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You may remember that I mentioned you should not be without a Trunki when travelling with a toddler in the post Flying Transatlantic with a 3 year old which I wrote at the end of last year. We are big fans in our household and to be honest I couldn’t see how it could be improved on. How wrong I was, the clever people at Trunki have done just that by creating a Made for Me service. The service allows the child to design their own version of a Trunki and then get it delivered to their home in less than ten days.

When I told Monkey what we were about to do he was very excited wanting to drop everything and do it straight away. Its so easy to do you follow the simple instructions on screen which can be found here.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 16.57.11

The above is what you start with, down the right hand side it lists all the areas which your child can customise. By clicking on each are it will give you the colour options available, click on the colour and the corresponding body part will magically change to the colour selected. At 3.5 years Monkey had not problem navigating between the options available, in fact he was so quick we ended up with some fantastic colour combinations and variations as he enjoyed switching between parts.


It sparked a lot of conversation about colours and what goes well together and what doesn’t. I think at one stage we had 9 different colours with each part being different! He eventually settled on a blue body, which is no surprise as its his favourite colour. It was lovely to watch and listen to his personality coming through and his decision making processes. We gave him complete free reign with a little suggestion here and there along the way. For example at one point the whole Trunki was going to be blue. Its the first time we have really given him this sort of responsibility, he gets choices around what he is going to wear, options for dinner (somedays) or the treat he is buying in the sweet shop. But he has never had the opportunity to design something himself and he loved it. He was so proud of his finished design below:


The system itself is so easy to use you really do just select an click. I think Monkey took about half an hour designing his but you could do it in five minutes if you wanted to. There is also a great page of  ideas of colour combinations if you are having a less than creative day and an explanation around how it works. I like the fact that at the checkout it confirms back to you your colour choices allowing one last check.


Delivery is 7-10 days however we ordered ours on the Sunday and it arrived the following Wednesday in its like Trunki Kennel. It was like Christmas all over again with Monkey jumping up and down and demanding that it be opened straight away. It came with its own  little birth certificate and stickers. As you can see below Monkey was very happy with it and wanted to start packing straight away. I will writing a separate post on packing his little Trunki shortly as we have a holiday planned in the next few weeks.


What I loved:

  • With 1,000,000 possible colour combinations its very unlikely anyone will ever select the same making each one unique as the child that designed it
  • Simple straight forward website which is easy to use
  • Each Trunki comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • Delivery is fast and free, they also ship internationally (prices vary)
  • The price is very reasonable at £44.99 when you consider the price of other children’s suitcases, especially with the unique design element
  • It aids discussion, reasoning, logic and decision making skills – I genuinely was surprised by how much Monkey took from the process.
  • Find out more on there website –

Naturally Monkey wanted to take it out for a test drive straight away – he loved wheeling it up the street full of toys and books ready for his next adventure.

Made for MeDesign your own Trunki



  1. mackenzieglanville

    I think this is brilliant getting to choose their own colours that is cool! He looks so happy with it too, good on him. Thank you for hosting xx

  2. Harps

    Love the concept of being able to design your own but not a fan of the Trunki here. We bought one for our last holiday and found it so impractical – we weren’t able to fit much in! Won’t be taking it on our next holiday I don’t think but on the plus side, Arj absolutely loved it!!x

  3. lizzie ( firstooth )

    Oh wow this is so cool! It makes it extra special for the kids being able to design their own, I think they’re fab things to have anyway. I think it’d make our holidays travel a lot smoother if our babes could pull along or sit on one. I don’t blame him for taking it for a test drive, it’s pretty smart!

  4. 2teens1preteen

    just gorgeous! My 3 would have absolutely loved these when they were younger but sadly they were just a little too grown up when they were launched – lover the fact that you can design your own #BloggersClubUK

  5. tammymum

    I so agree with you, trunkis are a godsend we just invested I one for our little one for the four hour flight we just undertook, it was fab! We looked at the design your own, which is a very cool idea but we ended up just designing it and having a competition over who’s was the best, as our little one is 18 months and a bit too young to appreciate it. Clearly no age limit necessary that or we are just big kids! #bloggerclubuk

  6. Dean B

    I’ve seen this lovely Trunki bags around and they would’ve been really handy when we travelled half way across the globe last summer. Next time we travel, will look this one up 🙂 #BloggersUKClub.

  7. A Moment with Franca

    This is a great idea!! It is also so much fun for the kids to customise their own. I would like to do one for me lol Thanks for hosting, 🙂 xx #bloggersukclub

  8. Suburban Mum

    What a fab idea!! We have a dinosaur style Trunki that my eldest has grown out of now and has been handed down to my youngest. They both absolutely love sitting on it to be pulled around.

    I love that the design your own has so many different colour combinations and that they children get to choose design something that is unique to them! #BloggerClubUK

  9. Sara Handy Herbs

    I love Trunki and how lovely to be able to involve the children in making it special to them – great concept! Thanks for sharing as I was not aware of this option 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  10. Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Wow, I love this! How fantastic for your child to be able to design their own. We don’t yet have a Trunki but my little boy will be just over 2 when we go on holiday this summer, so I think it will be a necessary purchase! #BloggerClubUK

  11. MummyTravels

    That’s such a lovely idea – we haven’t actually tried a Trunki yet, although I have friends who rave about them, but are just getting to the point of ditching the buggy even in the airport so I wouldn’t end up carrying it! How great to be able to design your own.

  12. nightwisprav3n

    Oh that is really cute and he looks absolutely thrilled to have his very own luggage. I had no idea they even sold things like this. Of course, I haven’t traveled with my kids in years so things have certainly changed, lol! Popping over from #bloggerclubuk

  13. Someone's Mum

    This is a great idea. We already have a trunki for our 3 year old and his sister is a bit young yet but definitely something to bear in mind for the future. He looks very happy with it 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  14. Emma (@MeBeeandBo)

    What a wonderful idea! Letting them choose their own colours makes it so much more personal and unique. I haven’t tried a Trunki but I have heard good things about them so might be trying one out in the future! x

  15. Louise

    We’ve only just discovered Trunkis after hubby’s cousins came to visit last week and brought theirs – the girls were quite fascinated by them and I’ve definitely added them to the wishlist. I didn’t realise you could customise them like this though – will have to remember this for when we eventually get round to buying them! 🙂

  16. Mr Geek & Gadgets

    These look really cool. My wife has heard about these and said they are great. If your child was more involved in the design process, they will love them more, while also taking more care of them. That definitely appears to the case with your child. 😉

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M. (

  17. Yvonne - Double the Monkey Business

    My boys have trunkis, they have been essential for holidays – in particular long haul flights. I love that you can make your own I think that is fantastic. I want to make my own one though! #BloggerClubUK

  18. The Anxious Dragon

    This is a wonderful idea, perfect for making your little ones excited about a holiday. Your boy chose well, his trunki looks brill. Do they do adult versions 😉

  19. Angela Milnes

    Sylvia would love this. I know its not the same but we recently designed our own T-Shirts and I’m so pleased with the outcome. I think personalising belongings can make things a little more exciting! Angela #BloggerClubUK

  20. Annette

    How cute is that! I saw the design your own option the other day and from your description, it looks like something that Little Button would enjoy doing too. Great ? #bloggerclubuk

  21. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    These are so cool! I always admire them in the airport. It’s a great idea to have the child able to sit on them if they get tired. I had no idea that you choose the colors yourself – how exciting! Monkey looks so happy with his!

  22. KidGearUK

    Oh designing your own is such a great idea. I like that there’s so many colour combinations it’d be easier to spot your one. #TriedTested

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