This is the next instalment of our pregnancy journey. The below are extracts from my journal which I have written each week (I am now 28 weeks and going into the third trimester). You can read about how I felt when we found out here and our 20 week scan here. I will be posting other weeks extracts in the coming days (normally a Thursday).

Copy of Copy of 14 Weeks Pregnant withAntiphospholipid syndrome-6

I had my 25 week midwife appointment this week, it seemed to go by in a flash! Normal tests – blood pressure, urine etc came back fine. I picked up my MAT B certificate to send to work so that I could become ‘official’ although they have known since 12 weeks. They have also decided to give me a blood glucose test. I had one last time round, initially the midwife didn’t think I would need one this time, although the consultant has recommended it. Monkey was 9lb 2oz so its probably for the best! It does mean that my 28th week will end up with four pregnancy related appointments – we have the growth scan and haematology appointment, the blood glucose test, follow up with the midwife to discuss results and my hooping cough jab. None of them are on the same day. However I did manage to get the first appointment of the day for the glucose test which is a bonus since its a fasting one. 

Pip was playing silly wotsits while she was trying to find the heartbeat, you could see him kicking around (and I could most definitely feel him) but she couldn’t fund his heartbeat. Maybe because he was moving so quickly, although she did manage it in the end. I would listen to the heart beat all day if I could. I also mentioned that I am starting to feel pins and needles in my hands which the midwife thought might be the beginnings of carpal tunnel. I suspect its more likely to be something to do with the late night typing and doing Facebook threads on the mobile. I am seeing the chiropractor in a couple of weeks and will discuss it with her.

This week I finally made contact with my old Hypno Birthing lady to arrange a consultation at around 32 weeks. We are just going to have the one top up session, and I plan on starting to listen to the CDs in the next few days to start preparing. The birthing plan I write this time round will be very different and it could end in a planned c-section but for the time being we will go down the natural birth route until we are advised otherwise, so its important that I start getting my head in the right place. 

I have been trying to encourage Monkey to speak to the baby, although so far with not much success. Although he is getting his head round the idea of the new arrival he is still not wanting to interact. Over the coming weeks Hubby and I will start to do everything we can to prepare him for becoming an older brother. When he shouts or has a melt down it often affects Pip who will start moving around so it would be nice if he started to bond. Although we are not putting any pressure on him. 

The other big news this week is that we have finally starting to sort out our bedrooms, buying a blind for our spare one which will allow us to move into that while we decorate the back one. Before we do however there is some significant decluttering that needs to be done, which I think may end up taking longer than the actual decorating. Its good to get it started. Monkey has already picked out a bed – insisting on the ‘blue’ one. I am glad he is seeing it as an adventure rather than giving up his current room to the baby. For this reason I am determined to make sure its all sorted well before our new arrival. However I had planned on only decorating one bedroom, not two, however Hubby wants to stay in the back bedroom so needs must. 

Next week I am looking forward to getting more involved in my photography course so I can finally take my camera off automatic and take some stunning photos of both of our boys.



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  1. Leah Miller Reply

    It is one of my most favourite things in the whole world, to hear the heartbeat, and I would cry every time! I also suffered from Carpel Tunnel during my last pregnancy, thankfully it eased almost as soon as Binky was out. Oh, and you are making me broody…!

    Leah xx

  2. Lisa (Travel Loving Family) Reply

    Aw it is so lovely that your son is going to be a big brother. It is such a special time for him. Moving him into his new bedroom before baby arrives seems like a very sensible idea.

  3. Ahh I hated the glucose tolerance tests. I had to have them with every pregnancy as my dad is diabetic.
    I love the sorting part, where you can sort out every room ready for the baby’s arrival. Creating their own room x

  4. awww glad to see things are progressing nicely! I definitely think the pins and needles are bloggers hands though :p you’re an animal in the threads! (in a good way:p)

  5. I love reading other peoples experiences of pregnancy. Its so exciting for your little boy to be a big brother, i am dying to have another one

  6. Aw can’t wait for your bubba to arrive. I hope that your photography course goes well what are you learning next week do you know?

  7. Glad that they were able to find the heartbeat in the end and that monkey is enjoying the new adventure and hopefully will warm up to the baby once it arrives

  8. Wow flying by now! I also had the glucose intolerance tests with all of mine, mainly because of glucose in my urine samples…which I believe was solely due to my Frosties addiction with all five babies!! #momsterslink

  9. Great update, I’m following a hypnobirthing program too and hoping for the best. I’m 32 weeks now and find it hard to find time to listen to the tracks without falling straight to sleep though. We are trying to help our little man (2 this week) understand about the new baby too, there are some lovely story books out their help if your interested, we just ordered some this week 🙂

  10. Oh good luck on your pregnancy. My daughter is five now and I remember how exciting it was, especially since she was my first and it looks as if she’ll be my only one. Hypnobirthing sounds really interesting. When I was pregnant with her though, I was too scared to try any “alternative” births. When my midwife suggested a home-birth, I quickly said no. We live in a small village you see and the nearest hospital is an hour’s drive away. And things got a bit complicated in the end. Sending you good vibes! 🙂

  11. I had the blood glucose test, that is tough – hope it goes well if you haven’t had it already. What a lovely feeling to hear the heartbeat, that is so magical and one of the nicest thing about pregnancy.
    I am really looking forward to seeing photos 🙂 x

  12. Leah Miller Reply

    Goodness, that sounds like an awful lot of tests to look forward to, the things we have to do for our tiny humans!! Sounds like you are doing great though.

    It took a long time for my son to talk to his sister in my tummy. He was 3.5 and didn’t quite have a full grasp. The day she was born he was instantly smitten though xx

  13. I was not a huge fan of pregnancy and all those tests, but it flies by really. Hope the rest of it goes well for you. When we were expecting our second we mentioned to our oldest that the baby would probably bring him a present (turned out to be a remote control car!) that really made him more interested in the new arrival! 🙂

  14. I sympathise over the glucose test – make sure you take a good book (or charge your phone up to comment lots on Facebook etc!). It was hard to prepare Katie for Thomas’ arrival but talking about the things she could do with him helped. Little steps though!

    Glad you’re doing well.

  15. Glad they were able to find the heartbeat. It’s so lovely to hear it. You poor thing having to have a glucose test. I really want to do a photography course so I’m very jealous of you doing yours. X

  16. littlehouselea Reply

    Glad you heard the heartbeat, it’s worrying and exciting all at the same time! Glucose tests are the worst and good luck on the photography course, sounds great.

  17. So pleased for you that they found the heartbeat! This was a great post to read, exciting that you haven’t got long left to go!

  18. Not long to go now, I’m about 4 weeks away from our anomaly scan and am completely nervous but also so excited! Being 25 weeks seems miles away but I’m sure it will come by fast. My son is 2 and definitely has no idea of the impact this baby will make, he hates me talking about it and I just hope he loves his little brother or sister! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  19. I had a friend with this condition and after so many miscarriages and off to see a specialist was able to carry to full term. I am happy to hear that you are moving along and that baby 2 is doing well. Thank you for sharing with #monsterslink and I apologize for the delay as I had company and then a battle with the flu running rapid through my house and trying to kill me in its path.

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