Third Trimester To Do List. I actually have quite a bit to fit into the last third of my pregnancy and I am sure I will be adding to this list as I go through it! If I am honest part of me probably believed I may not get to this point so up until now I have been focused very much on work and normal day to day life with Monkey. Suddenly at 30 weeks I am looking to start getting ready (by the time this is published I will be closer to 34!).

Third Trimester To do List
36 weeks pregnant photo taken by the amazing Kath at Maraschino Photography

This is the first post in a series and there will be others linked at the bottom around Natural Childbirth and Things to do on Maternity Leave as I prepare for our new arrival. I will be working up to week 37 so some of my ‘I want to do this’ has had to be tempered slightly as I am guilty of taking on too much at the best of times. So what am I looking to get up?

Third Trimester To Do List

Antenatal classes

I opted to go back to the NCT ones, as I went first time round and made some really good friends who definitely got me though those first months as a mum. It will be different this time round as we have all done it before and will have responsibilities such as school, pre-school and nursery runs. Logistically getting together will be harder but its still by far the easiest way for me to meet other mums. I am not very good at baby groups!

Book 4D scan

We had one of these with Monkey, wanting to treat them both the same makes me feel as though I can’t not have one this time round. I got the little photo book out of Monkey’s scan pictures the other day and he was fascinated.

Help Monkey get use to the idea of being a big brother

I recently wrote a post around some of the things we have been doing which you can read here. They definitely seem to be helping and he has grown quite fond of my bump in the last few weeks.

Big Brother Little Brother Tshirts

Move Monkey out of the nursery

If you have been following my weekly updates you will know that Hubby had decided to decorate not one but two rooms before the baby arrives. We only started this when I was about 29 weeks and we can only really progress it at the weekends. I think he had forgotten how much harder it is to do DIY with a 3 1/2 year old. But hopefully Monkey will be in his new room before the baby arrives. I did worry he maybe unsure about leaving the nursery but we let him pick out his bed (from a selection) and the fact its going to have a slide means the nursery doesn’t even get a second thought. And of course it will be blue – his favourite colour.

Go on a babymoon

I wrote a post about The Reasons to go on a Babymoon so I am not going to go over them again now but we knew we wanted to get away and reconnect after all we know what to expect this time round and the ride we are going to have!

Take Monkey on a little break

Now really we should have been decorating rather than holidaying but I felt it was really important to make some last memories as a family of three. Being the older child I don’t have many memories of when it was just me and my parents and I wanted to create some more for Monkey. So we had a little trip down to Devon and Cornwall and did things for him. I have put together a little album which I will narrate and it will go in his suitcase of baby bits.

Order my baby book

Ive opted for the same one I had for Monkey as it was so easy to use and actually got filled in. Unlike my pregnancy journal which is languishing with only a few sentences. I will be updating it while on maternity leave I am sure!

Go to a baby show

Just because you can, we never need an excuse to have a nose around new innovations in the baby department. I attended the Excel one in February with a friend and have fallen in love with an i-candy…. I’m just not sure I can justify it for one use …and there isn’t not going to be a Mudpie Fridays number three baby!!

Third Trimester To Do List
36 weeks pregnant photo taken by the amazing Kath at Maraschino Photography
Finalise my maternity leave

Complete the processes at work to finalise my leave and book any holiday prior to officially going off. Make sure I don’t have any outstanding questions around maternity pay or benefits, or any flexible benefits I will  still be paying for such as share schemes etc while off. After all I will need to make the money stretch as much as possible!

Get my hopping cough vaccine

This is new. When I was pregnant with Monkey you didn’t get the option having to wait until the 8 week jabs.

Start shopping for essentials

In all honesty this will probably not happen until I actually leave work. But I am planning on picking up a few bits up at the baby show.  Such as breast pads, new bottles, nipple cream, muslins, newborn dummies etc

Write down my birth preferences

Last time I did this right at the end because I was planing a home birth. This time things are more tricky and I know the hospital has differing views to me as to how things should progress. So I will be booking an appointment with the supervisory midwife to discuss what I would like. And what the risks are and if we can come to an agreement. In order to do that I need to be prepared.

Get the ball out of the loft

Sitting on the sofa is becoming uncomfortable and I would like bubba in the prime position so evenings will be spent on my birthing ball from now on.

Third Trimester To Do List
36 weeks pregnant photo taken by the amazing Kath at Maraschino Photography
Book some Acupuncture

I have a habit of holding onto babies and as the hospital is threatening to induce at term. I don’t see the harm in trying to help it along naturally. So I will beginning weekly appointments from 37 weeks

Start my perineal massage at 34 weeks  – more to come on this in my natural childbirth post.

Take some photos

The photos featured in this post are from my pregnancy with Monkey. This time round I won’t be having any professional photos done. Although with my newly acquired photography skills and equipment I am hoping to set some up at home with bump and Monkey. If we manage to fit it in I will be sharing them on Instagram.

Reacquaint myself with the only two books I read last time

I actually loved them so much I have leant them out. Which means now I need to try and find which pregnant friend has them as they have been passed around. Or get some new or second hand copie. What to expect when you are breast feeding and what if you can’t and The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan. Monkey went through the night at 6 weeks. I don’t know if its this book or not but I am going to try again!.

I am sure I have missed some things – what else is on your 3rd trimester to do list?  Please share this Third Trimester To Do List  with your pregnant friends.


Third Trimester To Do List

Third Trimester To Do List


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  2. This last trimester is going to fly by especially when you start maternity leave. Try to rest as its a whole new ball game with a toddler and a newborn

  3. lizzie ( firstooth )

    Ooo you’re so close now! Have fun in your 4d scan and on your babymoon I wish I was so lucky to go on one. My partner treated me to skiing when I was pregnant with baby 1. I know… skiing?! You have so much to look forward to and once your preparations and tick list is complete your gorgeous babe will make their arrival. It’s such an exciting time xx

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    I love all of your pregnancy photos! Pregnancy really suits you. There is so much to do to get ready for baby & when you have a child there’s a whole new to do list added on so your chid is also ready for baby! I love the big brother / little brother tops – adorable! It won’t be long now Clare!! #bloggerclubuk x

  5. My Petit Canard

    Great list, I havent done much in my first or second trimester so will probably have an equally long list! Lots on here that will be on mine too so Ill be popping back once I get round to sitting down and writing one 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  6. Not yet had the pleasure to experience this but I think you have covered pasted the basics and I am sure as you remember items you’ve forgotten you can add them to the list.

  7. mummascribbles

    Wow what a list! I might make a note of some of these for later in my pregnancy! I remember writing my birth plan the night before my 37 week check at which I found out Zach was breech! What a waste haha!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. Silly Mummy

    That is a very busy list! I think everyone ends up with their third trimester lists though! #BloggerClubUK

  9. anxiousgeek

    My wife is in her second trimester with our first, it’s good to see some of the things we’ll need to be thinking about towards the end. What baby book did you order?

  10. Double the Monkey Business

    What a great list!!! I am interested to hear how you get on with acupuncture, I have heard great things about that. I wish I had known about the The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan when the monkeys were babies!!! #BloggersClubUK

  11. mackenzieglanville

    oh you are so beautiful!! And I love those tops, I had little bro T-shirt for my son and the girls proudly wore their big sister badges for weeks, so cute #BloggersClubUK

  12. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Clare, these next few weeks are going to fly by and I love the way you are preparing Monkey for the arrival of his little brother (love the matching shirts!).

    I remember being fascinated at 3D scans so 4D scans must be pretty awesome! I hope that all goes to plan when the time comes.


  13. mummydaddymia

    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you! We only have Mia at the moment but if we do decide to have another child, my list would be pretty similar (apart from the work and maternity leave part this time!). We are worried about how Mia would be as a sibling as she requires a lot of our attention a the moment which I hope is just a phase! Good Luck with everything 🙂


  14. Petite Pudding (@petite_pudding)

    Much more organised than my Mummy, mind you I did try to make an early appearance at 35 weeks! Second pregnancy is a totally different ball game, sure it will all fall into place before little one gets here 🙂 Really useful blog for all those other expectant mothers out there!

  15. KidGearUK

    Wow, you are so organised! Definitely take some photos. I have quite a few from my first pregnancy but only one from my second (and that was unintentional, it’s just my bump getting in the way during an easter egg hunt!) #BloggerClubUK

  16. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    You are super organised! I really love the idea of taking Monkey for a special holiday to make some memories – I don’t remember a time before my little brother either! x #bloggerclubuk

  17. funkymrsknutts

    The babymoon should be top of that list… ?
    So organised (I’ve no idea how you’ll fit it all in alongside everything else but I know you will!!)
    Those tops are super cute too.
    I’m sure Monkey will love being a big brother, it’s bittersweet for us in a way because your baby is no longer your baby but although the dynamic changes, it’ll be the best fun ever.
    All the best.

  18. That’s a lovely list – lots of things are about you making sure each of your children has special memories and keepsakes, so that’s clearly really important to you. Those photos are absolutely stunning. I will always wish I had some more taken of me when I was pregnant but I was so self-conscious at the time. Anyway. I’d probably suggest some practical things – do you need to get the pram out? Get the car seat fitted? Pack your hospital bag or cook some meals for the freezer?!

  19. tammymum

    That’s a busy to do list, good luck at getting them done. Have a lovely baby point and don’t forget to relax Amongst all those to dos. #bloggerclubuk

  20. babiesbiscuitsandbooze

    Looks like you have lots to do! Such an exciting time though. My sister in law is 32 weeks with her third, I can’t wait. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. #BloggerClubUK

  21. The Pramshed

    Wow that is a very long list for your 3rd trimester, I hope that you also have rest and relaxation on your list as well. The other thing I found really useful was to make loads of meals that my husband could just get out the freezer for dinner, this really helped in the early days. Wishing you all the best for the final few weeks of pregnancy. Claire x #BloggerClubUK

  22. theladybirdsadventures

    That is quiet a list. I daren’t write mine down as I think it is so long and time just seems to be disappearing. I’ll be 29 weeks this weekend.

  23. niapattenlooks

    It’s so lovely that your going to do the same things as you did for your first. I hope you get a great second birth experience. My second birth was way way quicker than my first. Good luck xx #bloggerclubuk

  24. cherylbarry

    That’s a long list! I would definitely add – put your feet up and relax with a book before this trimester is out! Hope you get everything done. Thanks for hosting #BloggerClubUK

  25. Sara Handy Herbs

    You are so organised Clare! I hope you manage to tick off all the things on your list. Those pregnancy photos are absolutely stunning. You must be getting increasingly excited now you are getting so close 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  26. DomesticatedMomster

    I love love love the pictures!!! I have yet to have had the pleasure of doing a pregnancy shoot and I want to do one so bad!!! Your list is quite long there lady….don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I had a lot of complications with my second child so my only to do list was to make sure she was going to come out and live. You look absolutely beautiful Clare! Thanks so much for hostessing #BloggerUKClub!

  27. Mess and merlot

    It seems like another lifetime ago that I was at this stage but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t anywhere near this organised!! Love the little t-shirts and a final break away with your little monkey is a lovely idea. My eldest still loves having ‘just me and him time’ without his sister and he’s 7 now 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  28. Wow you’ve got loads to do, and you’re super organised having this list – I’m just winging it! I’ve literally just written a post asked for tips on helping Tyler adjust to the new baby, and I didn’t see your post – lots of great tips there that will help me – thank you! xx

  29. anywaytostayathome

    That is a super long list! I loved my 4D scan, I’d def do it again if I ever have another and our babymoon is still up there as one of my fave holidays. I’m actually jealous of the bed with a slide though, how much fun is that? #BloggerClubUK

  30. This Mum's Life

    Wow, what a list!!!! You are amazing, and very organised for wanting to get all of that done in the last few weeks! And the photos are absolutely stunning, what a lovely keepsake for you!! We did the babymoon (well, we went down to Devon for a night!) before the second baby. Other than that, we had no furniture for him, I was packing my hospital bag at 7cm dilated, and scribbling a birth plan on the way to hospital! I was overdue as well, I was just disorganised!! I couldn’t prepare my eldest for being a big brother, as he was only 14 months old-he’s still very reluctant to accept his big brother status 2 years down the line!

  31. cydneyhelsdown

    Wow i wish i was this organised when i was in my third trimester, i’m such a last minute person. I wish i took more photos of my pregnancy, it went way too quickly and only have some poor quality phone pictures, would’ve loved some more professional ones but hey ho!
    Great post! #bloggersclubuk

  32. All about a Mummy

    I remember the 3rd trimester well. First time I could barely move from SPD. Second time was a lot better but I was shattered running around after a nearly 3yr old! I hope it goes well for you xx #BloggerClubUK

  33. Let kids be kids

    Great list, wish I had had one when I was pregnant. We had the I-candy for my twins…loved it! #BloggerClubUK

  34. thesparklenest

    A great list. We had a baby moon with number 1, it was amazing. I’ll have to look up the sensational baby sleep book and put it on my wish list! The photographs are amazing too. Good luck! x

  35. Kerry-Ann

    You seem to be super organised and ready for anything…I love the pregnancy pics – they are gorgeous and the baby books are a must. I wrote a pregnancy diary for both mine – they are lovely to read a couple of years down the line. I wish you all the best at this exciting time! xx #BloggerClubUK

  36. teachingmum81

    How organised are you?! I didn’t do any of this for my first, never mind my second!! I am such a disorganised person. The baby moon is a genius idea – wish we had had one. Good luck with everything – with a list like that, you are all going to be fine. X #bloggerclubuk

  37. Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Ah, you look amazing in your pregnancy pictures! I wish I’d had something like that done – I have about two pictures of me pregnant, as I hated how I looked and banned anyone from taking any. I regret that a lot now! Enjoy the babymoon and best of luck with getting all the decorating done (the bed slide sounds amazing!)

  38. Agent Spitback

    WOW, that’s a long list! The babymoon sounds good I couldn’t do much because I was in bed the whole of my third trimester with my last child with severe back ache. There was so much but I could only order my poor husband around. LOL… #bloggerclubuk

  39. So many brilliant experiences on this to-do list – we went to NCT classes and would have been lost without the friendships we made there. I also had a 4D scan and LOVED the experience, so strange watching the DVD back now 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  40. teacuptoria

    Yikes it sounds like you’ve got plenty to do! I’m a big list maker as love being organised. What a great photo too, such a good idea, you look great. Hope it’s all going well! xx

  41. That is quite the list! Good luck in getting them all done. x #BloggerClubUK

  42. nightwisprav3n

    Wow! You have a lot on your to-do list. The most I ever did with my pregnancies was get their rooms ready and buy last minute diapers, wipes, and such. Good for you for having all of these things written down. I hope you get them all done in time. Best of luck! Thanks for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  43. beautybabyandme

    You look beautiful in the pics you must be so pleased with them! Remember to take it easy if you can too – you deserve it xx #BloggerClubUK

  44. Wow what a list!you are so organised. When I was pregnant I spent the last few weeks just sat on the sofa. I love your professional bump photos, they’re gorgeous xx #BloggerClubUK

  45. Michaela

    What a big list, hope you get them all done, love the pregnanct pictures #BloggerClubUK

  46. Wander Mum

    I’ve just reached my third trimester too… not sure about you but it’s gone so quickly this time around! Our older children are around the same age as well. I have got some inspiration from your post… I wasn’t going to do the antenatal classes again but maybe I should… I need to write my list!! Mine will look similar to yours. There is SO much on it although I am finishing work around 32 weeks (SOON!) so hoping to nail a lot of it when Mrs T is at nursery. Where are you going on your baby moon? I have my hopping cough vaccine this afternoon. Look forward to reading more about your journey. Hope you are feeling alright! Lots of love. xx

  47. justsayingmum

    wow, such a pregnant girl’s list! I was just the same – but in all fairness I think once a mum the lists don’t stop. Really hope you manage to get most of them done. I would definitely add a pedicure and manicure to the list as well as a haircut – some real you time. Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks #BloggerClubUK

  48. islandliving365

    You are so organised. Well done you. How exciting that you are nearly there now-eeeeks! #bloggerclubuk

  49. Idaintyit

    Great list, nice to see you are organised! You are on the home stretch now and its so exciting, I am dying for a second baby

  50. Coombe Mill

    Oh my that is a huge to do list with some amazing things. I’m sure I didn’t manage half of them so don’t make any of them a chore, more a positive if you make them happen. I I love the idea of a 4D scan, something that wasn’t around in my day and I’m all for the Babymoon. #TwinklyTuesday

  51. Newcastle Family Life

    I love those pregnancy photos from your first pregnancy, I wish I had of had some taken when I was pregnant. Those brother tops are very cute too. I hope you manage to tick the things that you want off your list before baby arrives x

  52. Sarah Howe

    Wow you have a mammoth list but loads of this things are lovely to do! The photos you previously had are stunning 🙂 I hope you get all the decorating done and get your breaks in xx #twinklytuesday

  53. Ana De-Jesus

    You look beautiful hun we need to see pictures of you more often! I can’t wait to see bubba when he finally arrives and have you tried acupuncture before?

  54. bubbablue

    I love the pregnancy photos. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Hope you get as much of your list done as possible. I went to NCT classes and loved them, and most of them 5 years later I still see (although not so much as they meet during the week when I’m working)

  55. Emma (@MeBeeandBo)

    Wow that is a big list! I hope you manage to get some photos of your pregnancy now, so that you can look back on them when baby is born and older!

  56. Rhian Westbury

    Wow such a lot of things to do before the new baby arrives. I bet Monkey is so excited for his new room he won’t even remember about the nursery. x


    Wow I love this list! You are very inspiring to want to get through it all. The photographs are stunning and you look lovely! H x

  58. Wow, that is a very long list and I admire you for being so organised. Love those tops so cute and I think it is important to go on that baby moon before you give birth and also the special trip for the little man before his sibling arrives 🙂 x

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