We are almost into December so it seemed opportune to have a go at some of the other goodies Baker Ross has sent us. Monkey chose two kits which involved getting messy with ink pads. I am a big advocate of crafts which help with fine motor skills, these two kits do just that.


The first one we tried out was the Christmas Wreath Fingerprint Photo Frame, which will form part of our grandparent gift hamper we will be putting together in a couple of weeks time.


What the kit contains:

  • 6 foam wreaths and sticky backs
  • 2 green ink pads – although we only used the one
  • 6 hanging ribbons
  • 6 adhesive glittery bows
  • 36 adhesive glittery holly berries

In addition you will need:

  • 6 pictures to go inside the wreaths
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors


Monkey couldn’t wait to get started on the ink pads. It took him several attempts to understand how much ink he needed to get on his finger tips. Initially not pressing hard enough but he soon got the hang of it and started covering the wreaths. Once he had finished each one we carried on making the decorations. If you can I would leave them to dry as the ink does come off as you continue to stick the other pieces on.

While Monkey was doing the finger prints I used the centre of one of the wreaths as a template to draw circles onto the pictures for the centres.


The back of the centre disks have a sticky coating so you can attach your photo and then they stick to the back of the wreath face up. Meaning that there is not any mess. As Monkey is only little I cut out the circles and attached them.

IMG_8166Monkey attached the bows and also the holly berries. Although he did try to cover up the fingerprint holly leaves on a couple of them!

This kit is exactly what I have come to expect from Baker Ross. The quality of the foam is great, its thick with lots of glitter. They also include two ink pads when one would be sufficient. In total they took about half an hour for us to make together.

They will make great Christmas gifts for relatives, especially priced at £3.49 for  a packet of six.

I am really please with how they turned out:


The second craft kit he chose was the Festive Fingerprint Cards. I think this is because of the ink pads, as he really enjoyed doing the finger printing.

What the kit contained:

  • 10 card designs with envelopes, my favourite were the robins and the reindeer. They are all different which is great normally kits like this include duplicates
  • 4 ink pads in red, orange, green and blue.

The only thing you will need in addition is some felt pens if you decide to colour boarders or add highlights and outlines.


As blue is Monkey’s favourite colour he wanted to start with the snowman card so he could use the blue ink pad. He didn’t get the idea of it straight away trying to do all of the picture. However once I had shown him with the robins he got it and really enjoyed doing the other cards.


We only had a few minutes but still managed to do five cards in this time. I will use some felt pens to highlight the pictures to make them look more complete. Monkey is already planning on who to send them to! The 10 cards normally cost £3.49 although currently on sale at £2.49.


I can see us using the ink pads for other craft activities too since he enjoys them so much. What are your favourite Christmas crafts?



  1. I love that any age can make these, I think I’ll try it with the after school club I run, they love crafting and it won’t take so much time to clear up as the paints do!

  2. Four Walls, Rainy Days Reply

    Ooh, these look great – definite cherished presents for grandparents and for you to hang onto in the future! My little man doesn’t seem to have an interest in sitting and crafting things at the moment but I suspect that will change in a few months so bookmarking a lot of these kind of posts!

  3. These are lovely – I do really like the idea of a readymade kit, and sticky backs rather than faffing with glue (even if I have the washable stuff!). Stamps and finger painting sound perfect for that age as well, when they want to do everything but aren’t always quite up to some of the more complicated crafts.

  4. Ahhh these look so cute!!! I`ve seen lots of handprint christmas art I want to try this year, but this is the first purely finger print one i’ve seen!

  5. How cute and what a great keepsake! Thanks for sharing at Made for Kids!

  6. We had these too and they’re so much fun and so easy to do. My girls gave one each to their Nanna and she loved them!

  7. Suz (Beau is Blue) (@beauisblue) Reply

    wow, i love this!! wish i had thought of this before buying one! Great read! Suz x Beauisblue.com

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