I should warn you now this is probably going to end in a bit of a rant! The pregnancy hormones are in full swing and I had a suspect consultant appointment at then beginning of the week which I just need to get of my chest. The below are extracts from my journal which I have been writing each week.

36 weeks

Week 36 brought about the beginning of my maternity leave. The last few days at work I was hoping for a bit of a relax and an opportunity to clear out my office to make sure its all ready for me to come back to in November. There is nothing worse than having to do it on my return to work, I tried that last time and it was throughly depressing at an already difficult time. However it end up being pretty hectic which has meant that I haven’t really had much chance to think about Kipper or maternity leave. 

The majority of the weekend was spent putting the furniture together for Monkey’s room and he managed to sleep in his big boy bed and hasn’t left since. However theres still rails to install and draws to make so he’s not actually moved in yet. Although hopefully next weekend we will manage it completely and the wall stickers will go up along with all the finishing touches. Then I can finally start nesting and deep cleaning the nursery. 

Getting on the scales I have still managed to keep the weight gain pretty low at 4.3kg most of which is likely to be baby. Right so now for the ranting bit…

I had a consultant and haematology appointment on Monday, now depending if my due date is the 2nd or 3rd of May this is either on exactly 37 weeks or 36+6. I am not sure as they seem to change my date depending on who you are talking to. I don’t really mind I have always subscribed to the fact that its a guess date and Kipper will make an appearance when he’s ready.I guess what I am saying is this could fall into this week or next week but I need to get it off my chest so here it is… 

This was the first appointment which Hubby hasn’t attended as he has been in Germany and Hungry this week for work. I don’t know if this made the difference or not. I had taken my Herpin injection with me as I still can not bare to do it myself. I need not have worried and I am glad we pushed to see the haematologist… basically he was very nice but he’s not convinced my sticky blood is active. Because I have never had a clot. Although I have two positive tests for the antibody, that antibody could effectively be inactive, which is the case in around 60% of people with it. Which ultimately means I may not have needed to be on the Heprin in the first place. Now I would choose healthy baby over a few injections any day. But it does make you wonder why I was not offered the haematologist initially at my 14 week appointment. He went on to say that I should come off the Herpin around 35/36 weeks so it is completely out my system by the time I deliver. Not what the consultant had said at 34 weeks in fact she had said the complete opposite. Again it makes you wonder if I had rocked up half way though labour having only had a blood thinning injection 12 hours prior what would have happened? 

The good news is that I will not need to continue with the Heprin now post delivery for more than 10 days (it was 6 weeks). Also I won’t need to worry about taking any other medication into the future. I think we will still probably seek advice at some point as I don’t want to run the risk of having a clot after all how does that antibody become active?

So my head was pretty spinning as you can imagine. My placenta has been working in overdrive because of the thinners which is great for baby but it does mean he’s on the large side. I thought I would ask for another growth scan after all my history of shoulder distorta would need to be considered. Somehow this reasonable question ended up with me agreeing to an indiction date. What? Thats the last thing I want. I felt completely over whelmed when I came out of the hospital. How did they manage to get me to agree to something I absolutely don’t want, three against one thats how. The midwife that told me all about it after was brilliant, she could already sense the stress that was starting to set in.  She told me I could cancel the day before and ask for another consultation. Thats not happening either. I cancelled the next day after a very emotional out burst over the phone to Hubby who felt absolutely useless as he’s in another country. Thankfully he knew just what to say. Those people that know me will know how stubborn and strong willed I am yet I was still pushed into something I didn’t want. What happened to expectant management and the conversation I had, had with the exact same consultant three weeks ago?

I was pretty stressed which is not good for baby either… oh and angry. I had to take part in some retail therapy (Hubby’s suggestion) to help my mood which I will be telling you all about in next weeks update. 





  1. Good for you for cancelling, these people are often so pushy and manipulative in our hormonal state!

    I was automatically given an induction with my first which ended in a section, I assumed it was the norm because i wasn’t given any other option! It wasn’t until much later that I found out that things could have been different. So for my second I decided (at 37 weeks) to have a home birth so I couldn’t be interfered with even though I was classed as high risk (less than 0.5%!) for rupture. So glad I did!

    Hang on in there and don’t go to any more appointments without backup! (ps well done husband!) x

  2. Double the Monkey Business Reply

    Oh I wish I had seen a giveaway like this when the boys were babies!
    I am sorry you felt pushed into agreeing to something you didn’t want, doctors tend to have a knack for that 🙁 x

  3. I am so sorry to hear you have been going through this, its a nightmare when doctors give two different sets of advise and end up agreeing to something you are not sure about.

  4. Oh I had those injections for 6 weeks after my sons birth ( due to very high BP in labour and being at risk of a bleed to my brain) I could not inject them in to myself either. I bet you are glad to be on maternity leave now x

  5. Please don’t have an unnecessary induction! I hope you got a growth scan, even if baby is on the larger side its still better to wait for spontaneous labour. Did you go into labour last time? At how many weeks? How much did he weigh? Good luck x

    *sp shoulder dystocia xx

  6. So sorry to hear how your appointment went but fair play to you for cancelling your induction straight away if you weren’t happy with it. I was scheduled for induction on my first and when I later tried to push out the date I was told that I couldn’t, went ahead with the induction but baby wasn’t ready and ended up with a c section after a long labour – wish I had waited for baby to come in their own time.

  7. Oh hun you deserve all the retail therapy you can get, I am sorry to hear about how much stress you have been under but glad the Herpin will be over soon x

  8. I’m looking forward tonight to reading your posts.
    I am 29 weeks pregnant and have APS and other issues… Ive found few blogs/IG etc about People’s experiences most are American so things are slightly different.
    Good Luck with the end of your pregnancy I feel for you with how emotional it is and easy to agree without agreeing. There should be no reason if you are well and the baby is well you shouldn’t have things how you want.

  9. I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going the way you’d hoped. Hope you stick to your guns and get the help you need to make an informed decision that you’re happy with.

  10. Rachel Craig Reply

    Pleased to read that you are keeping a journal. It may be beneficial later to reflect on it, and how your journey has been. By sharing your experiences in this blog, may benefit other women :- when in similar situation. Best Wishes. Though it seems you don’t have much maternity leave till baby likely to be born. As you mention :- E.D.D, is only an Estimate ( Estimated Date of Delivery).

  11. I’m sorry to hear things arent going as well as you hoped, hope is all okay xx

  12. Sarah Mackay Reply

    Sorry, things are going quite as planned. Ultimately you have to do what you feel is best.

  13. Lynn Heath Reply

    Wow, I’m sorry to read that you were treated this way and I am glad you stuck to your guns, hopefully this is just a small hic up and you can now kick back and enjoy the last few weeks!


    My daughter is expecting her third baby and would love these

  15. retail therapy always works for me!!! hope you are feeling calmer & less stressed now x

  16. DEBORAH BIRD Reply

    That is really interesting. I also have anti phospholipid syndrome and I have never had a clot either! However I was unaware that you could have the antibodies and it not be active! Grrrr! I will also have to have the injections if I become pregnant but at the moment I have to take aspirin every day!

  17. Jayne West Reply

    You can never have enough muslins – and these are gorgeous as well as practical

  18. Im currently pregnant with our 3rd miracle baby I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough ride its all worth it and your beautiful baby will be in your arms before you no it xx all the best

  19. Sharon Ruth Rafferty Reply

    Pregnancy is stressful enough without all these pushy people 🙁
    I feel like I want to give you a hug.
    All we want is healthy babies and will do anything for them.
    Good luck and best wishes xx

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