Welcome to the Blogger Club UK!!

I co-host this linky & community with the lovely Becky from Cuddle Fairy. The linky runs from 6am Wednesday – 12pm Friday GMT where all bloggers are welcome to add any type of post they like. The Blogger Club UK community & linky are not limited to the UK – we’d love to have bloggers from all over the world join us. Clare & I will comment on & tweet all linked posts between us & we each choose a favorite post to feature the following week.

If this is your first time joining us, please check out the Blogger Club UK Page for more details about the community & linky.

I hope you have all had a fantastic week, going forward I will be sharing  a weekly photo with you as part of my Project 52 in this post. Having been away this week it’s been really hard to choose just one photo. Some weekends I struggle mainly because we are on preparation duty for Pips arrival. This includes decluttering the whole house and redecorating two rooms from scratch, meaning some weekends we don’t do much other than chores. So his week we have been  truly spoilt and doing something different each day which has meant I’ve snapped away enjoyably. Although typically the photo I have chosen this week is actually one Hubby took.


This is Monkey and me on the train at The Milky Way. We hardly ever have any photos together that’s partly because I’m normally the one taking them plus I’m not a fan of pictures of me. Always an issue for a blogger!

Anyway back to the linky, THANK YOU so very much to all of the bloggers who joined us last week! We had a whopping 100 outstanding posts linked up! Woohoo!! All of the fabulous posts makes it hard to pick a fav but here are ours from last week’s linky…

My favourite post last week came from Louise at Little Hearts Big Love – Yesterday a Baby Went to Sleep in my Arms. A beautiful poem all mothers can relate to.

Becky’s favorite post last week came from  Jessica at Babi a Fi – What is Domain Authority. It’s a great read for any blogger as she explains what DA is & how you can improve yours.

BIG DECISION TO MAKE: Becky & I are honored & thrilled with the amazing response our new linky has received. We can’t thank each & every one of you enough for your continued support. Last week we had a cap of 100 added to the linky but never dreamed we’d hit it so we didn’t mention it in our posts. We apologize if you were unable to link because we hit the 100 posts by Thursday morning.

Becky & I have been giving this a lot of thought. We are both busy mums & are unable to comment on & tweet more than 50 posts each as it’s quite time-consuming. We also send out #ff tweets to all of our linkers on Friday. We don’t want to limit people who want to link & we also don’t want to stop commenting on every post as we both feel that’s an important part of our linky. So here’s what we decided…

RULE CHANGES: The linky will close at 150 posts or Friday at midnight GMT – whichever comes first. Everyone may add up to two links each, as usual. Becky & I will comment on all posts. We would like everyone to tweet the post before theirs. You are welcome to comment on it as well but it’s not required. Comment on one of each of the host’s posts & one of your choosing. Every week Becky & I both comment on the last post linked up. One of us will tweet it as well so the last one doesn’t miss out.

We hope the change of rules is okay with everyone! We really appreciate your continued support of our new linky & thoroughly enjoy reading your posts & chatting on Twitter.

#BloggerClubUK Linky Rules:
1. Add our badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post. Or, add a back link to one of our blogs using #bloggerclubuk. I appreciate as I run on wordpress.com that the badge is in my sidebar and so you can’t see it on a phone. A link back with a hashtag is fine if you are linking up from your phone and probably a lot easier for you. Becky has written a Linky Guide should you need a hand or feel free to tweet me.

2. Please comment on one of Becky’s posts, one of my posts, & one other of your choice. Please Tweet the post directly before yours. Feel free to comment on more but please do those 3 as a minimum! The more comments you leave, often the more comments you get back in return & that strengthens the community.

3. Link a maximum of 2 posts per week.

4. Tag myself & Becky on Twitter with #BloggerClubUK for a RT @CuddleFairy @MudpieFridays

Please note that by linking up you give us permission to use your image if your post is featured & subscribe to our email reminder list. Please enter the link up using the link directly below:

An InLinkz Link-up


Please Remember, the new rules this week – comment on one of each hosts posts & one of your choosing, AND Tweet the post directly before yours. Thank you x




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  4. Leah Miller Reply

    That is a really good idea, and I think it takes some of the pressure of not only you, but also the posters too. Hope you had a lovely week away x

  5. I’m so glad I discovered #BloggerUKClub, I think it’s a fab linky and I’m glad more bloggers are getting. Also love the FB group (hard-work) but so worth it and I also love the community vibe of it. Well done to you and Becky for putting this up and congratulations too for all the success 🙂 x

  6. Think the rule changes are totally acceptable. It must be so much work for you both! I will be getting to my commenting and tweeting tonight. It’s a great linky!

  7. wow 100 is still a lot! luckily I haven’t gotten to that point yet but you both put a lot of hard work in! I love the idea of tweeting the one before yours! 🙂

  8. I’m so glad you flagged up the post on Domain Authority – I didn’t have a clue about it – not sure I want to as my score is pretty rubbish but I should probably now address that!

    Well done on running such a successful link.

  9. Georgina Prince Reply

    That’d great I need too look into linkys there not something I ever take part in x

  10. What a great linky and well done for having such a great response over 100 people is pretty incredible. No wonder you need a cap!

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  12. Love the group and the vibe and friendly nature with d equine supporting each other. Hope your kinky is successful too

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