Its that time of year again when festive shows hit the stages of local theatres all over the country on the run up to the big day. This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to see Tomfoolery Saves Christmas. Tomfoolery aka Tom Hunter has been entertaining children for over 10 years at parties and corporate events and has become famous for his orange and black stripy socks and his magic words ‘Abracadabra Beans on Toast’. He’s recently launched a one man stage show and Tomfoolery Saves Christmas is his sequel to his much loved ‘Beans on Toast Show’. So what did we think?

Tomfoolery poster

I can see why he has had such a successful career as a children’s entertainer the kids loved it. Its been a long time since I sat in a theatre and heard the infectious laughter of dozens of kids all at once. I couldn’t help but smile. Monkey was animated throughout, jumping up and down, laughing, giggling, clapping. It was lovely to watch him really enjoy it.

The show opens with some rather suspect dancing on Tomfoolery’s part. Before a rather familiar attempt at decorating the Christmas tree, I am sure all the parents could relate to the throwing on of the tinsel. Of course a giant magic wand turned on the lights…


The story which unfolds has a fair amount of adult humour included which is refreshing for a kids show. The North Pole’s router goes down which means Father Christmas is not receiving any email and Tomfoolery is receiving it all instead. The only solution is for Tomfoolery to make it to the North Pole to save the day. Queue a rather wind swept scene as he climbs the stairs into the audience. Once at the North Pole there is a lot of interaction with the audience and a few children are invited up on stage to become elves. The only way to say the day is for all the elves to take part in a special dance and give the router back its mojo… I’ll let you find out for yourself if Tomfoolery’s plan is successful.

What we loved

  • Its mixed media, so as well as Tom you have a screen on stage which delivers Skype calls including one from the big man himself
  • There is a good amount of audience participation
  • Tom addresses the children directly pulling them into the show and holding their attention though out the 45 minutes
  • At the end there is the chance meet him and receive a special treat from Father Christmas
  • Monkey throughly enjoying himself


Things you need to know

  • The show is running from Thursday 10th December to Thursday 24th December with performances at 11am and 1.30pm
  • To book your tickets, go to, or call the box office on 01403 750220 – I would be quick some shows have already sold out.
  • You can find out more about Tomfoolery and his parties at There is also some sort video clips and details of the book which accompanies the show. You can purchase the book and some other festive souvenirs on the day as well.


Overall I would definitely take Monkey to see this show again, he loved it so much and has been talking about it every since. Needless to say we had to read the book three times at bedtime!

Have you seen any festive shows yet the year?




  1. .Sara. (@OoSerzoO) Reply

    Awww, this looks and sounds amazing. I’ve never heard of Tomfoolery Saves Christmas before but I have heard Tom Hunter is an awesome Children’s entertainer. Tomfoolery Saves Christmas sounds like a great festive story! It’s great he involves the children a lot during the show and getting to meet him at the end is a lovely touch! Aww, I really wanna go to the theater with my three children 🙂 Glad Monkey enjoyed himself! xx

  2. Sounds wonderful, I bet he really enjoyed himself a lot. Such a great entertainer. Oh, I wish I was a kid again. I would love this!

  3. This sounds fab I’ve not heard of tomfoolery saves Christmas before. Such a lovely sounding festive story. How lovely that monkey got to meet Tom hunter after the show too.

  4. Tom Foolery sounds like a fantastic entertainer for Children at Christmas. The fact that he kept them entertained for 45 minutes is incredible.

  5. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    You always find the best festive things to do! This show looks fab. That’s very cool that it’s multi-media & there is some adult humor in the mix. Looks like Monkey had a great time! x

  6. I’ve actually never heard of him! Sounds like a good show though. I like how he’s incorporated a modern twist with emails etc! X

  7. This sounds like such a fun show. Did Monkey know the story before you went?

    Would you like to link up to my new linky #daysoutwithatoddler? It’s open until Saturday 🙂

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