As part of being a Baker Ross Brand Ambassador we were sent a great box of Easter crafting goodies. I have yet to make any plans for Easter although getting in the crafting mood has definitely inspired me to think about organising an Easter Egg Hunt. Monkey has been asking for one for a while now! When we opened the box I was surprised to find coloured sand. This is not a craft material which we have used yet and suddenly Monkey got very excited!

Easter Crafting with Baker Ross

So this was the natural place to start I was wondering what we could do with it but need not have worried as Baker Ross had provided the ideal kit to use with the sand – Easter Egg Self Adhesive Decorations a pack of 10 retails at £2.75 or a classroom pack of 30 is £7.50.

IMG_0324  IMG_0355

The kit contains:

  • 10 self adhesive eggs, 2 each of 5 designs – measuring 10cm x 8cm
  • 3 piercing tools to help with removing unwanted sand and lifting the adhesive part
  • A hanging ribbon for each decoration

The decorations can be made with sand or glitter. Baker Ross had sent us some Pastel Coloured Sand, it is one of their new product lines and we both loved it. Thinking about sand I was wondering if it would be very grainy and clumpy and generally difficult to work with. But that couldn’t been further from our experience, its very fine and doesn’t clump at all, the colours are lovely – pink, peach, lemon, green, blue and lilac and although pastel come out in lovely bright vibrant hues. A pack of 6 350g bottles retails at £9.99 and I am already thinking about what other craft activities we could use the sand for.

IMG_0328       IMG_0337

Each egg has a pre-cut top ayer which you remove a little bit at a time depending on what part you want to add the sand or glitter to. We learnt that its easiest to do the circles first! Removing the paper was bit fiddly for Monkey and he needed a lot of help but he did love pouring out the sand. I did wonder that once you were pouring over an already sanded area if the colours would mix, but because its so fine it worked really well.

IMG_0342If you are looking for a kit which is a little different I would definitely recommend looking at this one. Even once completed the sand didn’t seem to move at all.

The blanks themselves are thick and the majority of the pre-cut top layer is easy to move. As for the sand I think it may fast becoming my new favourite crafting material to use with Monkey. He really enjoyed working with it, and a little goes a long way making meaning its great value. As long as you are sensible it doesn’t need to end in a big mess either. We used a magazine which then enabled me to put the left over back into the bottles easily.

Still talking about an Easter Egg Hunt the next kit Monkey turned his attention to was the Easter Bucket Buddy Kits, they retail at £3.60 for three or £15.60 for 15. What I really like about this kit is that all the little bits you need to make your character are individually bagged which does mean that they would be ideal for a group activity or if you planning an Easter Egg Hunt at home – so much easier to organise the activity!


The kit contains:

  • 3 buckets
  • 3 individually bagged accessory packs to make your animal and each contains a copy of the instructions
  • The majority of the pieces have an adhesive backing including the google eyes. However the rabbits ears and the sheep’s fluffy head need to be stuck with craft glue

IMG_0344       IMG_0347

They are easy to put together Monkey managed to do it without hardly any intervention as he could copy the picture in the instructions. He did have a little issue with some of the smaller pieces and getting the backing off, however it all helps his fine motor skills. They don’t take long to put together probably 10 minutes each so good if the kids are raring to go and find the hidden chocolate! I think they look very pretty once finished and they are not too big so it means you can limit the sweet intake if you want, measuring 11cm wide each.

IMG_0350 (1)

If however chocolate is not your thing for an Easter Egg Hunt or you want to mix it up a bit then Baker Ross also offer some Easter toys including these Chick Plastic Eggs which you could fill with little surprises. A packet of 10 retails for £1.99 and also pictured above are the Egg Hi-Bounce Balls  £1.65 for 5.

All the products mentioned in the post are of the usual high standard which I have come to expect from Baker Ross and I would happily recommend them to our friends. I can see a lot of them getting pastel coloured sand for their little one’s Birthdays this year!

Have you got any crafting activities planned over the Easter break? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.





  1. These kits look fab. Talk of easter egg hunts always makes me chuckle. We normally have one at my sisters because she has a big garden. She also has chickens. I’ll always remember my youngest thinking he’d found one of the polystyrene eggs he was supposed to be hunting. It was only when he waved it excitedly in the air that I noticed it looked remarkably like a real egg. Sadly for him not before he’d gripped it too tightly and was left with egg on his face. Literally.

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