I normally write a bucket list for the season as it keeps us focused and stops that what I am I going to do today! Monkey really enjoyed our Autumn Bucket List and Summer Bucket List, however I always struggle this time of year because there are so many activities that are tied up with Christmas. Yet here we are in January with a couple more months left of Winter so I decided to put together a list for some things for Monkey and I to get up to outside of Christmas.

Winter Bucket List for a 3 year old

  1. Go to the theatre
  2. Get out in the freshair and do the Stickman Trail
  3. Explore ice in the tuff spot
  4. Project 52 – I would love for it to be project #366 but I can’t commit at the moment
  5. Make a Memory Jar for Monkey
  6. Start Book interviews with Monkey
  7. Donate old toys to Charity
  8. Make DIY Valentines gift for Daddy
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Plan what fruit and veg we are going to plant this year
  11. Make some bird food hangers
  12. Play out in the snow (if we get lucky)
  13. Have some fun with pottery painting
  14. Play with frozen water beads
  15. Send our thank you cards
  16. Make some glitter cloud dough
  17. Enjoy some snuggly DVD time as a family
  18. Go on a Winter nature walk
  19. Take Monkey bowling for the first time
  20. Make the most of our National Trust passes

What have you got planned for the next couple of months with your little ones?


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  1. I love the theatre! Have you got anything that you are desperate to see? I recommend Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Wicked and The Lion King.

  2. I love your bucket lists! Always filled with such lovely things and such a. Great way to spend time with the family. Happy New Year! Kat x #twinklytuesday

  3. Coombe Mill Reply

    I hope you get your snow and what a grown up thing to go to the theater at 3, my 11 year old is still waiting to go! #TwinkleyTuesday

  4. Mummy in Training (@mrskxxxx) Reply

    Aw I love this, got some fab ideas from it. I need to use our National Trust passes more, they’re great places to go with little ones #twinklytuesday xx

  5. What a lovely idea – I definitely think January needs cheering up, and do recommend the Stick Man trail. I’ve been wondering about the theatre with my daughter too. (And eek! Thank you cards…)

  6. I do not yet have any littles but I intend to do more this winter too got a lot of weekend trips planned. Loving your winter bucketlist

  7. Lots of great things there to look forward to. I’m hoping to get out and explore our local woods/area more when the weather brightens up! #twinklytuesday

  8. Love this list – so many nice activities to try and do over the winter. A trip to the theatre, the Stick Man trail, playing in the snow (hopefully) and making the most of our National Trust passes are on our list too! 🙂

  9. Janette Davey Reply

    This is a great idea and I’m going to pinch a few if you don’t mind. Glitter cloud dough sounds fun. Totally with you on the playing in the snow so fingers crossed x

  10. That’s an impressive and intimidating list! You shame me and inspire in equal measure!

    We’re just focusing on getting through the day with minimal tears but want to see if our daughter would like the cinema. We’ve been so focused on housey nonsense this sort of list helps to shake us and remind us to do fun things.


  11. A great list and very similar to what we want to do! We can’t wait to visit the StickMan trail at Alice Holt! #TheList #TwinklyTuesday

  12. I love all of the things you have planned – and that they aren’t Christmas related! We really need to get some use out of our National Trust passes, so thank you for reminding me! xx

  13. Thats a lovely bucket list, hope you get to tick everything off the list. x

  14. amytreasure0 Reply

    Amazing list! The glitter cloud dough sounds amazing, I would like to try that (and lots more on your list) too. Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

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  16. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    What a great list of things to do, Clare! I’d love for us to get a little snow so the kids could experience snow! It’s very mild where we live. I can’t wait to see what Valentines crafts you decide to do. #AnythingGoes x

  17. Katie (Growing Up KaterTot) Reply

    Wonderful list! I too want to take my little girl bowling for the first time. I think it’ll be so much fun to watch them roll the ball down the lane! A real skill is if they can get it to stop midway down– lol! Of course, Valentine’s Day crafts are on our list, too! #AnythingGoes x

  18. This is a lovely list of activities, I hope you get to do them all. We went on a stick man trail the other weekend, it’s so fun! I hope you get some snow, I want some too xx #anythinggoes

  19. Sian | The Mama Story Reply

    Fab list! I did a monthly one last year but going to do a seasonal one this year. I’ve also got things like pancake day, Chinese new year and the RSPB Birdwatch weekend on it.

  20. Great list, and especially fun if you’re 3! Our three year old would love all that… might have to steal a few ideas! #AnythingGoes

  21. Aw some lively things on your list 🙂 it’s been so wet and stormy in Cornwall since before Christmas we’ve hardly been out at all other than for work and school… I need to do something about my cabin fever soon 😉
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x x

  22. Lovely list! I want to hear more about your “Book interviews”. Thanks for sharing with #everythingkids !

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