I can not believe how quickly this year is going and that we are heading towards the middle of March. Which means Easter will be upon us before we know it. The lovely people over at Springboard Supplies have sent us some of their classroom Easter craft kits to try out. If you have not come across Springboard Supplies before they are a family run business who specialise in supplying educational resources to schools and other organisations. Their products are curriculum based and their intention is that they will act as a ‘Springboard’ for children to enhance their education.

Easter hanging decorations & crowns

The first kit which he wanted to try out was the Triple Easter Egg Decorations, it is a little egg obsessed so this was right up his street. In the kit you would get enough to make 30 hanging decorations with clear instructions and two different colours of ribbons. Plus card blanks in in three sizes and various bright colours. The kit retails at £9.95 more details can be found here. Once completed the decorations measure 17.5cm by 14cm.


It is suitable for mixed ability groups, we had a similar kit at Christmas time and Monkey at three and half had trouble threading the ribbon through the holes which are the size of a hole punch. However its amazing how quickly they pick things up and this time he was well away wanting to do it it alone. Its great for fine motor development and has made me think about doing some more threading activities with him.

Once the three pieces were treaded together and tied to make the hanging loop Monkey set about decorating them. Springboard Supplies also offer a wide range of collage materials you can find their full range here. Monkey decided that he wanted to use their Wonderfoam Shapes I can understand why as they are very tactile and come ins a wide range of colours and shapes. Initially we made some flowers and then when he went onto decorating his second egg he chose to use only circles. So he managed to squeeze some sorting practice in at the same time which was great.

He really enjoyed making the eggs, they are reasonably quick to put together with the only limits really being the child’s imagination. I was also impressed with the hidden skills of threading and fine motor practice and identified by Monkey shape sorting.

The second kit he chose was the Easter Crown Hats which RRP at £8.95 for a pack of 30. In the kit you get clear instructions, pre cut crowns which have a diameter of 30cm and various coloured paper shapes to decorate. We only used the shapes but you could easily use other collage materials, ribbons, feathers, glitter and sequins. The card which the hats are made from is reasonably thick so it would hold up to a range of mediums.


IMG_0243Initially you need to make the crown fit, by turning up the centre triangles to form the crown part. The instructions show you how to adjust the size, but its very simple. All you need to do is cut the crown and then use tape to secure the join. To make it fit Monkey all we did was to essentially remove one crown spike.

After he set about decorating the crown with pva and the paper shapes. There are several different sizes of circles, eggs and flowers. As well as butterflies, bunnies, birds, butterflies and hearts.

Its a reasonably quick craft and took Monkey about fifteen minutes to decorate his so it would be ideal for a classroom session. You can see from the photo below he was very impressed with the outcome.

Things we love:

1. The quality of the materials used in the kits is very good, the paper and card is thick and colourful, and I like that there is a wide colour range to choose from

2. The kits can be completed reasonably quickly. I was impressed with how long Monkey wanted to craft for, normally he has a attention span of around 40 minutes but our session lasted well over an hour in total.

3. The instructions and ideas leaflets are very easy to follow even for the less crafty and would easily support a lesson plan or group craft activity. It would be very easy to demonstrate these kits step by step to a large group

4. The kits encourage imagination and creativity and I was surprised by Monkeys enthusiasm.


Thank you Springboard Supplies for sending us these great kits.

What craft activities have you got planned for your little ones around the Easter period? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.




  1. Georgina Prince Reply

    i love these me and my son made easter bunny bunting last night we had so much fun. great to spend quality time together x

  2. Leah Miller Reply

    This is such a lovely idea, and a great set of crafts! I think Easter is such an underrated holiday, once the eggs are eaten it’s over, this would be a great way to make something more of it. I love how cute the crown looks too!

  3. Zena's Suitcase Reply

    These are really cute. My daughters would love these. I think Easter is a great time for crafting

  4. Aww, these look super cute. I love Easter activities and get quite excited by them! My youngest two children would really enjoy making these. I’m going to look into them now, thank you.
    Anna x

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