I was lucky enough to visit the Toy Fair at the end of January it was a great experience and I loved being a big kid for the day. One of the brands I made sure I stopped by was Orchard Toys. We are already big fans of their educational games and jigsaws and I am lucky enough to be one of their toy ambassadors. They have some fantastic new products for 2016 which you can check out here. Their stand was full of their trademark colourful boxes and then I saw this:


Which took up most of the stand’s floor! I could just see Monkey putting it together and playing with cars, trains and planes, his little imagination unfolding. He had already been lucky enough to receive the Giant Road Jigsaw for Christmas and we have had fun putting it together in various formations. So when I was offered the chance to review the Giant Train Jigsaw and Station extension pack I naturally said yes please.


There are six giant interchangeable jigsaws and expansion sets in the system. Each can be linked together in any combination the child sees fit encouraging creative and imaginative play. The options available are extensive and include;

  • Giant Road – 20 pieces RRP £13.95
  • Giant Town – 15 piece jigsaw playmat that also includes character and car play pieces RRP £13.95
  • Giant Railway – 26 pieces also including train and character pay pieces RRP £13.95
  • Junctions – 10 pieces to extend the play value RRP £7.50
  • Airport – 9 pieces including a runway and a helipad RRP £7.50
  • Station – 8 pieces RRP £7.50


Things you need to know:

  • Age – designed for 3+
  • Contents – will vary depending on the option chosen but each kit includes big chunky jigsaw pieces perfect for little hands. They are designed to fir easily together and are very bright and colourful. Pieces sizes vary but generally are 22xm x 18cm
  • Skills – deigned to help children develop their imaginations and creative play skills, children can combine the pieces in whichever way they see fit. Whether thats one set or several. It also encourages their observational skills and logical thinking as they build. When Monkey and I put his sets together there is a lot of discussion going on around where to put pieces so its great for language development and discussion.


So how did we get on, initially we started putting the Giant Railway together and I cheated a little bit using one of the layout suggestions on the back of the box. Its good that there are options you can follow if you are not feeling particularly creative or on days where Monkey can’t be bothered! From here we added the station.


Before finally adding in the Giant Road. Monkey had great fun deciding where all the pieces should go. We discussed crossings and corners and which way round pieces should go so that they all join up. I think it probably took us about forty minutes to put the three sets together and it held his attention the whole time. He was very proud of his creation:


As soon as it was finished he was asking to get his toys out to use on it. Which of course we did! So out came the cars and the trains. It was lovely to watch him play, at first he decided  there was a queue just like on the way to nursery each day…


Its funny what sticks in their little minds,  then the trains took over including sound effects!

Things I love:

  • It is the usual high quality I have come to expect from Orchard Toys, the illustrations are bright and detailed, the card thick and sturdy.
  • All the pieces are interchangeable so there really is no end to the play that can unfold.
  • As there are multiple sets it makes a great gift to add to a Birthday or Christmas wish list, especially as they are very reasonably priced.
  • Watching Monkey play with it was really rewarding, seeing how he figured out how the pieces went together and then reaped the benefits of his hard work.

I would definitely recommend the Giant Road System to our friends and I can see it creating hours of play in our house.


We were given the Giant Railway and Station expansion set to review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow this looks fantastic. My daughter would love it. Can’t get over how big it is. I’m not sure we’d have a big enough space on any of our floors though due to all the furniture everywhere lol x

  2. What a great toy idea! My little one is 2 in 3 weeks time (and is vehicle mad) so I may well be off to the shops to invest in one or 2 of these…!
    Love the fact you can link the different ones up and they can use all their own existing vehicles on it.
    Great review.x

  3. We had one of those big road floor carpets but this is so much better as you can change the layout every time you play. It would make a great birthday / Christmas present 🙂


  4. We love Orchard Toys, they are a brand you know are going to deliver good quality and fun for the little ones. This looks amazing, it’s good that it can be put together in different designs, making it different overtime they play with it. x

  5. The Parenting Trials (@sarahnblogger) Reply

    My little man is a huge jigsaw fan so I know know he would love this 🙂 .. were a huge fan of Orchard toys anyway as love the fact there made to last, but haven’t really looked at the jigsaws before but will definitely be now hun. Thanks for sharing sweet x

  6. Coombe Mill Reply

    I love the way this clips together and then creates a fun play board #TriedTested

  7. I love Orchard Toys for the kids, they have especially helped my oldest as he as speech and language problems & some of their games have really helped him along. Liking this one for my youngest, thank you !

  8. It does look pretty impressive! My five-year-old daughter used to love playing with cars, I think she too would be really impressed if she saw this one, especially since her best friend is a little boy and they still can spend hours upon hours playing with his hot wheels 🙂

  9. This looks like great fun. Like Brio but taking up far less space! I can imagine a car loving child would be in their element!

  10. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    Aww he looks so happy with it. Orchard toys are fab, I picked up a couple of games recently and Baby loves them x

  11. wow this looks so cool! at the moment our little monster loves a floor puzzle and this would be perfect for him!! adding to the wishlist right now!

  12. That looks so much fun! We have just started to get into Orchard toys… they are so reasonably priced all round. Monkey looks like he’s having a blast ?

  13. Leah Miller Reply

    We are huge fans of Orchard Toys in this house, really good quality and affordable. I love the jigsaw track, we had a mat with the track on but this adds to the learning aspect of it too, love it xx

  14. Oh this is such a great idea. We’ve got a lot of Orchard Toys puzzles and games, and while we play the games a lot, she tends to do the jigsaws over and over for a bit then move on, so this would be ideal as you’d never run out of combinations.

  15. Oh wow this is incredible and so amazing. I used to love jigsaw when I was a kid, still do and hope to pick up some for myself as a stress reliever

  16. BloggerMummyLauren Reply

    This looks brilliant! I think my kids would love this. Love that you have to build it, then you are rewarded for your efforts with a big play track. It’s massive too!

  17. Glad that Monkey enjoyed his giant road system. The possibilities seem endless and that is the best thing about having an open ended game!

  18. Ah we also have the road set – I didn’t know there were extension packs, what a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  19. We love Orchard Toys jigsaws. Olly had the road set which we bought him for Christmas. He is obsessed with it and loves to play with it all the time. I love the extension packs too, great toys for little ones #TriedTested

  20. ooh wow thats looks ike so much fun. I know a cheeky tot who would love that!

  21. We have a few orchard toys things and agree they are great quality. My son is also obsessed with his buses and cars and the scale of this means I think he could fit them all on. I think I will put some on his wishlist!

  22. teentweentoddler1 Reply

    This looks brilliant! My son would love it! x #TriedTested

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