This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey. The below are extracts from my journal which I have written each week (I am now 17 weeks). You can read about how I felt when we found out here. I will be posting other weeks extracts in the coming days.

9 Weeks

This week I finally saw a midwife, I still feel huge but most of its just bloating although I have ended up in maternity trousers and now feel a lot more comfortable. The midwife appointment went well she agreed I am definitely high risk and although she will recommend me to a consultant there does not seem to be the urgency for me to actually see one. The cynic in me wonders if they will take it seriously if we get past twelve weeks?

123535334d1dddc24ac8e86cdcdd3c057f2d34731ab5c30b0186b3c95e7c91f2c3045ddaI forgot how much information they take in the booking appointment! She was really nice and tried to take my booking bloods but my veins didn’t want to give anything up so I ended up needing to go to Worthing. Typically I picked a time when they were running a clinic so needed to wait 40 minutes. I won’t see the midwife again now until middle of November which will be my 16 week check up. The date of the 12 week scan came through for the 27th of October, I was secretly hoping it would be the week before as I want to tell work especially as I am meant to be going to Slovenia the first weekend in November.  Although I already have an afternoon booked off work that day so in some ways its worked out well.

Time to get the rest of the maternity clothes out of the loft.

10 Weeks

So Hubby got the maternity clothes out and I am now throughly depressed. Turns out I was a whole dress size smaller last time round which means that some of the jeans etc are a little tight! I would have gone into them a bit later as well. The bits that do still fit I am not that keen on anymore. Funny how fashion changes so much in three years. To cheer myself up I ordered a new top and dress from Dorothy Perkins as they had just launched their maternity collection. My old go to companies of Boden and Mamas and Papas no longer do maternity wear which is such a shame. I went underwear shopping as well which has reduced the acid I was getting a little.

46726330fea0a5b2ca57690a0025444414258ed29ba2e8fc004ed6f1b7c253a472f008d7Now for the really big news. I felt the baby, for some reason I was sitting pretty hunched up on the sofa (probably writing posts or commenting on linkys) and I felt it. Strumming away, not the butterflies like last time but like an elastic band! It couldn’t have been anything else and I felt Monkey around the same time. Its reassuring as the scan seems so far off and I am really tempted to try and book another one.

We are away this week at Bluestones and its the first time the that the tiredness has started to affect family time. On several of the days Hubby took Monkey off for a an hour or so, allowing me to have a nap. The tiredness seems so much more all encompassing this time round. Although its been nice not being at work and having to try and hide my growing bump!



  1. Wow I cant believe how many bloggers are expecting at the moment, it is so lovely. The feeling of your baby moving really is the best feeling ever isn’t it?

  2. Mine has ten months now but I am really considering trying for another one as soon as possible. All the best

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