When I was contacted by Springboard Supplies offering some fabulous looking craft kits in return for a review I naturally said yes. It was the first time I had heard of Springboard Supplies. On doing a little research I discovered that they are a family run business who specialise in supplying educational resources to schools and other organisations. Their products are curriculum based and their intention is that they will act as a ‘Springboard’ for children to enhance their education. So what did we think?


Well first off they sent us so many lovely kits they were not going to fit all in one post. So I decided to combine two of their kits to decorate Monkey’s room these were Triple Tree Decorations and Bauble Cards & Shapes in this first post. Another to follow shortly. Normally their kits come in classroom sized packs of 30. I really like the fact that the kits come with instruction sheets to help you with your ideas.


The bauble cards and shape kit contains pre cut  baubles in a variety of different colours. Including two shades of blue which went down well with Monkey as its his favourite colour, supports to allow them to stand on a table top and a selection of different patterned shapes. The decorating shapes are designed to help with a understanding of pattern and colour. Such a great idea. However Monkey had also spied the sequins so he was much more interested in decorating with these, this time round at least.


Springboard Supplies had sent us two jars of sequins a mixed jar which has a wide variety of different shapes and colours. Monkey loved the little notes (just like the clangers), cats, leaves and shells the most. He set about picking out all the blue ones for one of the baubles. We also received a swirl tub ideal for Christmas activities and some glitter squares. Monkey had a great time decorating the bauble baubles. It gave use a chance to talk about the different colours, as the squares come in so many more colours than just the primary ones. We also talked about the sequin shapes and he enjoyed grouping them into colours.


The second kit came with pre cut Christmas Tree shapes in three sizes, small, medium and large. Again in a variety of colours including orange and green which are not shown above. As well as gold ribbon to turn them into the decorations. Due to their size these were more fiddly for Monkey to decorate and I encouraged him to use the smaller sequins. A great excuse to have some fine motor practice without Monkey realising.


Although we didn’t use either kit in the way they are intended Monkey had a great time and loves the bunting in his bedroom. I can’t wait for us to try the other kits out and I would consider buying other products from their range. Things we loved:

  • The card is good quality, bright colours and thick so it stands up to being covered in PVA without curling
  • The instruction leaflets which come with the kits are clear and easy to understand. They could be easily communicated to a group of children on mass as such
  • The additional collage material they supplied are varied both in colour and shape. Which gives children a areal chance to channel their creativity and be original in their thinking. The colours stayed true even when covered in PVA they did not bleed.


Thank you Springboard supplies for sending us these lovely kits

  • Jumble Glitter Mosaics pack 2000 – £9.95
  • Mixed Sequins Tub 100g – £3.95
  • Sequin Swirl Tub 200ml – £3.95
  • Bauble Cards & Shapes 30 pack – £9.95
  • Triple Tree Decorations 30 pack – £6.95

What Christmas craft have you got up to recently?



  1. That’s a lovely idea – especially the instructions, from my point of view! And I like that the baubles come ready cut. Although it’s obviously easy to do, my daughter’s attention span means she can lose interest by the time I’ve cut out several shapes (or we never get past her trying to cut them out!)

  2. It’s such a good idea to combine the 2 sets together as they look great together. I love the fact that you can make your own decorations

  3. What a lovely company, I have not heard of them before but its good to know companies like these that make crafts which are educational, your kids can play and learn something at the same time.

  4. I like that everything is bright and colourful. I feel like some kits are made more for adults tastes than kids. We’ve recently been stamping white bags with gold snowflakes for our Christmas gifts. the kids love it!

  5. I love pre-cut sets because try as I might I never cut neatly. I like that you didn’t use them the way that you were meant to – I think thats the sign of a great craft kit that its open to interpretation!

  6. Love this idea! The Triple Tree Decorations was my favorite! I honestly would love to decorate my tree with crafts! Maybe I’m weird, but crafts are so so so cute on a Christmas tree!

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