We started a new tradition last year – a Christmas Eve Box. I brought a Christmas gift box which is now use to store Christmas memorabilia and filled it with a few little treats and the obligatory new Pjs. Watching the Instagram and Facebook feeds last night it definitely seems to be gaining popularity with many people posting the surprise which awaits their little one(s) in the morning. Our Elf on the Shelf is going to be delivering Monkeys as a goodbye before going back to Father Christmas to help him get ready.

What to put in A Christmas Eve Box

So if you are new to this I’ve listed below some things you may want to consider putting into your Christmas Eve box. As far as the box is concerned I covered an old delivery box in Christmas wrapping paper. However there are some beautiful personalised wooden boxes around, and many people look like they’ve opted to use wicker storage baskets this year too. Many of these items you may have around the house, I didn’t buy anything new other than the Pjs and the decoration.

  • Colouring books and pens or pencils
  • Christmas books – Night before Christmas is the one we include
  • Festive DVD
  • Munchies and snacks for watching the film, I opted for popcorn as its one of Monkey’s favourites
  • New Christmas PJs
  • Christmas decoration – I have a wooden bauble made each year which lists five things on Monkey’s wish lift from Father Christmas
  • Candy cane
  • Chocolate  of some description – coins are a favourite in our household
  • Hot Chocolate – I include a sachet but have seen a cool reindeer made out of hot chocolate with marshmallows on Pinterest.
  • Festive Mug
  • Elf outfit
  • Reindeer ears
  • Soft plush or similar – Olaf has been particularly popular this year
  • Craft kit – we have a nativity one I picked up from Early Learning
  • Cracker
  • Letter from Father Christmas – or you could include a goodbye letter from your elf
  • Christmas cookie cutters or a pre measured DIY biscuits in a jar kit
  • Father Christmas plate to leave the mince pie and carrot on this evening
  • Santa Key if you don’t have a fireplace
  • Gingerbread decorating kit
  • New slippers
  • Christmas stickers or notebook
  • Paper chains to make
  • DIY reindeer food
  • Festive socks


This list isnt exhaustive and I would love to hear anything I’ve missed in the comments below. Monkeys did not contain all of these things after all he will be spolit I’m sure on Christmas Day!

Wishing all my readers a Happy Christmas



  1. Gorgeous. I did a box last year but didn’t bother with it this year. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll be more organised next year!

  2. Firstly let me say, Merry Christmas to you too! I have seen these Christmas Eve baskets popping up in several blogs and social media and I think it is such a brilliant idea! I do not have children yet but think I might try to do one to start the tradition when they are old enough to get excited about Christmas! I love your basket and the idea of your Elf on the Shelf delivering your basket before heading back to the North Pole. 🙂

  3. adventureswithmonster Reply

    Merry Christmas! lovely post, I especially like the wooden bauble idea that’s beautiful 🙂 x

  4. I like your Christmas eve box ideas they are pretty neat, who gave you the idea to create a Christmas Eve box? I have only heard about people doing them this year!

  5. I think it is such a beautiful tradition to start, I hope to be able to do with when I have kids of my own. Thanks for sharing your child’s christmas eve box

  6. I started one last year too. Not as impressive as yours but I’m hoping to up my game this year. I’ve ordered beautiful engraved wooden boxes which will hopefully last a lifetime! Can’t wait to see what you do this Christmas Eve! X

  7. Christine Van Patten Reply

    Lots of cute ideas here! We do a whole family box which usually has a movie and treats but this year I was thinking of other family activities to do together so we’re getting a new board game but I could see a lot of variations there. Maybe a mini golf night or bowling etc.

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