Last Saturday morning we did something we don’t do very often which is go out for breakfast. I don’t know why we don’t, I guess because it feels quite decadent to do so. Especially when you don’t have any breakfast bits in the house because no ones quite made it to the supermarket this week! Monkey got very excited as soon as we suggested it, he really enjoys eating out which is something we want to encourage. Not wanting to face the busyness of town we opted for the local garden centre.

The restaurant is actually in an barn with exposed beams and a lofty ceiling. Each time we go Monkey is obsessed with them often asking questions about them and pointing out things like fire alarms! This time was no different. I was amazed by how much he remembered from the last conversation we had about the barn. Almost repeating back to Hubby verbatim the conversation we had previously. In the photo below he was pointing out the beams and telling Hubby all about how old they are!


The sun was streaming in through the windows and the food was very tasty always the way when you don’t have to cook it yourself!



  1. Hannah - Budding Smiles Reply

    We love going out for breakfast, although rarely do as it involves getting dressed before you’re hungry haha Sounds like you had a lovely time xx

  2. Going out for breakfast is a real treat! We like to visit our giraffe restaurant as they do amazing pancakes!

  3. Kizzy Bass (@KizzyBassLCJ) Reply

    Bless him, what a lovely photo and I love beams too

  4. I’ve never taken my 4 year old out for breakfast! It looks like a nice break though, so will definitely have to try to make the effort soon x

  5. I miss having breakfast out before children. Now it’s too much hassle to leave the house that early. Toast or cereal it is!

  6. Zena's Suitcase Reply

    We love going out for breakfast as a family. As we have small children, it’s a great way for us still to eat out together. All you can eat works well for us

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