There were several photos in the running for my pick this week but I have settled on the one below. Monkey got his hair cut on Monday with Hubby at the barbers and every time he comes back he looks so much older. I am not sure but its almost as if he grows an extra inch over night when he gets his hair cut. He loves being outside and often requests that we go out the next day when I put him to bed. Last Friday we went to Sheffield Park and he had great fun running around and looking for pine cones. He managed to fine a very big one by rooting in the undergrowth.


It quickly became a laser gun! I am not sure where he gets these ideas from as we don’t have any play guns at home and he’s not exposed to anything like that on the TV. However I think that a lot of the boys at nursery run around outside shooting each other with whichever stick they can find! I don’t particularly have a view on it although I don’t like  him using the word ‘kill, kill’ as he points whatever weapon he has constructed in his mind at you. We have swapped it for ‘pow’ at home. I think they are trying to do something similar at nursery. This photo is Monkey playing with his ‘laser gun’ while rarely posing for a photo, looking much more like a preschooler than a toddler, with his new haircut.



  1. serenityyou Reply

    My youngest is 5 and is always pretending to fight and shouting kill and things like that, but I think he mainly gets it from his eldest brother and his friends who are all aged between 10-12.

  2. Emma White (@TheRealSupermum) Reply

    aw I know what you mean they look so grown up when they have a haircut I know my boys certainly do

  3. Such a beautiful picture. Don’t you just love their imaginations when they are young. x

  4. Kizzy Bass (@KizzyBassLCJ) Reply

    Wow look at the size of that cone. Great photo, he looks prepared for the weather we’ve been having recently too

  5. Miranda (Anosa) Reply

    Lovely picture, I am loving the outfit and monkey has great imagination lol

  6. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops Reply

    Aww what a lovely photo, and what imaginations they have. It’s so amazing how much they can pick up from different places isn’t it!

  7. Definitely agree that the cutting off of the baby curls is a big step, and every haircut ages a child a tad. We’ve left Mr Toddler with the most ridiculous curly bouffant but the time will come when I’ll identify with you regarding hair cuts.


  8. Georgina Prince Reply

    i have two boys and all they ever want to do is pretend too shoot etc. it’s unavoidable I think! lol I just have to remind them to reign it in every now and then x

  9. Emma White (@TheRealSupermum) Reply

    I have 3 boys and the youngest 2 are forever running around shooting eachother and no idea where they get their ideas from as its not encouraged

  10. Love it, so sweet. Kids have such active imaginations, even from early on! My son surprises me with his imagination when he plays.

  11. Hannah - Budding Smiles Reply

    Oh he does look so grown up! I think nursery and being with other kids generally does give them new ideas, doesn’t it? Toby spent 3 hours with my friend’s son and has since been screeching for fun, his fun not mine haha xx

  12. They have such great imaginations at that age. That’s a lovely picture.

    Laura x

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