We were lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people at Wyevale Garden Centres to see if we would like to meet the Easter Bunny. Of course I said yes, they have 153 centres across England and Wales, one of which is Old Barn Nurseries less than ten minute drive away. Its by far our favourite garden centre as we are in the process of planting up a 200ft garden and visit frequently always making good use of the their Gardening Club Offers. In fact I suspect that will be where I head on my first day of maternity leave! Because of this we had high expectations and the question is did they live up to them?

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

We arrived promptly at 9.30am and headed to the restaurant area which is actually set up in an Old Barn (hence the name). Monkey is fascinated by the barn and often asks questions around its age and what it was used for prior to becoming a restaurant. There is something lovely about the setting, and it does remind me of some of the barns we saw while looking for a wedding venue. Its always bright and airy and we have been known to visit for lunch or breakfast reasonably regularly. There is a large seating area outside ideal for the Summer months, although you have to be quick as theres normally a fight for tables!

The barn was set up beautifully and I wish I had managed to take a photo of all the little tables with their white table cloths, potted primroses in various colours and goody bags waiting for the children to devour. It didn’t take Monkey long to try and get into the eggs! Although we did limit consumption before breakfast to just a taste, thankfully he was very happy completing his little activity mat while waiting for the food to arrive. We were offered water, orange or blackcurrant squash for the children or tea or coffee for the adults as soon as we sat down. Plus refills during the meal. Being pregnant I asked if they had decaf tea and got presented with my own little teapot full. I always feel bad asking for decaf I don’t know why! But you got the impression that nothing was too much trouble. As you pre-order your breakfast you don’t have to wait long which is another bonus.


We had each opted for the Adult Great British Breakfast at £7.99 which consisted of pork sausage, two bacon rashers, black pudding, fried egg, fried bread, hash brown, flat mushroom, grilled tomato, beans and toast. Now I’m a bit fussy when it comes to cooked breakfasts and would have normally opted for a sausuage sandwich so you will see my plate above is minus some of the items. Needless to say Hubby did very well out of the deal! We had ordered the child’s version for £9.99 (there are lots of extras as you will see hence the price which is extremely good value). Monkey was served up bacon rashers, scrambled egg, hash brown, baked beans and toast soldiers. Monkey is allergic to egg and we had requested that this be changed on the booking form but the message hadn’t made it through to the kitchen. However when we asked for it to be changed a new plate came out straight away, the waiting staff  again couldn’t have been more helpful.


There was also the option for an adult mini breakfast for £3.99 which was a croissant with your tea and coffee. After the children had finished their breakfasts a very special guest made an appearance and walked round all the tables meeting the little guests and giving them high fives. Monkey suddenly became very shy! Which is unusual for him! Once everyone had a chance to meet the Easter Bunny we were invited for a photo opportunity in a little area they had set up specifically surrounded by Spring plants and bulbs.


At first Monkey was insisting I joined him but by the time it was our turn he had a little more confidence and sat their happily. Once back at the table the Easter Bunny then proceeded to walk round offering out a soft toy to all the children. There was the choice of a bunny or a chick. Monkey decided on the chick.


It was a nice touch not something I would normally expect from this sort of event, plus its not chocolate which Monkey has far too much of! Although he’s not settled on a name yet Quack seemed to be pretty high up on the list! It felt like the event kept giving as next up was the opportunity to decorate your own Easter egg biscuit.

Each child was given a plate with a short bread biscuit, a little piping bag of butter icing, a pot of chocolate chips and a pot of sprinkles. Monkey needed a little bit of a hand with the icing to get it spread out reasonably evenly but he needed no prompting with the other decorations. I think he did pretty well:


Finally just as you weren’t expecting anything more and thinking about packing up to leave, all the children were encouraged to get up and hunt for some little packets of Haribo sweets. It was great to watch them all dart off in different directions. The whole event lasted just over an hour, but they do suggest to leave an hour and a half. Although we have visited on one of the last days it actually ran from the 14th of March until the 28th of March.

One of the things I like about Wyevale is all of the activities they put on over the school holidays. The first week in April is no different. They have a series of ‘Little Digger’ events including creating your own enchanted garden to planting tomato plants all available at very reasonable prices. You can find out more on their Events Page.


Things we loved:

  • We booked our session online and it was very easy and straightforward, the e-ticket arrived almost immediately
  • There was no additional surcharge for the adult breakfast, a full English is normally £7.99 and thats all we payed
  • The customer service was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble for the waiting staff
  • Value for money! For £9.99 Monkey got a hot breakfast, some mini eggs on arrival, unlimited drinks, a visit from the Easter Bunny and the opportunity to have photo taken with him, a soft toy, to ice a biscuit and to go on a sweetie hunt. Compared to other local ‘Easter’ events it was brilliant value for money.

Thank you so much Wyevale Garden Centres we will definably be back again next year. We were given tickets for the Easter Bunny Event free of charge in return for a review, all opinions are my (and Monkey’s) own.

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  1. Looks like a great experience and really good value. I do have to say though I *always* find anyone dressed as the Easter bunny to be a bit sinister. A 6ft grinning bunny is just never right! ☺But looks great for kids!

  2. This seems like brilliant value for money, and I’m glad Monkey had such a fantastic time! I’m really glad that the service was excellent and you and your husband got an enjoyable time out of it also! Off to go vote for you in the mad awards 🙂 xxx

  3. I do love a good Sunday fry-up, when our Sundays are not packed as they already are. My daughter was really eager to show me what the Easter Bunny had brought her. Needless to say, she ate quite a bit of chocolate and spent most of the afternoon on a sugar loaded 3-4 hours of madness. grrrrrrrrr.

    Thank you for sharing.

    John M

  4. Look at that cookie! That is amazing and I like the sound of the mini adult breakfast, lord knows I need some decaf coffee right now.

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