This isn’t my finest hour when it comes to taking pictures. In fact I was somewhat off my game its almost as all the things I am learning in my photography class has meant that I can’t take one good photo! I am guessing it will come in time as I understand more about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. However what this photo shows is Monkey taking on something new and doing well at it despite my concerns. Which is why I wanted to include it and have chosen it as this weeks photo.

When we first arrived at our designation he wanted to have a go on these trikes straight away yet looking at them and his legs, they simply didn’t look long enough and the trikes themselves were very heavy. Which made peddling difficult. However he wasn’t to be deterred and gave it ago anyway:


I think the fact that there were a number of older boys playing and he wanted to join in spurred him on further. He was rightly very proud of himself and a reminder to me that he is developing his independence and sometimes I should just let him get on with it. Rather than worrying about something or trying to get him to change his mind. After all some of the best lessons are learnt through determination.




  1. It’s interesting how more kids can do when they put their mind to it. My kids certainly watch the older kids playing around them, and suddenly exhibit new abilities. I think its a lovely photo 🙂

  2. Aww what a lovely post. I agree, you don’t reach your dreams without determination. And kids are always braver at doing new things than adults

  3. It’s a lovely photo and well done to him for steering the trike! I’m self taught at photography and I totally understand what you mean. There is so much to take on board isn’t there? I still have to take loads of shots to make sure one of them comes out OK for the blog.

  4. I wholly agree determination is what gets you ahead. We should foster their independence and be there if they need us to be!

  5. Maybe because I am not good at taking pictures but this turned out really well I think and glad monkey tried something new and succeeded

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love the colours and the look on his face is so sweet, such concentration. It is amazing to see how determined kids can be sometimes.

  7. Great photo! I’ve been doing a short photography course too but I find it’s really hard to put what your learning into practice when your subject won’t sit still and look st the camera – much easier to stick to auto mode for little people 🙂

  8. Zena's Suitcase Reply

    I love the determination that kids have for things. He’s done a great job and it’s a lovely photo

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