If I am honest I wasn’t going to write about my experiences surrounding Monkey’s birth, however as Kipper’s is getting closer (2 weeks to go now!). Selfishly I think it will help me put certain things to rest as things didn’t exactly go to plan and this is now impacting on my birth decisions for Kipper. You will know from my post Preparing for a Natural Birth that this is my preference this time round as it was last, however as we get closer the ‘size’ of Kipper is becoming a worry. Why? Well heres why….

When your Birth Plandoesnt go to plan!

Prior to Monkey’s birth I was super prepared, attending Hypno Birthing classes and doing as much research into gentle birthing as possible. I purposely avoided one born every minute or anything which I felt went against what I was aiming for. Instead I seeked out Youtube videos that showed water and active births. I listened very night to my relaxation CDs and visualised the birth that I wanted. Sound obsessive? Maybe. Of course my guess date came and went, in the end I was 16 days over when I eventually went into labour naturally. Don’t get me wrong I do not recommend doing this, I understood the risks and visited the hospital daily for monitoring, I asked for expectant management and they helped me with my request. In the end I think it was a combination of a sweep and a four mile hike that actually got him moving.

16486780f88a6c626510d2b31e57f6972376c83058b6eb8d70c45a3651f31a76db97d196I got my first surge (contraction) at around 9.30 in the evening when I was putting the last of the washing out. I took a couple of paracetamol and had a warm bath, with candles and turned on my relaxation CDs while Hubby attended to the pool. Part of the reason I did not want to be induced was because I had been planning a home water birth. The pool had been blown up three weeks previously, and Hubby did a great job of filling it up. I can’t tell you how long it took. Then Hubby rung the home birth midwives only to find that they had sickness and really I needed to go into hospital. We pleaded and at midnight two wonderful ladies turned up to support us, one of them the head a midwife for the area. Dragged out of bed they were brilliant I couldn’t have asked for more. They kept my monitoring limited as I had requested. Up to 5cm I was active walking around and leaning up against the wall most of the time – don’t ask me why but it helped and moving my hips in circles. I can visualise it now. At 5cm I got in the pool, I am not sure what time it was, it was dark. We had dimmed lighting and I basically fell asleep in between surges I was so relaxed. By the time the sun had come up I was at 7cm, no pain relief other than the water. Then I slowed. Its a bit hazy but at some point the decision was made I needed to get out of the water to speed things up.

I ended up having a puff on the gas and air – my first mistake, it made me throw up everywhere, poor Hubby got the brunt of it. Then I stopped literally no more surges. The adrenaline rush had been too great and nothing was going to get the labour going again. Because I was 16 days over they did not want to break my waters at home, as it was likely I would need to go into hospital on blues. So instead I made everyone a cuppa and we waited for the ambulance to turn up, I also made them tea and it was all a bit surreal knowing I was 7cm but nothing going on! However as soon as I laid down in the back of the ambulance I had the biggest contraction that seemed to last literally the full 45 minute journey to the hospital. Now we live in the middle of no where and there are a lot of single track roads with big pot holes and the ambulance took the fastest route according to sat nav. Which meant I think we hit every single one, Hubby followed in the car trying to direct him to the main road!

Once in hospital the midwife who had accompanied me thought I would only be in for a couple of hours and that she would see me at home the next day with our baby. How wrong could we get… I was put straight into a delivery room, I wanted to go back into the water. However they were reluctant to let me because I had slowed down, despite the surges now being in full swing. I went from being allowed to get on with it on my own with very little monitoring to being hooked up a monitor and put on a bed. Incidentally my waters were so clear you could have drunk them! Apparently I ended up throwing the belts across the room on more than one occasion, frustrated with not being allowed an active or water birth.  By half past twelve being hooked up to Syntocinon meant to speed me up for the last hour and half and still not progressing (as Monkey was back to back not that we knew that at the time either) but having artificially strong contractions because of the drugs I opted for an epidural, my second mistake.

Suddenly everything was calm, and I slept. I should also say at this point the midwife had been very reassuring, although all the decisions had been taken our of her hands and were being made by the registrar. Who thought a c-section was where I should go next, I had only been in hospital for about four hours… It took until 6pm that evening for me to get to 10cm. I was told to push. It was hard trying to figure out when because I couldn’t feel anything, instead I was watching the monitor and pushing when it peaked. I am sure we had a conversation about having one of those movable epidurals so I could actually get on all fours when the time came. But it was impossible.

Although I was pushing nothing seemed to be happening, again c-section got mentioned, they wanted to take us down to theatre. Still we resisted, Monkey’s vitals were fine there was no reason to push it just because they wanted it all done within a prescribed time frame. Looking back on it we had no idea he was as big as he was, at 9lb 2oz, me effectively  in a leaned back semi lying/sitting position, there was no surprise he was rocking in my pelvis. I often wonder if what happened next would have been avoided if I hadn’t taken the epidural.


We got lucky (or we perceived that at the time as we still didn’t want the c-section they wanted) and had a shift change, the consultant that took over agreed to try ventouse, we agreed to go to theatre after if it didn’t work, no forceps. It did, she connected straight away and pulled, then the whole room went into crash. Suddenly there was about 15 people in this tiny little delivery room, all doing something different. Although not much of a comfort as such it was like a well oiled machine. I was still reasonably high on drugs and general birthing hormones so although it happened it was almost as though it didn’t happen to me. They realised he was stuck, with shoulder dystonia and he had gone too far down the birthing canal to push him back as such. So there was no other option than to get him out. I ended up in the McRoberts position, I didn’t even know my legs went that far back, with two midwives pushing him down and the consultant pulling – I think it probably resembled the delivery of a calf on country file. Poor Hubby Im not sure if he will ever really get over it. It all ended well, Monkey came out albeit a little traumatised and needed to be bagged, but I got a quick cuddle before they warmed him up. Hubby then had him on hist chest as they put me back together.

I have been told shoulder dystonia is rare and there was no way of knowing it was going to happen, but I am concerned it may happen again especially as we know Kipper is on the large side and Hubby is broad on the shoulder as is Monkey. I also wonder if I had maintained my active/water birth not had an epidural and ended up on my back then I may well have been in and out, instead of Monkey being born at 8.46pm. I guess that question will always remain unanswered.

So my decisions this time round, agree to induction which is the natural response to having a big baby – lets induce you (no reference made to the actual size by the way) – what? And be hooked up to the drug that I couldn’t cope with last time round… or let it happen naturally and run the risk of Kipper getting stuck due to size if I go over …or go for a private growth scan to understand likelihood of size (they are only 70% accurate) and then make an informed decision about c-section. Hubby was 10b and since Kipper was 6lb 60z at 34 weeks we have chosen the last option. Once we know size I can make a judgement call. Interestingly when we had the consultation on the previous birth the midwife then said anything over 8lb then they would like c-section anyway. Not that this has seemed to filter through to the consultant. So over the next couple of weeks I have some pretty tough decisions to make all the time keeping one eye on my natural birth and trying to relax.







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  4. Wow you are amazing – Monkey’s birth must have been scary for both of you. I had a breech baby and had to have a c-section but would have loved a water birth too. Hope Kipper’s arrival is a bit calmer for you, I hear all the time that every birth is different so fingers crossed you can have a water birth for this one. Thank you for sharing such a personal story and for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  5. Honestly I read things like this and a) admire anybody who puts themselves through it and b) kiss the ground as I am so glad I had c-sections lol. I can honestly say I would rather sleep with cockroaches than have had natural births as it has always been my biggest fear in life. Not that I have big babies. Teeny tiny ones that barely weigh 5lbs! This is one hell of a birth story! Brave woman. #bloggerclubuk

  6. That’s quite a birth story! It must have been scary and frustrating. Good luck with the tough decisions you have to make this time around. I admittedly didn’t have much of a plan (here you basically are expected to do what the gynecologist recommends), but I did want a natural birth and since there were no problems or complications everything pointed to that being the most likely possibility. In the end, though, I had to have an emergency caesarean (the monitor was showing baby’s heart rate increasing too much during contractions). I shed a few tears over it then, but after that everything happened so quickly, and smoothly, and most importantly my daughter was born healthy. Thanks for sharing! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Sorry to hear it didn’t quite go to plan but like they say no 2 births are the same. My daughter also got stuck because she came out with her arm by her head and had to be yanked out by the doctor. She was traumatised by it all and second time round she had a c sec. It didn’t go to plan either time but I think she was so nervous and anxious that her body tensed up. Just think of this time as being a fresh birth and either way you’ll end up with that gorgeous baby in your arms. Sometimes things don’t go to plan but as long as you’re all safe and healthy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you do get the birth you’d like though, peaceful and calm and I hope baby arrives very soon! X thanks for hosting

  8. Such a shame your plans and wishes couldn’t be followed. All sounds very scary and traumatic. Glad you were both okay in the end. I actually did watch One Born prior to my first birth (never watched it since!) & the shoulders getting stuck ended up being something I was terrified of, as it seems to happen disproportionately often on that show (interesting viewing, I suppose).

    I share your confusion about the apparent current trend of pushing for inductions. Both of my babies have been pretty small, particularly surprising because I am very tall. With first, I was referred for an extra scan because I was measuring small, but inaccuracy in the scan measurements significantly overestimated baby’s size, so nothing more was done. She was small, but not dangerously so & all fine. With second, I was referred again because of how small I was, and the scan measurements showed baby also below accepted lowest percentile too. So I had repeated scans, fetal monitoring & consultant checks. & they were at one point pushing for induction at 37 for weeks for me too. That seemed bizarre to me. Had she not been growing, placenta not functioning well, or heart rate or movement a cause for concern, I would have understood that she was not doing well & getting her out was the best option. But she was doing well on everything but size, and was growing at a steady rate, just on a low percentile. Therefore, I thought it was really odd to want to induce her early, because they would have been guaranteeing that she was born as a low birth weight baby, which is associated with many health problems and risks. I was really resistant, and the consultant did eventually agree that he thought she was okay, and I just have small babies, and she would therefore be safer born at term. She was fine, small but not unhealthily so, & actually several ounces bigger than her sister! I would have been pretty upset had they forced an induction at a point where she would only have been maybe 5lb.

    Sounds like the option you are going for is very sensible – hope you get some clarity from the scan as to the best way forward, and all goes well whatever type of birth you end up having. #BloggerClubUK

  9. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Oh Clare what a difficult time you had! I can’t imagine how frustrating the whole experience was. You tried your very best to have the delivery go the way you wanted but babies are totally unreasonable. I can’t imagine how scary it was when 15 people landed in the room – you know there is something wrong then. All 3 of my deliveries were different. I hope Kipper’s arrival is less eventful & goes smoothly for you!! #bloggerclubuk

  10. Wander Mum

    What a story! It’s so interesting to hear different birth stories…everyone is different. Thank goodness Monkey got here safely. I’m impressed at how firm you were with the medics to try to achieve the birth you wanted. Hopefully you will get closer to it this time as it is clearly something you feel strongly about. All the best! Look forward to seeing the new arrival!! #bloggerclubuk

  11. wow, thats quite a birth story. I also did Hypno-birthing and had a water birth until she wasnt coming and had to come out the water to see what was happening, then they wanted me into the labour ward (same building) and on a bed, i really protested and almost bargained with them, high on gas and air to give me 10 more minutes without any intervention…and i just stayed standing up and gave the biggest pushes until she came! so i was glad i stood up physically and mentally! thanks for sharing, good luck this time and hubby sounds fab! x #Bloggeclubuk

  12. Always interesting to hear other people’s experiences. I hope you get more of the things you hope for this time. I have had two planned inductions – due to GD – and they were brilliant. I went in the night before, had most of a night’s rest, woke up – had a 4 hour labour with the boy and only 30 mins with the girl. No pain relief, delayed clamping. Remember, just because it might not be exactly what you hoped, doesn’t mean it can’t be a really positive experience. Good luck! Can’t wait to see newborn squishiness 🙂 xx

  13. Blessing | BB's Pantry

    Oh wow! What a journey. I’m glad you had Monkey and I’ll pray for a safe delivery for Kipper. Keep strong hun, you’re an inspiration #BloggerClubUK

  14. pottyadventures

    Thanks for sharing your experience and build up. It’s good to know that you managed to stay largely in control of the decisions, whilst still having the reassurance of midwives and registrars – this must have impacted very positively on your overall experience. It is mindblowing the number of options available in both the lead up to the birth and during labour itself. Very best of luck with your impending birth.

  15. Wow, what a story. It’s so great that you had a good outcome, but it certainly highlights that no matter how much you might plan or strategize beforehand, sometimes you just can’t predict what’s going to happen. #bloggerclubuk

  16. Thank you for sharing our story, I hope it has helped you to make some informed decisions as what to do this time round. My birth also didn’t go to plan, due to a massive baby that was back to back, and I know I’ll have some decisions to make about my next birth as well. I hope everything works out as you want #bloggerclubuk

  17. Oh my goodness! It does sound like quite the experience. It’s nice to have a birth plan but I think sometimes we can put too much pressure on ourselves for maintaining it and our babies, bodies, midwives, doctors often have other plans! All the very best with the birth of number 2 xxx

  18. How traumatic for you and your husband! I think some of the best advice I was given was to think of it not as a birth plan but as an ideal outcome, rather than certain! Hope you are able to have a better experience this time around. #bloggerclubuk

  19. You clearly did a fantastic job and I’m sure you’ll do it all fab again. Also you look beautiful preggers x

  20. madelinelittlejohns

    I really hope you have a much smoother birth this time round; sounds like you had a really rough time last time. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you and your family, it sounds like you’re getting as much information as possible which is great. x #BloggerClubUK

  21. I hope that the birth goes as you’d wish this time, whatever happens, it’s the little person at the end of the process that really matters. How our babies come to meet us seems less important as time goes by. My little ones are now 32 and 26 years old and the birth processes are a distant memory. My grandsons were born by Caesarian (one emergency and one planned) and my daughter says the planned one was just lovely. She texted me just before my grandson was born to say that it was all very calm, relaxed and that the room was filled with care and love.
    And in the end, I think that’s all that matters, the love for our families.
    Wishing you a peaceful and love-filled birth.

  22. Poor you, that all does sound quite traumatic first time round so I can understand your nerves for this pregnancy. I think you’re doing the best to keep your options open and try to relax and go with it. You may end up having a very different birthing story this time round so try to remain positive. Whatever happens, it’s just important to get him out safe and sound. Hope all goes well and you can try to relax over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for hosting #BloggerClubUK xx

  23. The Pramshed

    Ah hun, really sorry you had a difficult first labout, and I’m so glad that you have been able to write about it, it must have been hard looking back. Fingers crossed for you this time round, you are able to make some decisions, instead of it being taken out of your hands, but it sounds like Monkey was delivered in the safest possible way. Did you get a de-brief after your labour? I had a huge baby too 9lbs 4oz, was induced, syntocinin drip, epidural, only got to 4 centimetres, which then ended in c-section. I have no idea what will happen next time round, but I really didn’t expect our daughter to be so big! Fingers crossed for you, and looking forward to hearing the good news. Claire x #BloggerCLubUK

  24. Hi Clare, oOOoooo that was one birth plan that didn’t go to plan! There is no such thing as birth plans or birthing classes here, which left me feeling like a fish out of water when I was pregnant, but in a way it may have been for the best as I would have stressed too much had things not gone to plan.

    Fingers crossed that all goes to plan second time round (I’m sure it will) and I wish you all the best for you and your family in the coming weeks.


  25. Sounds like a very intense experience, thanks for sharing, I find it really interesting to read as everyone has such a different story. Good luck with your next baby. #bloggerclubUK

  26. Petite Library

    Well done to you. Adored your account of it all, really painted a picture. I’ve not had a baby yet, so I’m loving listening to all your inspiring mamas and your totally unique birth stories. So brave and beautiful (: #BloggerClubUK

  27. entertainingelliot

    really enjoyed reading this, I find birth stories so interesting because they are all so different! I was induced with my son as he was 14 days overdue and we ended up having a c-section as nothing was progressing…he was a biggun’, almost 11lb so I’m quite glad in a way it was done that way!! Good luck with your next labour, hope everything goes to plan xx #bloggerclubuk

  28. supermum2016

    Oh my! That was a long and complicated birth . I was gripped through the whole of your story lol . Just glad you were both fine in the end and hope everything goes well for your second birth.

  29. Oh bless you, I am glad he and you were safe and well. I had very similar, back to back baby, my contraptions stopped, epidural and him getting stuck against my pelves then forceps and a lot of people doing circus things to my body. I think the best thing second time round is you know things are not always perfect, you are more confident to demand people do things, you know what your body feels like. I loved my TENS before I got in the pool. We wish Kipper a quick and easy welcome to the world! x #bloggerclubuk

  30. I can relate to birth plans going wrong. I wanted a water birth. What I got was induction at 42 weeks, 48hr horrific forced back to back labour, crash theatre dash, stuck baby, forceps, damaged baby (neck from forceps) and damaged me (pretty much everything from the waist down). I don’t think I’ll ever properly get over it (mentally and physically). She was only 7lb 13oz by the way so even the ‘smaller’ ones can get stuck and cause panic and do some damage!

    And people wonder why I had my second by elective C section! In comparison it was a breeze!

    I hope everything goes well for you second time around xx #twinklytuesday

  31. mumworkrepeat

    I was two weeks overdue, well, so they said, to my dates, I was one week over, so was fighting them wanting to induce me. They wanted to induce me the next day and thankfully went into labour that afternoon. I’d got my bag packed, music to listen to and the aim was for a water birth but in a birthing centre. Cutting a v long story short, we ended up with me being prep’d for a C-section, when both of our bloody pressures dropped to the ground. Thanks to a brilliant nurse/doctor/consultant, don’t know who was with me at that point! They gave it one lost shot…They got me to visualise swimming underwater to the other side of a pool and taking a big breath, then going for it, pushing the whole time, with the help of the ventouse, out came my gorgeous little baby boy. Wishing you lots of luck and hope you get your natural birth this time #BloggerClubUK

  32. twotinyhands

    Oh wow, that is some story, or not story as it’s real life! Well done you and Monkey for getting through it. From what I’ve learnt, no two children are the same, this could go with births as well. Good luck for Kipper, I am sure it’ll go well. Hope that you get to make some decisions! stay well #bloggerclubUK

  33. reimerandruby

    I can totally relate to this… my first child was a week over due, was initially trying normal delivery but end up in emergency c-section as I gave birth to a 10.10lb baby despite of the consultant telling me that I won’t give birth to a 10lb baby seeing me so petite. Second baby was advised planned c-section as she was showing big than normal in scans, she was born 9.2 at 39 weeks. Giving birth is definitely unpredictable and we just hope for the best and the safety of our babies. Good luck! #bloggerclubuk

  34. Love a birth story! It really sounds like you went through the mill, bless you. I had 2 lovely active home births and was extremely lucky in that respect. The main goal in labour and life indeed is to make sure the baby is well and you achieved that like a star. Congratulations and good luck.

  35. We had a nightmare for our first birth – ending up in HDU and labouring for 24 hours with no end in sight! Eventually went for emergency c-section. Second time round I couldn’t face it again and we went straight for the elective c-section. What a diffference, it was totally amazing so calm and well organised a totally great experience. Try not to let Monkey’s birth overshadow Kipper’s, everytime is different and this time you know your body and how things work a bit better. I am sure you will make the right decision for you and your family. Good Luck! #bloggerclubUK

  36. I really wanted a natural birth too and I thought I would have it but I didn’t dilate past 7cm and after 22 hours of labor they finally took me in for an emergency c-section, which was really scary for me but both my son and I made it through. I was fortunate enough to live right up the street from the hospital so I didn’t have to take the ambulance or drive on bumpy roads. I can’t imagine that was easy for you, ouch! It’s always nice to read other mother’s birth stories. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks so much for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  37. Thanks for sharing your story, I know it can be traumatic to relive these things. I trained as a midwife and saw several shoulder dystocia’s. They are very traumatic and it stays with you. You are extremely brave to consider anything other than a c section. Good luck with the birth hun, I’m sure whatever you choose it will be fine as no two births are the same #BloggerClubUK

  38. Kerry-Ann

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry that the first birth did not go according to plan. There are, unfortunately, so many variables that, when things don’t go to plan, you’re not always sure of what the best decision is. I wish you all the very best and know that, whatever decision you make, is the best decision at that time. x #bloggerclubuk

  39. Reading your story – so similar to mine. I have two boys – my first will be 4 next month and my baby boy just 7 months. My first was a very long labour, when I finally went into the hospital after days of contractions stopping and starting and driving me up the wall, I was 6 cms and all seemed to be fine. But then things slowed down, I was hooked up to a drip to speed everything up again and then had to give me pethedine to slow everything down! He was ventouse also and then shoulder dystocia. All was fine after his dramatic entrance to the world. He was 9lb at 11 days over my due date. I was so worried about labour the 2nd time round – I went to a couple of hypnobirthing sessions with a yoga teacher I knew and loved these. I just really wanted to think positively about labour. I ended up with gestational diabetes, found at 37 weeks so the hospital suggested an induction would be best this time.. not really what I had in mind. It was definitely more intense but my labour was shorter and I just about coped with gas & air and my tens machine and nearly breaking my husband’s hand. My 2nd little boy was 8lb4 and arrived 2 days before his due date. Sorry about my long post! But I think you will be fine. I don’t think I know anyone who has had two labours the same and just because your first little one got stuck, it doesn’t mean it will happen this time. Think calm and positively. Best of luck xx #BloggerClubUK

  40. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. I really hope this time around things are a little bit smoother for you and baby. I have been very lucky both times and been able to deliver my babies at home as planned. Thank you so much for sharing and best of luck! x


  41. Wow, I was gripped reading this. I had 2 emergency C sections so I know how scary it is when the room suddenly fills up with a medical team, all busily prepping. It all suddenly feels very serious and out of your control doesn’t it. It sounds like you might have given yourself a hard time – you mention your ‘mistakes’ but they were decisions you made at the time, in the moment and everything turned out fine. It’s great that you can use retrospection to inform your choices this time round though. All the very best to you. xx #BloggerClubUK

  42. Mess and merlot

    Everyone’s birthing stories are so varied aren’t they?? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know what to expect? I’ll admit my only birth plan was ‘Give me all the drugs’ first time round – I ended up going 2 weeks over, being induced and had a complicated (almost C-section) but eventually safe, natural delivery using ventouse. Second time round was completely different with natural contractions, on time and a much more relaxed (if that’s possible?!) delivery. So you really don’t know – I wish you loads of luck and hope everything goes well, look forward to hearing all about the new arrival soon! Take care x #BloggerclubUK

  43. Sorry that it didn’t go to plan, sounds like it was a scary and frustrating birth. But luckily you guys were ok. Xx My mummy had a waterbirth with me with no pain relief, but it was a short labour and I was small. She was very lucky, and just switched off (like you she dozed off in the pool in-between contractions) Good luck with the next labour and try not to focus on the last one too much – you’ll do great xx #BloggerClubUK xx

  44. Good luck my lovely, fingers crossed every goes as planned! Having had 3 c-sections I can honestly say from a physical recovery point of view the earlier/less of an emergency it is the better the recovery. The emotional recovery I am still trying to work out!! Take care and looking forward to seeing you back soon but until then enjoy your bundle of squishiness!

  45. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum)

    I really hope that your next birth is a lot easier. Both my boys had interesting births and were both induced. Be prepared that with induction the birth can take ages to start but then happen really fast. Look after yourself! I’ll have everything crossed for you.

  46. I really like reading birth stories, I’m sorry yours was so different to what you hoped for and that there were complications. It’s so difficult when you have in your head a way you’d like it to go and it just doesn’t! I hope this time you feel more able to push for what you want and feel happier with the birth. Glad you were both ok though. I definitely want to look into hypnobirthing and try for a water birth if/when I have another.
    Not long now, so exciting for you! #BloggerClubUK

  47. I’m so glad your little one arrived safely. It’s such a hard balance between getting the birth you want and following medical advice, especially when some clinicians seem to push interventions when they could be avoided. Well done for getting him here safe, though. I avoided a birth plan – just had a list of birth “preferences” as I had high BP and just wanted her here. Best of luck with the next birth x

  48. Ah I can only pray it goes the way you want it to. At least you are mentally prepared having gone through birth already and covered quite a lot of the options available! Glad you and baby were safe x #BloggerclubUK

  49. Hopefully your experience will be better this time. 10 weeks ago I gave birth to my daughter, nothing went to plan! She was 14 days late, I went in to be induced but that never worked. I ended up having an emergency c-section as when they broke my waters they were full of meconium. I never dilated past 4cm on the drip. My birth plan went truly out the window. BUt we are both here safe thats the most important thing xx


  50. Oh this sounds like quite the experience. considering this was the first. If its any consolation, I found the first was the hardest. I have delivered 4 babies naturally, they were all large babies and I was worried about shoulder distocia and having large babies come out naturally. or not coming out for that matter. My 2nd baby (a girl, believe it or not) was 9lbs 15 oz. (i know!! and i am only a small girl 🙂 A doctor said to me when I asked for an induction to avoid having a full term giant again: “The best labour is your own labour” and that gave me confidence. You will fly through your second delivery! Sending you lots of positive thoughts. xx

  51. Oh wow what a story I’m so glad he arrived safely. Did make me think of my own labour with my daughter though with the fifteen people running in a room at you and being pretty out of it. A freaky experience especially when I had no clue what was going on! #bloggerclubuk

  52. Sara Handy Herbs

    Sorry you had such a difficult first labour. Shoulder dystocia can be so tricky! I know how frustrating it can be when things don’t go according to plan – especially when you have strong views about the options you chose. I am sure when the time comes, you will make the right decision for you both. Good luck. How exciting! xx #BloggerClubUK

  53. Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I’m really impressed by how strong you were in sticking to your guns over what you wanted, even if you didn’t end up with the birth you were hoping for. I’m not good at this – however strong I feel going in, as soon as medical people are talking to me I just clam up and go with whatever they suggest. I know if I was in your position I would be opting for the private growth scan too – once you know more of the full picture you can make the right decision for you. Best of luck with everything this time round – I can’t wait to see your new addition to the family! #bloggerclubUK

  54. Wow some major decisions to make. What a time of it you had, you’re very sensible to be seeking assurance and weighing up your options. A planned C-section would be a very difference experience I’m sure, just whatever way you can get this baby out safely I guess. Good luck. #BloggerClubUK

  55. That sounds like such a scary time and so far away from the birth you had planned. I’m glad Monkey arrived safely in the end. Finger crossed things go a lot more smoothly this time around xx #BloggerClubUK

  56. Gosh hun you did have a time of it!! I am so glad you have a supportive hubby by your side – I can’t wait to hear how you get on this time and I’m so excited for you! xx ps – Kipper <3 love this, we call my brother Kipper! xx #BloggerClubUK

  57. I am so sorry to hear that the second part of Monkey’s birth was so far removed from what you were hoping for. Shoulder dystocia is very scary and I’m glad that the McRoberts manouevre was enough to free Monkey’s shoulder. It sounds to me like you and your hubby were amazingly strong in trying to achieve the birth you were hoping for and I wish you all the best with making your decisions this time around and hope that your birth will be a positive experience however Kipper ends up being born #BloggerClubUK

  58. I was very much like you – I wanted a water birth and everything to be as natural as possible and guess what – nope, none of that. Induced, epidural and finally a C-section via the birthing pool for No 1 and induced to emergency C-section with No 2 … now 14 years on it is all a distant memory and the important thing is the boys are here. Good luck making the decision and what-ever you decide, good luck with it! #BloggerClubUK

  59. Thankyou for sharing! I’m doing hypnobirthing this pregnancy and it’s still good to read the births that didn’t quite go to plan, hopefully techniques can still help me remain calm no matter what happens (hopefully!). ? #bloggerclubuk

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