This will be my second pregnancy over Christmas I don’t really remember much from last time round as it was four years ago. Other than making Cranberry sauce in a silk dress rather impromptly!  However this time round there are some things I’ve been doing to try and keep the festive season as stress free and enjoyable as possible. After all happy mummy means happy baby!! So here are my tips for being pregnant at Christmas

Pregnant At Charistmas

Christmas Shopping

  • This year I have done almost all of our gift buying online be it through small independent craft producers or the larger high street stores. Meaning I only have to brave the busyness for a few last minute bits. Just remember don’t go taking those heavy boxes in on your own, ask the delivery driver to do it for you.
  • If you can delegate do, Hubby braved the supermarket for the non perishables at the weekend and will be going via the supermarket on the way home from work to get the vegetables etc. Meaning I do not need to be lugging the beer, wine and potatoes around.
  • When I did need to venture into town I picked the times its most likely to be quiet such as first thing in the morning or late afternoon.


  • If you are anything like me this time of year I eat blue cheese until its coming out of my ears, enjoy the seasonal pate and stock up on cured meats! Obviously these are all off the list (until May anyway). However you don’t need to feel hard done by, we visited a specialist cheese shop to find some cheeses I could eat. It was great fun trying out the different options and the staff were really helpful
  • Choices – we are having four different starters this year so that everyone gets something they want. Appreciate this maybe extreme but after paying attention to the NHS website I discovered that I could eat smoked trout or salmon. I am sure this was off the list when I had Monkey. Recommendations change all the time so please check the NHS website here.
  • One thing which I will be double checking is the Turkey to make sure its is properly cooked through. Although ours is fresh, if you have a frozen Turkey this will be especially important.
  • Now one of the bonuses about being pregnant is surely this gives you a free pass when it comes to the clearing up….
  • I will be indulging on the sweet treats and chocolates although not too much. Monkey was a big baby and although I passed my glucose test with flying colours it does make you wonder. This time round I have been craving sugar but have been mindful of what I have been eating, over Christmas it will be no different. You can find out more about gestational diabetes here on the MAMA Academy website.


  • The good news about abstaining this year is that there will be no hangovers in the morning!
  • There are some fantastic non alcoholic cocktails and I also found a few recipes for mulled wine. Check out my pinterest board below.
  • The official advice currently on the NHS website is one or two units a week after the first trimester. Its a personal decision and I have friends in both camps. If I am tempted on the big day then I will be taking a half measure (75ml) of a decent white wine and mixing it with ice and soda water. As Ive not touched alcohol for five months it will be like tasting wine all over again even if its watered down! I did this with Monkey and it served the reduce the craving and the hard done by feeling. You can get up to date advice on the NHS website about alcohol consumption while pregnant here.


Remember to take it easy

  • We are hosting this year, so you could ask what part of that is taking it easy? Well I have purposely stopped work early so that I can get everything sorted at a slow pace. Its a bit of a luxury however most companies will allow holiday accrual once you are on maternity leave, so theres no harm using some it before hand. If you take time off then make sure you pamper yourself as well be that nails, eyebrows or a massage (depending on where you are in your pregnancy – please see professional advice from the spa/salon).
  • Napping – goes without saying. There will be plenty more Christmases to come so make sure you take this one easy. Sleep when you need to.
  • There are loads of soppy movies on television this time of year so reach for the tissues and have a good old cry. Always makes me feel better to release some of that emotion caused by the raging hormones.
  • But above all else know when to call your midwife.

Christman is a lovely excuse to celebrate your pregnancy use the opportunity to get some bump photos in front of the Christmas tree. And spoil your first born or partner. After all it will be your last Christmas as a couple and an ideal opportunity to make the most of it. Don’t forget the January sales too, which will hopefully give you a chance to tick off some of those baby essentials at knock down prices.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas



  1. Awww, looks like you are enjoying being pregnant over Christmas! I have yet to experience this pleasure but your tips for making it a beautiful time are awesome! Especially getting baby bump pics by the tree! I love this idea! x

  2. Great advice here lovely – i was pregnant with Harry over Christmas and i just remember it being such a stressful and exhausting experience. These tips would have come in super handy back then xx

  3. Angela Milnes Reply

    I had gestational diabetes when pregnant and had to be extra careful at Christmas…My baby was due in May (Sylvia) so it was an interesting Christmas in 2008. I don’t drink anyway but love that you have options for mothers which keep baby safe.. Sadly I’ve seen kids with FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome so anything promoting alcohol free pregnancy’s is fab! Some mothers would never dream of this while pregnant but others do drink and it can have terrible consequences.

  4. I know how you feel! I was due Christmas eve and he ended up being two weeks late (born 10th Jan) so was pregnant for Christmas and new year – I completely agree though you have to remember to take it easy – it’s easy to get swept up in it all but it’s tiring at the best of times let alone when you are massive ! xx

  5. Some great advice and I hope you manage to nap and relax throughout the entire time, not too sure I would be brave enough to send the mister to the supermarket, he doesnt cope with it at all ha x

  6. What a lovely post. I hope you do get pampered too, and some great tips for anyone else who’s pregnant at Christmas – I was just over two months’ pregnant with my daughter and remember feeling really tired and sick, so not quite as much fun at that stage (although at least I didn’t miss the wine!)

  7. Great advice especially concerning sugar intake. It can be difficult to remember especially over the festive season but at the end of the day your baby comes first.

  8. I am yet to join in the pleasure but these are some great tips and advice for those pregnant during the festive period. No drinking = no hangovers lol love that.

  9. I was pregnant last christmas (this Christmas said bump is the reason for my sleep deprivation) and one of the things I found really helped me was to drink out of wine/champagne glasses. It makes everything a little bit nicer, not sure why! I also found elderflower and fizzy water – it became my drink of choice!

  10. beachhutcook Reply

    Top tips there. Wish i had these tips when I was pregnant with my boys.

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