This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey. The below are extracts from my journal which I have written each week (I am now 25 weeks). You can read about how I felt when we found out here and our 20 week scan here. I will be posting other weeks extracts in the coming days.

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Its the week before Christmas and I am not at work but there is so much to do and I am trying not to get stressed about it! I have realised that I am needing to take things much slower this time round. I went into town to pick up some last bits as most of our shopping has been done online. I would normally walk from town to a superstore about 10 minutes away so I didn’t need to repark. Which I did. I brought the bits I needed – crackers, table napkins, table presents and some more wrapping paper etc and walked back. On re-entering the shopping centre I needed to sit down! It took me 10 minutes to catch my breath! I was mildly entertained by how much energy the force had knocked out of me, walking up the stairs had obviously been the last straw. I decided to take it a bit easy over the Christmas period there and then! I really don’t remember it this bad last time round, I walked a four mile hike over metre high styes the day before I went into labour. I was 16 days over and the walk had been intentional, one last ditched attempt before having to be induced. It worked! Now I couldn’t even walk 10 minutes down the road and back?

I also visited the Chiropractor to see how my alignment was doing. Although I didn’t suffer with pelvic pain or anything with Monkey being that bit older this time round I want to make sure I am limiting any potential problems straight away. She was very happy with me and I scored some brownie points for wearing proper boots instead of ballerina pumps. There was a little adjustment needed on one side, which is probably down to the sheer amount of driving I do for work. Normally she would want to see me very 4 weeks but because I’m doing so well I have booked in for 6 weeks time. I will be on my way into the 3rd trimester then!

I finally got tough with my old maternity clothes accepting that some of them I just won’t wear either size wise or I don’t like them, we needed to access the spare bedroom for Christmas so it gave me the kick I needed. I also re bagged up the last of Monkey’s clothes. We had done some initially but I still had the older bits to go through. We ended up with two black bin liners of things we didn’t need, but still good enough to be passed onto a friend of a friend rather than being dumped. It was really therapeutic.

Christmas day itself was as I had hoped, Monkey had a great time and I am sure I will always remember the little squeal as he realised Father Christmas had brought him what he asked for. I wanted to make it extra special as next year we will be a family of four and potentially Pip could be moving! Suddenly the thought of weaning hit me over Christmas dinner and made me smile, its a time with Monkey I really enjoyed and feel blessed to have the experience again. I had one small very weak white wine spritzer on Christmas day itself. Other than that I caused issues and avoided all the no go foods, we even had four starters to accommodate everyones preferences. My appetite is slowly improving and I managed to eat all of Christmas dinner including a tiny bit of homemade Christmas pudding, Ive even managed to put on 400grams!

We have decided to go for a 3D scan so I am looking forward to booking that in after the Christmas period. I also need to chase down our old hypnobirthing practitioner for an appointment in the new year and make the final payment to the NCT antenatal class.



  1. It never occurred to me that lots of driving could throw the body out of alignment. That’s something I need to get looked at! The 3D scans are great by the way. Not sure if you’ve had them before, but they are utterly fascinating.

  2. I found that so strange during pregnancy to almost unlearn and relearn what my body could do – amazement at how it could grow a person, but I also remember (in the first trimester) going to the post box which is well under five minutes walk from our house and having to stop for a rest there, and seriously wonder whether I would be able to walk back. Thankfully that exhaustion wore off fairly fast!

  3. It’s always satisfying to have a clear out especially when you’ve got a good reason and preparing for a new baby. Hope you don’t suffer too hard with the breathlessness.

  4. I love to do a clear out, have been doing my best in the last while to get rid of tonnes of stuff. It does sound like you need to take it easy and not overdo it but it’s great that the chiropractor is happy with you 🙂

  5. I agree having a clean out is so satisfying it is great to purge once in a while! Lovely to hear about Pips progress I bet Monkey is excited isn’t he? Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

  6. Ahh I hope you manage to relax a bit more. I found that my pregnancies were harder the second and third time round, they progressively got worse x

  7. I find having a good clear out quite theraputic, then a good clean before sitting down to admire my work x

  8. leeleelovesblog Reply

    Ah, I hope you’re doing well. We loved our 3D scan and got a really great deal for one on Groupon. We were certain we weren’t going to have one done but so glad we did!

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