When I was contacted to see if I wanted to review the Boho Mama Luxury Breastfeeding Nursing Cover of course I said yes. After all I breast fed Monkey and I am planning on doing the same with Kipper. Although that was four years ago I am still reminded of the initial uneasiness of breast feeding in public. So anything that can help me with that has got a thumbs up already. Its available on amazon in three colours a funky purple, sophisticated grey or classic black. I love black so it was a bit of a no brainer for me, I am still living that dream of being a yummy mummy (and failing of course!)

Boho Mama Luxury Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

So what is it?

MANUFACTURED WITH LOVE FROM ORGANIC BAMBOO MODAL with a touch of spandex for comfort and shape, the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap drapes beautifully across and around your body, and the lightweight, breathable fabric allows you and your baby to stay cool and look cool. Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, the Boho Mama is thick enough for privacy, but thin enough to feel luxurious and silky soft

One of the things I really like about the cover is that you can also wear it while pregnant – ideal towards the later stages when no matter how large your bump is you still feel like the size of a house. You get a little guide which shows you all the styling options with the cover (link below) however I love the feel of the material and have have been wearing it a lot. As mentioned above the main material is bamboo, it really does feel so soft and drapes really well. Plus it has a  better carbon footprint than cotton.

Styling Guide Boho Mama

Its very versatile and can be used to adapt other maternity clothes you may have by adding sleeves and  covering shoulders. Great if like me you are a little paranoid of your bingo wings!!

But what about the breastfeeding? Well since Kipper has yet to make an appearance a dear friend of mine has tested it out and heres what she thought…

IMG_0677Clare has asked me to review the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap. By way of background, my son Alex is 4 months old and is exclusively (unless I want a few hours out!) breastfed. I have an older son (now three) who I fed for 10 months, so I’m reasonably comfortable feeding out and about. I’ve never quite reached the breastfeeding “ninja level” of breastfeeding in all situations without any cover (which I always admire! Thumbs up to ladies who do this), so I normally use a muslin square or scarf as a kind of drapey cover-up when needed.

First impressions

The wrap is black, and comes packaged in a nice fabric bag, with an instruction booklet suggesting different ways to style it. Some of the style suggestions are a little far-fetched – I probably won’t use it as a headscarf – but it’s basically a big rectangle of fabric, which is always useful for baby purposes (sun shading, cover-up, swaddling, etc).


  • The design is simple, so very easy to use – it’s effectively a long rectangle of fabric, with two snaps connecting a long side of the rectangle. Your head goes through the loop, and you have one arm free while the other holds baby beneath the wrap. Pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have outlandish straps or other weird design elements that make it complicated or obvious.
  • The fabric! My favourite feature of the wrap is its light, silky fabric, which the internet informs me is bamboo and spandex. It feels nice, drapes beautifully, and generally makes me feel a bit more elegant at a time when I very much need the help! I liked the fact it was black (rather than a print), and not cotton – it feels more like a lovely grown-up article of clothing than a baby accessory.
  • t’s lightweight. It keeps Alex cool, which is great. Trying to feed a baby discreetly through the winter has sometimes meant feeding him beneath a wool poncho while he was dressed in a fleece suit – not fun for either one of us.
  • The design works. It’s a good cover-up, and doesn’t gape or fall aside – I feel very secure feeding Alex under it even shoehorned in awkward coffee shop corners. It’s also easy to peer down the top to check on him. It’s definitely an improvement on my usual muslin, which I’m always having to tug around to ensure everything is covered.


  • The only drawback to the material is that the silky drape dips the fabric into Alex’s face, so sometimes needs adjustment and can therefore be a little fussy to use.

Generally, I loved this. I’ve never bought a specific cover-up for feeding since nothing caught my eye, and a large muslin or scarf kind of worked fine. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing this as a scarf, and I feel relatively glamorous using it, so for me it’s worth an investment on that front alone. The simple design also offers quite a comfort improvement over my usual cover, in that I feel securely covered and don’t worry I’m sharing more than I want to with everyone else in Costa Coffee. So in short, a favourable review! I would definitely suggest this if you’re looking for a versatile, low-profile cover-up that works as a reasonably chic adult accessory as well as a useful piece of baby gear.

So there you have a big positive from me and a great thumbs up from my friend. If you would like your own then please check out amazon. Currently the cover is retailing at £29.99 and I am in the position to offer my readers a 10% discount. If you use this code GC7XUCJL on the checkout page it will reduce your item by £3.00. Please make sure you do not use any other discount codes in the same basket. Its an eligible product so you should also get free delivery even without prime. If you have any problems or your choice of colour is out of stock then please email fiona@easymomandbaby.com who can put you on the priority list once new stock arrives.


This is defiantly on my list of new baby essentials, what do you have on yours?


  1. I am looking forward to trying breast feeding again i’m currently 34 weeks along, and am currently looking for anything to make my life easier and more comfortable when baby comes along. First time breast feeding didn’t work out for me, so i’m hoping this time will be a success. I’m a very shy person and looks like this wrap has good coverage which should allow for a bit more confidence. I’m always looking for things new to try or to try things other people recommend that have worked. good post!

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