So I have this wishful feeling that Kipper may well make an appearance before my due date which is the 2nd of May. I could be wrong he maybe like his big brother and want to stick around inside for 16 days extra! But incase he doesn’t and my instincts do end up being right I thought it was time I caught up on my journal as I have been a couple of weeks behind now for a while! Hence the reason I have joined up weeks 33 and 34. I am just in the middle of my 35th week so next week we will be on track!

33 weeks pregnant

Week 33 was always intended to be manic at work, well it wasn’t intended it just happened but it had been planned if that makes say sense? I needed to do a number of introductory meetings with my manager with some new clients. So on several days I was up and out of the house between 6.30 and 7am. I would by lying if it didn’t take its toll but the feedback was good which will help me when I return to work in November. However being manic did mean that I didn’t really give the pregnancy much thought I was just involved in the whirlwind of work, looking after Monkey and sleeping.

However week 34 was much more eventful. I spent the weekend writing out my birth preferences for our consultant meeting on the Monday. If I am honest with myself it was my ‘do battle’ document, based on my experience last time round I felt as though I was doing exactly that going in to fight my corner. To be honest I couldn’t be more wrong! Im not sure if it just because Im a second time mum or because I explained my reasoning without getting emotional or the dogged determination that I won’t be swayed unless Kipper is at risk. But I walked out with the answers I wanted, I will not be induced at 40 weeks, I will go over if needed and I have not committed to anything from a time frame perspective. He will join us when he’s ready. I would like to labour in the pool for pain relief on the condition I birth out of the water, confirmation that this has been agreed is now on my notes.

I have agreed to a sweep which goes against my hypnobirthing but having had several last time round if they get him moving I would still like to be close to my due date if possible. Especially as the growth scan at 33+6 identified Kipper (on the conservative side I begged the lady to use the smallest measurements she took) at 6lb 6oz! I have also booked in for a haematologist appointment at 37 weeks so I can understand the longer term implications for the sticky blood.

Naomi my Hyponobirthing practitioner came round for a refresher and has motivated me to dig out the CDs and re-read the book. It was great chatting through my concerns with her and identifying what my visualisations will be. I already know the breathing techniques worked for me last time. Its good to feel that I am finally making some steps towards preparing for the birth … especially if he does make an early appearance.

My tummy button is starting to disappear, I never got to the outie stage before but I do feel a lot bigger this time round. Although getting on the scales I have only put on 2.7kg around half a stone most of which is taken up by Kipper. Ive laid off the cake to try and minimise my sugar intake as much as possible and reduce the growth of Kipper as he grew 1lb and 5oz in 10 days! I am also starting to get acid everytime I eat. Kippers movements have a definite pattern now and he often wakes me in the early mornings, not that I am complaining at all. 

Monkey is taking even more of an interest in him and often asking if he is awake or asleep. If he’s asleep he wants to wake him up. I am hoping this is not going to be something which is habit forming! Over the Easter weekend Hubby worked hard to get us back into our bedroom which is now prettily papered and will look great once the new furniture arrives. We also went paint shopping for Monkey’s new room and apart from the cutting in it has been stripped and painted, which means we will be able to order his new bed this coming weekend. Once Monkey is in his new room it will allow me to start to nest as the upstairs should be back together, and we can get the baby clothes down from the loft. Although I have been tempted by a few new purchases over the last couple of weeks. I think this is partly because I don’t have anything down from the loft yet.

By the time you read this post I will only have 6 working days left before my maternity leave starts, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to having  a bit more time at home and putting my feet up a little before Kipper arrives. Although this coming week I am looking forward to wiring up my to-do list once I have stopped work!





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