When you read this it will be my last day at work before starting Maternity Leave and the enormity is starting to hit home! The below are extracts from my journal which I have been writing each week although they haven’t made it into my actual pregnancy journal. Thats a job for once the maternity leave starts!

35 weeks

This week at work has been very busy again even though things were meant to be slowing down Ive had a lot of projects to finish up and to make sure everyone is happy before I go off. I also had to  venture into London for my last meeting for 6 months, thankfully my boss agreed I could travel in after rush hour. Although I did catch it on the way home and despite being the size of a house I had to wait for someone to get off the train before I managed to grab a seat! It was nice though as there was a card and a collection with the only pre-requisite that it needs to be spent on the baby. I am sure I will be able to manage that! I wasn’t expecting it at all. 

On Saturday I had a bit of an impromptu Baby Shower, one of my NCT friends suggested we should do something to mark the occasion, but I didnt want loads of gifts. Instead I opted for girlie afternoon tea and we had a wondeful time. I will be writing a separate post on it so I don’t want to give too much away but we had a great selection of games. Two friends really stepped up and provided entertainment in a number of ways I really couldn’t have asked for more. Considering I wasn’t going to bother I am so glad I did.

Weight wise I am starting to put on around 500g or a 1lb a week which is about right. I know you may think I am a little crazy monitoring it but I am more at risk with pre-eclapsia this time round and sudden weight gain is a sign. So just checking in really. I expect to put on more now as Kipper is growing quickly and on the larger side. I still have a very sweet tooth which I am trying to moderate and making sure I eat as much fruit and veg as possible to avoid some of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. My feet are also starting to swell by the end of the day although they go down again over night, considering there is no heat at the moment its something else I need to watch and will be bringing this up at my next midwife appointment at 36 weeks. 

After several weeks of not bruising with the injections my legs are covered again, they are lumpy and catch when I brush up against a low table or similar. I have booked in a pregnancy massage without really thinking about it but I am going to have to warn them to be careful!  Its  a little depressing and I am trying to stop myself starting a count down chart!! I stop the aspirin next week which is just as well as I managed to cut my finger on a ticket machine of all things, and I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding for about an hour. It wasn’t even a deep cut thank goodness for my car first aid kit otherwise I would have been driving with it dripping everywhere. We know Kipper has quite a bit of hair from the last scan, so did Monkey although his all fell out before birth due to being over cooked. Kipper is also sitting high which means I am starting to really suffer from acid. I have been able to keep it under control with milk and gavisgon tablets but the last couple of nights its woken me up so I will need to start to sleep with the liquid next to the bed!!

Some of my new NCT mummies have started to have their babies which makes it very real! Monkey came into bed for a cuddle and started kissing my bump and talking excitedly about the baby. For the first time I felt really guilty about how its going to turn his world upside down. Up until this point its not bothered me at all but all of sudden I was thinking about how his life is going to change and how thats all our fault! I also can’t fathom how my love will grow to encompass two. Friends have said it just happens and you end up loving both children more. I am sure it will be fine and that will happen but the thoughts have stayed with me.

I am so looking forward to starting my maternity leave and being able to nest although we still have a lot to do upstairs. Monkey’s room is painted and some of the furniture has been put together. Although we are still waiting on a number of the bits and his bed. I can see the weekend being consumed by flat pack furniture and sorting out. It would be wonderful to get everything sorted out as I am desperate to nest and get all the baby clothes out of the loft but we are a way off that at the moment. Although for my first week Hubby is going to be travelling in Europe, after not having to travel for the last 9 months. I must admit I am not looking forward to being 37 weeks pregnant and effectively a single parent of a boisterous 3.5 year old. But it will continue to keep my mind off things. I also have a friend who lives in the same village who will do my injections – yes I am still rubbish and can’t bring myself to do them! 



  1. Do hope things get better soon, I’m sure they will! It’s good to know that you’re starting your maternity leave tomorrow. That way you can just get all the stress-free (I hope) rest you need. Sending you positive and happy vibes! 🙂

  2. Exciting times! It’s towards the end of a pregnancy when everything really starts to get properly real, in a sense. Wishing you all the best for the coming weeks! (and how lovely re: baby shower!)

  3. Not long to go now! The last few weeks are strange aren’t they, the time seems to go slowly but quickly at the same time! Hope it all goes smoothly for you, and you know, your love for your first child doesn’t get shared with the second, you get a whole load of new love just for them! x

  4. Hurray for maternity leave. Don’t worry that love for your second baby hits you just like the first baby. It’s overwhelming the love you have for two people, it totally consumes me sometimes I love them so much. But totally naturally to feel like you do until they arrive and then you forget you ever felt like that x

  5. Must be nice knowing you can go on mat leave, and keep an eye on all the things you’re looking out for. Hopefully the final run goes smoothly.

  6. Not too long left now 🙂 Do you have to inject heparin each day? I had to in my pregnancies. I had factor v leiden which can cause blood clots during pregnancy. Not easy, but it’s worth it in the end, when we get to hold our precious bundles. Enjoy your mat leave and get those feet up of an eve xx

  7. Fingers crossed that things get better soon hun but it is great that you will be having time with your baby bump without being at work. Good luck lovely x

  8. Happy Maternity Leave! I hope you manage to get some rest in there. I was craving sugar too near the end and Evie was sitting high, the acid every night was so terrible. I had a pregnancy massage and oh my…it was the most comfortable I’d felt in a long time. It’s good you’re monitoring your weight, eclampsia is so awful it’s good to be keeping an eye out for it. Don’t fret about turning Monkey’s life upside down. It’ll be an adjustment at first, but you’re also giving him a life long friend and partner in crime, someone who will always be there with him no matter what. xx

  9. Kerry Norris Reply

    Gosh you’ll be on maternity leave very soon. How lovely to have had an afternoon tea as a baby shower. I did the same. Don’t worry about love for your second. I worried so much but as soon as they are in your arms, you burst with love x

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