwives at the local hospital failed – I am sure they use to have an answering machine last time round. Instead I satisfied myself with filling in a form booking me into Worthing hospital which is where I hope to meet this little bundle of cells in 33 weeks time. At least I felt as though I had achieved something and hopefully someone will read it and progress me through the system a bit quicker.



  1. Oh wow, I wouldnt be putting up with that nonsense from the receptionist and I would be telling her you’ll come and sit and wait until your doctor is free to see you x

  2. I feel for you. I had exactly the same thing with morning sickness. Yes, bio oil helps. I left it too late for my second and so regretted it. How naive I was. I also just can’t get a appointment with my GP & my midwives. I ended up at A&E at 15weeks because I was suffering morning sickness so bad! Keep strong my dear. Do whatever you have to do to make sure that you will be look after by the best. Glad hubby is by your side to look after you So sweet! ❤ Xx Thank you for linking up with me again. Have a lovely weekend! #FabFridayPost

  3. That’s so unhelpful of the receptionist – a difficult job, I know, but when you’re worried the stress of that is not great. I remember what an emotional and exhausting time it is at the start too.

  4. Ellen O Keeffe Reply

    I am still an emotional wreck at 24 weeks haha.. I can’t wait the news anymore because I sit in floods of tears for the rest of the day! Can’t believe the receptionist was so unhelpful and rude x

  5. bickerthanyours Reply

    Your husband sounds so sweet! Healthy meals every night, loooovely. : ) My boyfriend tried very hard to do this but he is the worst cook ever haha! I’m 38 weeks now so getting close and can’t move so I don’t mind if they’re not perfect meals. : ) I know exactly how your feeling about work as well, I didn’t want to tell anyone because who knows what could happen but still it was really hard especially when we’d head to the pub on Fridays (I’m notoriously known for always having a laugh and a drink at the pub so was really obvious when I skipped out WHOOPS!) Excited for you! Glad to know someone else was feeling the same way. : )

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