I am so glad I have started this, as I very rarely get the chance to put any photos albums together, despite having a lot of project life albums sitting in my office! At least this way I am recording one photo a week. This week I have chosen a photo from our impromptu trip to Bird World in Hampshire. Last Friday morning Monkey woke up requesting to go to a zoo. Now unfortunately zoo visiting normally requires a little planning as we don’t have any close by, plus at over six months pregnant I can only  really manage half a day out before I want to have a snooze. So instead we opted for Bird World which was more local and I knew from a previous visit would keep us entertained for a few hours rather than a whole day.

The photo below as taken at the top of on of the slides in the play area. It was taken in haste as I wanted to try and capture the anticipation, hence the reason for the metal bar. I was going to crop it but felt it actually framed the shot. It was the first time we have seen proper sunshine for a good couple of weeks and so it was nice to get out in the fresh air. We were rewarded with this amazing blue sky.


We had a lovely time, and really enjoyed ourselves. Its nice to have some quality time on our own, something we have always taken for granted. However life will change when Monkey’s little brother arrives and I will have to make an effort to arrange special mother and son time.

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  1. What a beautiful day. You little monkey looks like he is excited to go down the slide. We dn t have many zoos around where we live, we prefer Woburn Safari. Xx

  2. Sounds like it was a good day out. Amazing blue sky and great photo. I find playgrounds are great backgrounds for getting good portrait photos.

  3. Angela Milnes Reply

    What a lovely and fabulous post! I’m been asking my hubby to take Sylvia to the Park. It can be fun even in winter if your wrapped up warm!

  4. Glad you had fun at bird world, where is it that you live. I like learning about bird species their capabilities fascinate me.

  5. Great candid capture. Its seriously cabin fever this time of year isn’t it? I an a bit obsessed with project life but would love more time to do it.

  6. It really does sound like you had a fantastic day and really made the most of it, a little bit of sunshine can make all the difference x

  7. debsrandomwritings Reply

    The contrast of Monkey’s red coat and hat against the blue sky is eye catching. I must say that he is looking a touch apprehensive about launching himself down the slide though!


  8. Such a beautiful picture and glad you didn’t crop out the metal bar. Monkey looks so happy

  9. Hello Beautiful Bear Reply

    What a beautiful photo, that sky is SO blue, you were clearly graced with a really mild day! I think the metal bar does frame the picture well 🙂 We love Birdworld, we’ve just moved but it was literally 3 miles away from us beforehand X X

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