For the first year that Monkey was born I took a weekly photo on a Tuesday as this the day he was born for 6 months. It then swapped to a Friday for the rest of the year as this was my day off from work. I would use the same white chair with various items to keep him entertained as he got older. I religiously kept it up for 52 weeks and had a lovely poster displaying all the photos on his 1st Birthday. It was brilliant looking at how he changed over this time, which as you imagine in the first year is a lot. I will be doing the same with Pip when he arrives.

However it has also got me thinking why did I stop? Committing to one photo a week of Monkey should not be difficult to keep to – I have tried #365 and although my intentions are always good it does tend to slip. So each Friday I am going to post a photo taken at someone during the previous week.

This week I have chosen one taken on New Years Day when we went for a walk to the farm near my in laws house. Everyone needed to blow the cobwebs away from a late night seeing in the New Year. Monkey took his scooter and although at one point he discovered its difficult to stop on a hill unless you do this by means of rolling off onto the grass, in general he did love it.


This was taken under the underpass, all the ones with lovely farm animals or rolling hills in the background are typically blurred. Mind you the weather was also dull and grey! I have also signed up to a new photography course so with any luck my photography skills will also improve over he next 52 weeks!




  1. I’ve decided to take part in project 366 this year. I did last year but gave p half way through hopefully this year I will compete it all

  2. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy)

    I love doing Living Arrows which is one picture a week, but so lovely to have all the photos at the end. x

  3. What a great idea and such a lovely photo. I have 3 sons and it would be great if I could take a photo each week so I can look back and see how they’ve grown. It will be a tough job though to get them all to stay in one place haha!

  4. Ah this is a lovely idea! I`ve never been able to keep up with anything weekly (Although I take a snap probably everyday!) but I did keep up with the me and mine family portrait once a month last year and its so lovely to compare them all after a year! xx

  5. I am so bad at taking pictures, I started the #365 then gave up after a few days but one picture a week I think I too can manage that. I love the picture of your boy.

  6. A lovely photo. Good luck with your photography course! I want to share weekly photos but I don’t feel confident enough and need some education!


  7. That’s a lovely picture of your boy. Project 52 seems far more manageable than Project 366 which I’m doing again this year, I hope you capture lots of gorgeous images! 🙂

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