Welcome back to my pregnancy weekly updates – the below are extracts from my journal which I have been writing each week, I am currently almost 35 weeks pregnant so a couple of weeks behind which I am hoping to catch up with soon! I try and post an update each week so check back for further updates.

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For some reason in my head 32 weeks seems like a bit of a milestone, I have no idea why as such it just does. I guess I know babies that made an appearance at this age so maybe thats something to do with it. I do know that these last few weeks are going to fly by and I can almost taste maternity leave. I am so looking forward to doing nothing for a couple of days. Monkey will continue to go to nursery Tuesday through to Thursday while I am off. Unless I suddenly dream up some days out or adventures we want to partake in before Kipper (Pip has been replaced!) arrives and I keep him out. Having a sibling is going to be a big upheaval for him as well as us and I want to keep his routine as similar as possible, plus going to school in September means he needs those valuable pre-school sessions. I am looking forward to planning some days out with the two of them once things have settled down. I have big plans for my maternity leave albeit only 6 months which I will be sharing in coming posts.

852901362cd65eb341e6ac5035771633723007313d46186be26790e835129c6408bcdc2f 17.57.56So the biggest thing that happened this week was our 4D scan! I have written a post all about it here, so will not go into it now. Other than we did get one good photo which I haven’t been able to resist sharing on social media. Monkey was very impressed with he photos and it lead to me getting his little album out with his own 3D photos in. We were also pleased to find out that Kipper is no longer breech!! He’s moved head down and his spine is to my left so a perfect position. The trick of course is to keep him there but I am finally starting to use my ball more so hopefully that will help.

We had our last NCT class this week, as its a second time mums one you only get four sessions. Which seemed like a bit of a shame. Its left me motivated to sort out my birth preferences and to try and avoid induction. We mainly covered natural ways to help things along and I have booked weekly Acupuncture sessions in from 37 weeks. We also talked around ideas of how to help our first borns accept the new baby. One of the girls recommend a book called “Calm Parents, Happy Siblings” which is now sitting on my book shelf ready for maternity leave reading. 

Weight wise I have not put on anything more so still at 2.7kg although all I really fancy eating are foods high in sugar and I am addicted to orange squash. which I am trying to curtail as much as possible. The upstairs looks like a bombs hit it as we are finally starting to move forward on the decorating and shifting clothes around. I threw out another four black bin liners full of clothes in addition to the eight we had done previously and Hubby has been taking the furniture apart so he can start papering the room next weekend. Socially we have kept the calendar empty to allow for whatever needs doing. I have arranged a carpet fitter for the beginning of my 34th week. After that we can move back in and then sort Monkey’s room out. I can see me painting murals on the walls as I go into labour!

Work wise this was my last full on week, I had several early starts and Hubby had to do the nursery run a couple of days. However after this week I will be ore desk bound and I only have one more planned trip into London which is also good. I am seeing clients now that I won’t see until I come back after maternity leave. In a strange way I am feeling less stressed about it and my insomnia is finally subsiding. Touch wood sleeping is going okay and I am yet to need to sleep with my cushion which is just as well as theres not a lot of room. Sometimes I am a little stiff after a long car journey (a number of my clients are 2+ hours away) but I will be seeing the chiropractor again soon so I am sure she will help to sort me out. 

Expect more pregnancy related posts as we head towards my maternity leave starting on the 8th April as I finally get my head into baby mode!!


  1. I know what you mean about the milestone – a friend of mine had her little one at 26 weeks – he is a strapping boy of 5 now but it was hard. It is great to hear that you are having such a healthy pregnancy and already in the homestretch! H x

  2. I can’t believe you aren’t on maternity leave yet! I took all the time I could get :p 32 weeks is a bit of a milestone I think – or at least that’s what I felt like! What a fab 4D scan!! turned out brilliantly

  3. I’m glad your maternity leave is coming up soon, that way you can focus on just relaxing and waiting for your baby to come 🙂 You’re so lucky to not have gained more weight. I think I just kept gaining weight when I was pregnant 😉 Anyway, have a lovely Easter break and looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy updates 🙂 x

  4. ooh not long to go! I definitely planned my second maternity leave better. I really wish I knew that NCT did classes just for second time mums, I didn’t even think to look! x

  5. Kerry Norris Reply

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. How lovely that you had a 4d scan. I bet that was an amazing experience. I’m glad it was your last full on week in work as you haven’t got long left till your due so you need to have some relaxation time if possible x

  6. I am so glad that kipper is not breech anymore and it is great that you are exploring your birth options. I bet Monkey loved seeing the 3D photos too xx

  7. The weeks are flying by aren’t they! Can’t believe you get 4 sessions of birth prep classes specifically for second time mums, where I am there are just 2 birth prep classes and they aren’t tailored to first time or subsequent time mums, it’s just the one set for everyone. Most second time mums don’t go to these classes here at all – I felt a bit strange being at them myself 🙂 Anyway best of luck with the next few weeks!

  8. Candice@ Lifeinamumshell.com Reply

    wow, busy busy. love the 3d picture. enjoy the last of your pregnancy, your almost there!!! look forward to hearing the good news! x

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