Reasons to go on a Babymoon. Last weekend Hubby and I were treated to a weekend away to the New Forest as a Christmas present. We do normally try to get away in January as its Hubby’s Birthday and something we have done for the last twelve years. However this year work has been manic and with the pregnancy not being as straight forward as my previous going abroad isn’t an option for us this late into my pregnancy (30 weeks). However we still wanted to spend some time just the two of us so were very happy when we given it!

Reasons to go on aBabymoon

There are actually two definitions on a Babymoon, one being a break with your other half before your baby arrives. Sometimes viewed as a second honeymoon, hence the name. The other definition is the time you spend post birth with your baby without interruption bonding. So why would you go on the former?

Reasons to go on Babymoon:

  • Bond with you other half – this is actually much more important this time round than it was when we had Monkey. Already having a 3.5 year old it can mean time together on our own is limited. Not that I would have it any other way but its nice to spend time together on our own and not just a couple of hours grabbed thanks to a willing babysitter. As one thing for certain is that the arrival of a second baby will mean life will get even more hectic over next 6 -12 months. Its good to remember what its like to ‘talk’ about things other than dinner, cleaning and who is going to get the little man from nursery. Check that our values and plans are still the same. We actually ate out two nights in a row on our own. A full meal with more than one course with no stress or requirement to entertain a little person.
  • Get some extra sleep and recharge – pregnancy is hectic especially when you have a child already. I do remember many people saying oh enjoy your first pregnancy as the second will be completely different and at the time I couldn’t understand why…! I managed to have an afternoon nap every day. Something which I don’t get a chance to do at home. Even at the weekends if I try to catch a crafty half an hour Monkey will come and wake me thinking its hilarious. It was nice to have a lie in past 6.30 am too!! Never under estimate the power of being away from having to wash, clean, tidy the house (as well as work)… couldn’t quite leave the blogging commitments at home though.
  • Do things for us – I am not talking about lavish expensive outings or activities more along the lines of dinning out or spending time in the pub. One of Hubby’s favourtie pass times and we very rarely get to do it together now. However every afternoon we were away we managed to spend a couple of hours in various country pubs. Including watching the 6 nations! I also got a chance to do a little bit of window shopping. I couldn’t actually tell you the last time I actually went shopping. Almost everything I shop for will be online now. We also got to spend some time walking along various beaches. Plus I even managed to get some photography practice in as well. It wasn’t intentional but we managed to pack a lot into our couple of days!


Tips when thinking about a Babymoon:

  • It doesn’t have to be abroad. Looking on pinterest I think there is a misconception that a babymoon needs to take place in a Caribbean country. It doesnt need to be abroad and it doesn’t need to be expensive. If you can’t get away then maybe day at a spa together is an alternative. Somewhere you can relax and reconnect.
  • Plan your time – think about how far along you will be in your pregnancy. Make sure your plans take this into account. I was 29 weeks when we went and didn’t feel like long hikes around the New Forest. However we still wanted to make the most of the good weather just for a couple of hours at a time. Also if you are going away for a shorter break think about what you want to do while there. And plan and book, restaurants, spa treatments etc so you can make the most of it.
  • Think about location.  If you are flying then consider the length and how long you will need to sit in that tiny seat. Likewise if driving. If you have a child already then you may not want to stray too far from home depending on childcare etc. Also is the location going to give you everything you want?
  • Sell the idea to your child. We had already made the decision to take Monkey away for a week before Pip makes an arrival. Mainly to allow us to spend quality time as a three. Which made it far easier for us to explain to him about us going away. He stayed with his grandparents and was truly spoilt, he always looks forward to spending time with them so it wasn’t a hard sell.

Are you planning or have you been on a babymoon? If so have you any additional tips? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Reasons to go on a Babymoon
Reasons to go on a Babymoon


  1. We didn’t go on a babymoon before either of our littles were born and its something we wish we had done! I think having some ‘us’ time would have done us the world of good. I’m glad you had the chance to get away and the New Forest is beautiful 🙂 x

  2. Sounds like you had a glorious time. Makes me want to go and go take a baby moon, although I am about 3 years too late! I love the New Forest too and always used to go to Brockenhurst as a child and Mr C and I went camping there for our first ever holiday. Let’s talk about the fact we have never been camping since as it was a disaster! 🙂 #marvmonday

  3. If/When my partner and I decide to have a child together (his first, my second) we will probably do something like this together. We’re, in a way, lucky as my daughter spends every other weekend with her dad and his family so the next time I’m pregnant and have a newborn we will get quality time as three and as four. We have said however that before we commit to trying for a baby we are going to go on a week holiday abroad just the two of us! And we are heading to Norway in August on a cruise which I’m very excited about. How soon after baby talks will start though, I’m not sure.

  4. Coombe Mill Reply

    I think it’s a lovely idea if you manage to organise it and a fab name! #MarvMondays

  5. What a lovely blog. It’s so important as parents to make time to be together, talking about hopes and dreams not just everyday life.

  6. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    My husband & I did this before our first was born. I think it’s a really good idea to spend quality time away together. I can’t remember if we went away before the second or third though lol It’s nice to stay in the country & just chill out like you two did. A weekend with the grandparents is a holiday for the kiddies too! #AnythingGoes x

  7. jermbarnes Reply

    I couldn’t agree with this more. Its so easy to get stuck in the roles of parents that its easy to forget you are also husband and wife

  8. What a fab idea! Definitely, one I’ll recommend to friends just wish we had managed one before baby no.3, we did with our first two and it really does help you connect with your partner and recharge you batteries before the baby arrives!!

  9. We got married a few months before Leo arrived so i guess our honeymoon was also our baby moon! Sounds like you had a lovely time, it is so important to have child free time and to reconnect ad a couple x #anythinggoes

  10. Ahhh sounds like in was wonderful. I have totally missed the boat as done having babies now and didn’t do this with either of mine! Great idea though.

  11. I never got the chance to do this but it does make perfect sense. Relationships take a battering when a baby is born so having time together is only going to strengthen it

  12. I have heard of a babymoon before but I have never known someone who has gone on a babymoon before. I think it is a wonderful way of connecting with your partner and bump

  13. It’s really important to make the effort to spend time with your OH, especially when a baby is due. Great tips here!

  14. The Pramshed Reply

    My husband and I did this before our little one was born. We went to dubai to get some sun as we knew we wouldn’t be having a summer holiday last year as she was due in July. I definitely agree that a babymoon is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company before the baby arrives. I’m dreaming ofor some sun now. Claire X #MarvMondays

  15. Sarah-Jane (@craftymama087) Reply

    What a great idea … I’d never heard of a “baby-moon” before but its a brilliant idea. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy huni xx

  16. I certainly need a baby moon! OH and I haven’t been away together in years and with baby #2 on the horizon its not likely to happen soon! #bloggerclubuk #MarvMondays

  17. supermum2016 Reply

    It is so important to make time together as a couple. I think this is a wonderful idea. I have four children and know how difficult it can be to get time together but we still try to make time even if it’s just for a meal out .

    I don’t plan on having anymore children right now but if I do, I will definitely give this one a try .

  18. Lovely post and I couldn’t agree more! We went on a babymoon to Cley Windmill and it was amazing! Thanks for hosting and sharing x #BloggerClubUK

  19. Kate Tunstall, Refined Prose Reply

    We keep talking about our first night away from our Pixie, but clearly we’re not quite ready as it’s still yet to be booked… However, you’ve made me very excited at the prospect! I’m glad you had a wonderful break. ? x

  20. It is such a good idea! It’s a long way off for us, we escaped the house for a 20 minute baby free walk at the weekend… We chatted about doing it again for longer but being realistic will probably only get an hour during the day!!

  21. I think a babymoon is such a great idea. My dad also gave me some great advice before we had our first. He told us to do all the DIY to the house before the baby came, after we wouldn’t have the time, the inclination, or the money. He was so right! A babymoon is perfect after all that DIY! #BloggerClubUK

  22. This is such a lovely idea, I’m glad you and your husband got to spend time together just the two of you. Enjoying each other’s company and remembering wired together, not what role you are in must make a massive difference 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  23. Such a lovely idea – we did something similar with a break at a spa hotel in Cheltenham before my daughter was born. I can imagine how much more important it is to reconnect when a second baby is on the way – I know my husband and I struggle to find time for nights out, let alone a weekend. The New Forest is a gorgeous spot too. #bloggerclubuk

  24. Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    My first thought about babymoons is I regret that we didn’t do this as time together is pretty brief these days, but in reality for me, I felt so ill throughout my whole pregnancy that going away was about the last thing I would have wanted to do! Isn’t it strange how you forget all of that so quickly?!

    We are making up for it now though, with a couple of UK breaks planned for this year, thanks to willing babysitting grandparents!

  25. Baby moons are great! Glad you guys have been enjoying yours, the photos look fab. We spent a week in Dorset when I was 31 weeks pregnant, and it was so lovely. We went to lots of pubs and did some beach walks, mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company! Although we did make the mistake on the first day of doing a two mile walk which my huge body couldn’t quite handle! Thanks for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  26. Would love to do a Babylon too. Sadly I don’t think that’s possible right now, especially since we live so far from family and wouldn’t imagine leaving our 5-year-old with someone else. But it’s lovely that you guys had a chance to go 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  27. anywaytostayathome Reply

    We went on a Babymoon before L was born and it was one of the best holidays we had. We went to the gorgeous Wolfen Mill. We had some nice meals. Did a lot of walking and visited a lot of museums, castles and stately homes. All thing we were fully aware would be harder to do over the next few years. Best decision we made. Time together is very important. xx #BloggerClubUK

  28. I didn’t have a babymoon with either of my pregnancies, but if we do have a third child I’d be really tempted to get away, even for just a weekend, before the baby arrived. I think it would be lovely to have that bit of time and space to just be a couple for a few days! x #BloggerClubUK

  29. I’m done with the whole baby making thing but this is something that my ex and I should have done but didn’t. It is a really great idea for couples to plan little getaways or just nights by yourselves because the strain of daily life can really get in the way if you don’t. Spending some much needed time together before baby number 2 arrives is truly a wonderful idea! Popping over from #bloggerclubuk

  30. I say hell yes to a babymoon! Me and hubby did it before our first and I think it’s even more important to do it during other pregnancies. For all the reasons that you listed and most importantly bonding with your beloved before things are shaken up again and the family is expanded x #BloggerClubUK

  31. Mimiroseandme Reply

    This is something that I realised wished my husband and I did – we are only about two years too late. Perhaps with the next one. #BloggersClubUK

  32. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) Reply

    We had a few days in a spa before son 1 but didn’t do anything just ourselves before number 2. It was such a great experience and one we hope to repeat soon. Love your reasons and for me bonding with hubby was top priority as he didn’t get much look in after baby was born poor love x

  33. debsrandomwritings Reply

    Hi Clare,I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a Babymoon before, but it makes sense. Once a baby comes, quality time with the other half goes out the window for a while. Spending some quality time together, away from it all sounds a perfect way of putting a little quality time in the bank, so to speak.

    It’s nice that Monkey enjoys time with the Grandparents, so it sounds like a win-win all round situation.


  34. Yvonne - Double the Monkey Business Reply

    This is a really nice idea, I often wish we had done this instead of going on a group holiday with friends. So lovely to get time together #bloggerclubuk

  35. A great idea. I feel your pain on toddlers waking sleeping people as a funny thing!

    We didn’t go on a proper baby moon but our son was born a few weeks before our twins second anniversary so we went on a camping trip with a 4 week old and a 1 year old. Slanting floors and ‘accidents’ do not mix!


  36. I think it is the best idea to do but also think we should allow ourselves one weekend away each year from the children – but we never do – full of good ideas but no time! Lovely post #BloggersClubUK

  37. I really love the idea of a babymoon, especially second time around. The “forth trimester” is such hardwork so definitely need to relish the calm beforehand x #bloggerclubuk

  38. Lovely idea. Making time for each other is a must, as it easy to get bogged down in the day to day and neglect the other… I think the OH and I should take inspiration from this and treat ourselves to a baby on! #bloggerclubuk

  39. That’s good you’ve made time to go on a babymoon, We went on one first time round to Lisbon, but not this time. I feel our life revolves around our boy, we can’t imagine a day without him! I think a holiday with the 3 of us would be nice though, you’ve got me thinking now! xx

  40. A babymoon sounds divine the first time round when you are pregnant, but second time around when you already have a little one, it sounds like absolute heaven. I never even considered that this will be possible for us, although having read your post I’m wondering whether actually we could try a weekend away together at least! It sounds like you had a lovely break, something which Im sure was well and truly needed. Especially by week 30! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  41. wish I’d had a babymoon with hubby, now we have 4 small poeple and life is crazy haha!

  42. I had 3 babies so close together that there was no time for any trips. But I am happy to announce that in April the hubby and I are dropping the kids at my mothers house for a whole week while we go hibernate with just the two of us. It’s the first time since we met that we’ve had a vacation with just the two of us and I’m beyond excited! Enjoy your time together before baby #2. It’s so different with the second. Thanks again for hostessing!

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