This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey. The below are extracts from my journal which I have written each week (I am now 17 weeks and we know the gender!). You can read about how I felt when we found out here. I will be posting other weeks extracts in the coming days.

So I bottled it and didn’t tell work this week as I had originally planned. I decided to wait until the scan just incase despite the fact that I am starting to feel movement more frequently. A full day in London means I am in bed by 8.30pm though. I am highly emotional crying for no reason what so ever and getting wound up over the stupidest thing. I am sure Hubby thinks I am slowly loosing the plot, apparently I am a lot worse this time round! I know I am, I can feel the unreasonable behaviour brewing.

On a positive note I managed to get into one of those pairs of jeans from last time round for our night out on Saturday. Thats right we actually went out!! My appetite is slowly starting to come back and I can manage more that a couple of mouthfuls in the evening, although I am having a glass of milk each night before bed now in a hope that I can stay off the Gavison for a bit longer. With Monkey I hardly took it. With this little bundle of joy I think I have had acid from even before I knew. In fact it was one of the first things that alerted me to the pregnancy. Initially I blamed the medication I am on…


We mentioned it to Monkey this weekend and were shocked by the response that he doesn’t want a brother or sister. This is the child that a few months ago was asking for one on a regular basis. I am hoping that he will change his mind when he comes for one of the scans, although we will do the 12 week one alone I am hoping to get an early gender scan in-between 12 and 20 weeks which he will come to. 

One peculiar side effect I have started to suffer from in the last few weeks is the most bizarre dreams. I think the one that still disturbs me now is Hubby and I in the bluest lake you can imagine just about to ‘swim’ down some rapids (why?) when we come across a prehistoric rhino that wants to eat us. Lovely. We both obviously survived as the next thing I remember is being in a shut up restaurant next to the lake trying to plan with a local how to avoid the tsunami which is just about to hit. We run out into the carpark to find it full with families packing up their belongings into their cars. We get in the big black 4×4 before I switch to a bird eyes view and see us driving down the road as the tsunami crashes behind us!! Now whats that telling me? Unfortunately with the dreams is coming the normal pregnancy insomnia, generally I wake up around 2 or 3am and if I manage to make it back to sleep it takes me a good couple of hours.

I have started to wearing my chiming charm, Monkey is fascinated by it  and requested that it stay in his room on the first night. I wore it for the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy with him. I am not sure if he remembers the sound or not but he does like the sound it makes.  The general idea is that the baby gets use to the noise and then when you want to soothe them once out of the womb you just ring the chime. I can’t tell you if it worked or not as Monkey was such a good sleeper, but I want to try to do the same things in this pregnancy as I did with Monkey. You can read about the other things I am doing at 12 weeks here.

I am looking forward to going for the scan next week and hopefully seeing our little baby fully formed – 12 weeks is just round the corner it feels like its been a long time coming.



  1. .Sara. (@OoSerzoO) Reply

    I never thought I would say this but I really miss being pregnant. Despite the bizarre, crazy dreams and the acidy heartburn. It’s all worth it in the end. I do hope you appetite comes back very soon though and the acid subsides. Bizarrely, I found that banana milkshake use to help my heartburn. Monkey will change his mind about having a baby brother or sister. My son was the same before his brother was born, then when he was born, he wouldn’t leave his side, it was very sweet.
    Good luck for your scan, I can’t wait to hear about it (and probably feel even more broodier than I am already, haha) 🙂 xx

  2. Heartburn hit me so much sooner second time round as well and I was sicker. Everyone thought because my pregnancies were so different it was a girl second time round. Nope, two blue! Looking forward to seeing what flavour you’re having!

  3. Glad to hear that your appetite is coming back and isn’t strange when children want something and then decide they don’t a little while later? Hopefully he will love the child when it comes and change his mind!

  4. I remember when me and my brother were kids and mum told us about being pregnant with our little sister we cried that we didn’t want her but then when she came we fought for her attention. Kids always change their minds every now and again

  5. Ellen O Keeffe Reply

    Ahh no I was distracted the whole time trying to guess the gender haha.. I am sure Monkey will be delighted when the baby actually arrives.. or at least that is what I am hoping will happen here x

  6. I’m currently 15 1/2 weeks and I have yet to write one post on my general pregnancy. I’m just finding it pretty uneventful, which isn’t a bad thing really! I love reading other blogger updates so I can compare – no pregnancy is the same is it! xx

  7. Ah I miss being pregnant. Such an amazing time. Apart from the heartburn! It’s so uncomfortable isn’t it?

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